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  1. Travelling to Dr. Davin Lim from ASIAN countries.

    I've had subcision performed twice. Both times I followed the Suction protocol that yielded great results. I have tenuous lingering scars that I am treating with spot tca peels. Yes @ 3rd
  2. Travelling to Dr. Davin Lim from ASIAN countries.

    Dude I'm sure you've heard of ernestoria, have you tried visiting his doctor? Dr. Khan in Hayley Street, London. He had an amazing and noticeable improvements. Why not try that option first. He was the center for attention a couple years back. Now he's seldom talked about. Goes to show...relax. Check out Signapore first thoroughly. to my knowledge, that's the go-to place for plastic surgery..and korea
  3. does free consultation=bad doctor?

    ....ask on Real Self. No charge.
  4. Scar Revision Success Stories or Pictures

    Dc-Girl's is my favorite one.
  5. AVOID Mixto, useless (at least for me)

    Get the fuck out. Pathetic.
  6. AVOID Mixto, useless (at least for me)

  7. You can single needle using the derminator, it's not that difficult. As a result, you'll end up with a scab that will fall off within a couple of days. But you can treat all your scars within minutes.
  8. Volume loss due to scarring

    Subcision sometimes corrects improves fat loss. Fat used as a filler may also help
  9. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my questions. I really appreciate it. Furthermore, I also want to express my gratitude for posting your subcision journey and before/after pictures. Your contribution was absolutely informative as well as inspirational to me and I'm sure to many others. Thanks again Robertitoo.

  10. Adam Lambert skin = Flawless

    $50 unless you undergo the procedure right then and there. But you may have to schedule it. He's a very busy doctor. Subcision costs $300. Improvement 60%+~ Great doctor, good luck!
  11. how should I treat these scars?

    Vbeam is yet to be mentioned....Go with Vbeam. You're a perfect candidate: red scars, active acne and a few indents. Vbeam will not only mitigate your red scars, but will cease acne from forming for quite some time. Vbeam can also reduce the chances of indented scarring by absorbing the inflammation Myadvice.: try oil cleansing, get a series of vbeam done and use sunscreen religiously. If you're adamant about your decision on accutane then my work here is done.
  12. What kind of scarring do you have, Paul? These are my results after various treatments (most blogged on my thread) I'm personally done with harsh treatments (subcision). I'm sticking to 30% spot tca for small scars (like Dc-Girl) here and there, vbeam or ipl and religious sunscreen use. I'm a changed man after all my treatments. (subcision, needling, tca, vbeam). Bit more work to do..
  13. HELP How to get rid of these scars ?!

    If she can't get past what you said, Tretinoin, she oughta consider .5m needling and or light chemical peels.
  14. Shameful lighting...but I'm sure there are results behind those pics. Good for her!
  15. Not touching them, still scaring

    One needs to find the skin care routine that works like a charm on their skin. Then one must discipline themselves to have a good diet and overall health to assist in healing and keep acne at bay. In others words, there are lots of factors one must look into and chance to achieve best possible results. Lots of constituents that form discipline...ex:Not picking to prevent scarring is one.
  16. Not touching them, still scaring

    If they're persistentnodules they will likely scar regardless. Some will heal over time some will stay for a longer time and some will leave an indent.
  17. I had an indent too from an insertion point but that went away after a couple of months. I also had a couple of nodules but those too went away. Some quicker than others. You didn't mention if your rolling scars subsided or decreased? Any word on that? those pictures aren't quite clear There's a steroid injection you can opt for if those nodules are seriously bothering you.
  18. You can try that. Roll once every 2-3 weeks with .5mm and do a peel a week later. Intervals. Stick with .5mm-1.0mm you cars are very mild.
  19. Will lump from subcision go away?

    Yeah it will.
  20. If he wasn't in such a remote area and didn't charge an arm and a leg for every treatment I would visit him to "finish me off". But that's not the case, lol. He's someone I would trust with my skin, tho. I'll watch it later lol
  21. How severe is my scarring?

    Mild to moderate. You can benefit from treatments such as Subcision, needling and TCA cross.
  22. Scars worsened w/ one year of needling and lasers

    That's part of it :)
  23. How I can treat in my scars?

    Good candidate for tca cross! That's probably all you'll ever need.
  24. Which dermastamp to buy?

    Owndoc has a lot of reputation. But Ebay has good ones too. If you want to take needling to the next level, I suggest you invest in a Derminator. Good luck
  25. White tattoo ( doing tattoos to raise the skin surface?)

    You'll have a better outcome doing subcisionsuction. Who knows what could happen doing this on your face.