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  1. Looking for some advice on my scarring

    I think Medspa facials/mild chemical peels would be sufficient. That and Sunscreen. Your skin is in good condition bro. Glycolic peels
  2. Suggestions for a doctor

    Dr Rullan in Chula Vista, California is an expert in those 3 treatments.
  3. Looking for a solution to my acne scars (PICS inside)

    Something along the lines of this protocol could yield you good results. (30-50% improvement) within a year

    My doctor said it was fine. The consensus among many (not all) professionals is to wait 6 months but there have been attempts to rebut that 'revered' statement. Try to microneedle on one part of your face and assess the results 1-2 weeks after.
  5. TCA applied on a Rolling scar

    Those look like boxcar scars and ice pick. I see no rolling scars