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  1. Subscion on my Temples (boxcar/rolling scars?)

    Definitely start the suctioning right away!!

    How old are those scars?
  3. V Beam for acne scars

    Vbeam Perfecta will cause 0 hematoma and depending on how you react, little swelling that will subside within 2-12 hours. However, It must be the Perfecta (perfected version) and not the older Vbeam that was notorious for causing prolonged bruising. 2/10 pain 2-12 hours
  4. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    I don't see any signs in your skin illustrating poor healing.
  5. Just looks like an aggravated pore. In other words, it's injured skin that will slowly heal... (my guess)
  6. Great candidate
  7. Just had subcision - documenting w/ photos!

    Some people need 3-5 subcisions to get to the point where they are comfortable with their scars. You could consider coupling it with microneedling once a month or so. Also there's fillers. Don't give up yet.
  8. Rolling vs boxcar & subcision

    Perfect candidate for subcision. With boxcars you can usually ablate the skin with lasers and peels, though it is an lenghty process. I've seen subcision work for both rolling and boxcar scars :). Go for it.
  9. he does both
  10. I'd like a professional to be able to address the widely expressed claim that acne scar sufferers have bad healing capabilities? I, for one, hardly ever get sick and have never broken a bone, although do I strain muscles often but this is momentary. The only scars on my body are found only on my face, nowhere else.. and those have improved quite a bit through treatments and time. No matter how harshly I pick or squeeze scabs or those rare pimples on my leg or chest -- they never scar. So to say that we have bad healing capabilities it highly subjective, especially if you, yourself notice that your auto-immune system sucks.. And the whole Accutane resulting in poor healing hasn't been thoroughly researched and I believe, has been debunked. An old case study, I believe was the sole premise to the fear-mongering, highly perpetuated, shenanigans regarding accutane we see today. @Topic The results are probable. I would look into subcision, tca cross and microneedling first... before venturing into lasers, however.
  11. Meeting new people

    Pm me, i'll give you my whatsapp. I'm a guy though, so that's that.