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  1. Old Copper Peptides - real or fake?

    Why would you consider using an 8-year-old product that is controversial? blows my mind
  2. Endless loop of hell

    What procedures have you tried? Pls don't mention any laser.
  3. Hypo pigmentation from Tca???? Help!!!

    This is not permanent. I had a few of those (i used 30% tca for 'cross'). This is due to premature peeling. Realistically, at this stage, you can't tell it's HYPO (which is not always permanent) until after the redness is gone. Unfortunately, the redness will take months to go away completely. go to your derm asap. It's best to test one spot first or just do them one at a time. (dcgirl's advice)
  4. That's why you should have subcision performed a couple of times prior to filler
  5. Does it really take a full year for a scar to heal?

    unless you do something about it :). scars can be much improved!
  6. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    Yeah, it sucks at times but I don't succumb to sorrow that easily anymore. I fight it, it's hard but somehow I manage to push through rough times. Being predisposed to mood swings and depression doesn't help either. I'm going hard on Laser Genesis (monthly) and if I feel like I need another invasive treatment by the end of this year (subcisision) I will do it b/c I know I can still improve my situation as I've only been treating my scars for <2 yrs and i'm at a 50% improvement (21 yrs age) The only thing that bothers me at this moment is my facial redness and red scars tbh. started gym last week and going to fix my teeth pretty soon with invisible braces. slowly improving myself. that guy once had severe acne and as a result, is plagued with scarring. but he has a nice overall tone. That tone is what I'm aiming for, atm. He is one of the strongest and bravest men I have encountered simply for the fact that he easily embraces his skin and doesn't let it get in the way. One comment on his most recent video: Brian, I'm 57 years old, and my skin was exactly the same as yours when you had full blown acne at age 15. Actually I was to embarrassed to go to school with it, that my grades were so low, I eventually quit school., and joined the Army. Stationed in Germany, I discovered sun lamp treatments and tetracycline. They worked but it was a temporary fix. It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I discovered accutane. Accutane did the trick, and after all the suffering from cystic acne, my skin was finally clear. Now I have some scarring, but you know what Brian, I'd take the scarring over the cysts any day of the week!! LOL. I have cried over this Acne i had, asking God , WHY ME? And at one point contemplated suicide, It also limited my relationships, hurt my education, killed my self esteem. I Have to give you a lot of credit, you are the bravest person I know when it come to showing off your acne and you give hope to all of those who suffer from it. I wish you were around when I had it full blown. I think my life would have been more enriched. I have a son, age 13, he is starting to develop Acne, I'm going to have him subscribe to your channel. Take care and good luck with your Derma Pen treatments. jon venus has severe scarring on his cheeks but has a nice overall tone. FUCK acne and FUCK scarring. but please don't give up the fight.
  7. Those minor scars are most suitable for subcision
  8. Fatal Accutane treatment and scars - help me - PHOTOS

    repost: I'm looking into laser Genesis. that's what i'm going to try in order to minimize them - I'm due for 3 in the next couple of months. First is this monday . I'll be having one every 3 weeks then I'll do have it done monthly up until December. Cheap with Groupon. I paid $135 for 2 (25% off code). Normal price with the same exact machine at a Dr's = $200-500 full face Exciting answers ^ this is a user on reddit who used bhas and sunscreen
  9. Fatal Accutane treatment and scars - help me - PHOTOS

    Look into a series of vbeam perfecta and/or laser genesis. Those are vascular lasers but also stimulate collagen. Your scars are fairly new so you may benefit. Study 1: No significant side effects were noted in most patients. 2 cases of keloid were documented which amounted to 0.4% of side effects in 504 interventions, with a significant P value of 0.000. Reversible transient side effects were erythema in 10 interventions and hyperpigmentation in 15. Study 2: Isotretinoin had not resulted in any untoward effects in patients who underwent the procedures. Atypical scarring, delayed wound healing, keloids, or hypertrophic scars were not observed in any patient. The general consensus amongst doctors will likely prevent you from having any treatment done, however. So it's tough.
  10. We should petition to have him do an expedition to the US and practice like beautiful suggested. Truly a gift to our community. Too bad very few are as dedicated and concerned/versed with acne scarring as he is. Australians are very lucky
  11. It's a healing scar. Ultimately, you will want to stimulate collagen under it. So Spot Vbeam Perfecta or laser Genesis to stimulate collagen and reduce redness that came with the inflammation
  12. Weekly skype if we want this to become an actual thing.
  13. Enlarged / Scarred Pores Treatments That Work, Join the Discussion!

    San Diego is become notorious (at least for me, the deal hunter) for cheap aesthetic-enhancing procedures. And yes!
  14. Enlarged / Scarred Pores Treatments That Work, Join the Discussion!

    I'm looking into laser Genesis. that's what i'm going to try in order to minimize them - I'm due for 3 in the next couple of months. First is this monday . I'll be having one every 3 weeks then I'll do have it done monthly up until December. Cheap with Groupon. I paid $135 for 2 (25% off code). Normal price with the same exact machine at a Dr's = $200-500 full face Exciting answers ^ this is a user on reddit who used bhas and sunscreen
  15. Starting suction right after subcision?

    You could try. I started the 2nd day. Note it hurts like a bitch because it very sore and swollen. Where is your scarring located? How many days are you taking off? You should take some pictures
  16. It's difficult to understand what she's implying throughout the video but I believe that what she meant to say was that that picture was taken by Dr. Sterling prior to any treatment with him. As far as her previous videos and her skin, you do have a good point. I could argue that the lighting and scarring is being disingenuous but then one could argue that her good 'after' picture @6:00~ is also due the lighting and what seems to be light makeup. She claims 50% improvement and I want to believe her for the sake of this forum and treatment prospects but it's hard with flattering lighting. I'll ask her a few q's edit - I called the office and spoke to a lady named Maryann. She told me that the DR generally does perform TCA Cross followed by microneedling. What I forgot to ask was whether or not he goes over the TCA cross spots with the needles or just simply needles around them. If former, that would be novel to me. If latter, nothing new...
  17. I think this is a bit different. hear me out: Dr. Dobry, I believe, performs the needling followed by a tca peel whereas Dr. Barlon Sterling performs TCA CROSS followed by microneedling. You can see the browning of the skin where the TCA was applied. (6:43-6:50). I'll call tomorrow and find out. On Dobry's supposed before pictures, there is no scarring present that is (was) adequate enough for TCA Cross. So my belief is that Dobry needles then applies a full face tca peel.
  18. Erbium laser treatment doesn't help

    Should have had several subcisions first then finished it off with an ablative laser or combo.
  19. How bad are my acne scars?

    Not bad at all. They look like mine. Except I have annoying red skin and marks to accompany it. Much improved than before, though.
  20. 1:20 - paraphrased: doctor recommended 3 sittings, 6 weeks apart and each sitting will include 2 treatments: tca cross followed by microneedling. 6:31 -> progress followup video: not porcelain but major improvement. thoughts? crowd - don't be dubious, go out and get it done.
  21. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    Request: Can we have a special ' Emotional and psychological effects of acne scarring ' sub-forum under lifestyle and not on /scartreatments/ This subforum is for treatments not venting, and or sympathizing/empathizing. Reasoning: [venting, and or sympathizing/empathizing] --> not treatments. Thanks
  22. Request: In-depth technique on how to perform high percentage tca cross on icepick and small boxcars @ home - would be nice.
  23. Question about Sunscreen

    I just apply it once in the morning and that's it.
  24. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    Consider Dermabrasion + Subcision? What does your scarring look like?