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  1. Moderate with room for a lot of improvement
  2. Your scarring needs to be approached different ways since you display scarring of all types. Ice picks, boxcar scars and rolling.
  3. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    lumps or fibrous nodules can be treated with steroids if persist for an extended period of time.
  4. Salt Scrub

    Tca cross for icepicks, microneedling for other scarring and texture and Vbeam Perfecta for redness.
  5. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    Great job guys. Here's to improvement!! baby steps
  6. sure. I can find you bad reviews from other people regarding other doctors too. so check him and see what you think. we already told you he's good
  7. one of the best. I love him. extremely knowledgeable and fair pricing.
  8. What kind of scarring is this?

    boxcar scar
  9. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    ^ i'm done with this forum it's trash now
  10. Best cure for mild boxcar scars

    boxcars this size could be treated with tca cross
  11. Scar and texture improvement methods?

    Chemical peels, needling and heavy moisturizing along with diligent sunscreen use is your best bet if you can't splurge on lasers.
  12. Will my scars heal with time?

    I second with beautiful said. My derm performs Vbeam perfecta and 30% salycylic acid peels in one go. This combo prevents future breakouts and also combats the discoloration: hyperpigmentation and the red marks. I pay $90 for both. What's your regimen like?.. and do you know what triggered your breakout?
  13. Trying out TCA cross

    Well give it time man, it's a lengthy process. Right now you want to test whether or not there will be any complications, downtime, improvement or an unsightly mark. Take before and afters of each scar and give it 2-3 weeks before evaluating and coming to a conclusion/professing verdict. Then move on to 50% etc etc, Don't scrub the scab or exfoliate. Let each and every scab fall off naturally! Make sure you get the solution in the scar and not around it. If you're not liking the syringe method and If a toothpick is too thick, try a broom straw or whatever it's called to treat scars.
  14. This happened after accutane. Help me identify?

    Keloidal scarring. Ask your derm about steroid shots and Vbeam to address them.
  15. Trying out TCA cross

    How are you performing the syringe method while standing? Lol
  16. Moderator and Scarsfade Postings

    I know you're increasing awareness about your situation but I want to ask you something. What do you realistically want Dr. Lim to do? Close his practice b/c of a couple bad outcomes (of 1000's)? This is a serious question. And I really hope your situation improves for your sanity
  17. Is Suctioning safe after Subcision + PRP?

    Make sure your scabs heal completely before you try. Other than that, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to do so.
  18. Scar improvement!

    Amazing & attractive haha
  19. How much did you pay and doctor's name?
  20. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    Give it 3-6months+ though. Let it do it's thing
  21. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    I can already tell you're going to have good results. You'll likely need more sessions but this session alone will bring in a lot of improvement!
  22. Cool. What are you doing to fix/improve it though? That's what matters.
  23. Haven't you only done subcision once? Why not go for another couple of rounds (and throwing in some needling and peels) before moving onto fillers?
  24. Deleted

    My thoughts: He's hope for the hopeless. Amazing and dedicated man!
  25. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    Good luck. Also would like to point out that you are a good looking fella!