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  1. Chickepox scars?

    Both acne and chickenpox scars are result of poor wound healing. You treat them mutually the same. 
  2. yeah, They do but then they revert to their original state post subcision (swelling), am i not right?
  3. Every pimple leaving holes

     aBad idea. You need to find the culprit of your acne then fix it. Frankly, most if not all needs to go... then you can begin such procedures. Think of it this way: why should I spend a fortune if im going to be getting more pimples in the future that will likely lead to more scarring?  If you're getting nodular acne try simplifying your skin care regimen. Consider trying the oil cleansing method.
  4. I wouldn't go past 1.0mm needling and 15% tca peels. In fact, I would leave it as is. Natural exfoliation over time would take care of these EZ
  5. Not PIH, really need your help?

    We can't make out what it is you are dealing make it seems as if it were incredibly disfiguring. Do you maybe have a picture you could upload? 
  6. And MD is a medical doctor. For example, a Dermatologist (they perform subcision) are medical doctors specialized in dermatology. They are legally  allowed to perform a few, sometimes distinct surgical procedures as other doctors in the field. Scrutinize her very good, ask her for before and afters and be assertive. Good luck!!
  7. Aim for 3. That's what I did. Every session took me between 20-30 minutes. If you can't for whatever reason, don't beat yourself up! Use Joboba oil or your favorite facial oil for easy gliding.
  8. You don't seem to have much facial scarring. Maybe a few boxcar scars but overall, your face looks pretty good man. The cysts on your lower cheeks however, could use some steroid injections to calm them down (cortisone).  See your derm.
  9. Bad acne scarring

    His work is great. Great tenacity and is very meticulous!
  10. They work but it's just a matter of going to someone experienced and aftercare. Just because one anecdote begs to differ, doesn't mean you should opt out..
  11. 1. Religious sunscreen use, good diet, exercise and a gentle 'natural' exfoliator.  2. Your best bet for your situation would be getting a few PDLs for redness and TCA crosses for your icepick scarring. Then begin 1.
  12. Come With Me On My Subcision Expedition Get one day shipping. I have this set. It's great.
  13. Post Subcision Results w/Picture

    I think with one more subcision I will be completely satisfied. I don't have the time to take off a week of work for a while, so I may wait 6 months to a year, but some say the collagen keeps growing for that long anyway, so that may be a good thing.  Exactly what I was thinking and about to write as I read your update! Congrats!
  14. Saline Injections

    I tried them for a while but it only gave a temporary lift, so I can't necessarily recommend them. If you have acne scars only in a (few) concentrated area(s) i'd give it a shot. Otherwise, it's hard to keep track if you have many scars scattered all over. We're talking self-injecting here. At least I'm not scared of needles anymore.  @ensi, it makes sense that it's capable of working: Like subcision, the saline solution injected correctly  temporarily stretches or breaks the tethered scar tissue which allows blood to be drawn in, allowing it to gradually 'heal' and fill in. Ideally, one performs subcision then fills with a filler (ex:saline, Hyaluronic etc) for more systematic approach.
  15. HERE! Subcision + Suction performed twice improved my temples by a good 50%. All scars that were there are still there but now less pronounce! I'm going in for a 3rd subcision within a few weeks. 
  16.   1-2 weeks. If you're suctioning 2 weeks, unless you're a girl (makeup) or you're a badass and can disregard people's opinions of you while you look as if you've self-injected botox erratically. I'm only kidding a bit.    Good luck!
  17. Help please, botched subcision

    Pics? It could be a nodule. Those tend to go away with time. 
  18. I was referring to the fact that you don't have any before or afters to back up your "results"...that is all.     
  19. Wow. Ok so first never tell your dermatologist how your budget. That would be a HUGE mistake as he will see you as an easy target to milk money off of. If you lack knowledge, you are likely to be susceptible and fixated in awe at treatments that don't really work, treatments that often glorified but in actuality over-rated by physicians. Dermatology is a business, remember that, forever. Now, I stand beside me recommendations because those are the only things I personally have observed that work in myself and others. So still be open for other recommendations if you'd like! Do research and be open minded and objective of bad dermatologist because those do indeed exist! Have 3-5 options of derms and surgeons.. otherwise, Mind i ask, how did you come up with 10,000 at your age? lol?
  20. You would benefit by Subcision, needling + Suction followed by a couple rounds of TCA cross for your ice pick scars if they are still present after the latter recommendations.    
  21. Again without proper backing, no one will should take this serious. Anyone with what appears to be a  clear face can claim they softened their acne scars by going to a sacred fountain and dipping their face into it, followed by starving themselves and living an austere, pleasure free life for 3 days. Absurd? Yeah, that's how your posting is perceived to many... Only those desperate or susceptible subjects who lack wisdom  will be transfixed by such absurdity and take part. And your laser metaphor lacks logical reasoning...i'm sorry  
  22. TBH TBH, you can administer your own peels. I would also consider spot treatments because the rest of your face is flawless, don't mess with it, I say. Peels, it's incredibly easy to do them...don't waste time with professionals with this one. A mere 3 videos and a one-page reading can give you a good insight on how to perform them! $30 (on your own) vs $500+ for 6 sessions with a professional.  Needling - consider the derminator or stamp $180 or $15  vs professional needling $500+++ for 6+~ treatments your protocol is solid and bound to give you results. I must emphasize that the suctioning is incumbent! otherwise you're good and thanks, lol  
  23. Thanks for your questions FriskyCreek! I will make sure I take very good pictures before I get subcision of both my temples and cheeks. I can do that tomorrow - and yes I will try your technique with LED lights. I'll use my bike lights for that! Tretinoin: Used it for 6 months. Can officially conclude that is was useless for me; caused numerous nodules which would stay on my face for months. Most causing minimal scarring on my lower cheek close to my mouth. Thankfully they're all gone. They were very ugly nonetheless. It also made my face feel weak/predisposed to scarring, heavy and warm - gross. Peels: I'm an advocate, but you really need to know what you're doing. I made the mistake of using them too often which probably set me back a lot. I don't talk about it much, but just be careful. If i ever do use them again I will only use them as spot treatments, only. Like DC-Girl.  If i had unlimited funds...My protocol would quite synonymous to the one I have planned: Subcision + Needling + Suction full face . 5+ Vbeams spaced out. BUT, this time with consistent sunscreen use.  No problemo! And dude, your scarring isn't bad at all. I'm sure a few subcision + suction and needling sessions can do the trick, filler to seal the deal for good. But you might not even need it. (i'm all about a positive outlook)       
  24. Good luck Madzippy! Dr. Rullan is great! Make sure to take pictures of your scarring!!   So, guys, I'm pretty low on funds since I'm about to get my first car within a month. However, I have set aside some money for a partial subcision done only on the temples. My cheek scarring isn't as prominent anymore and frankly, it doesn't bother me anymore. Yes I still have scarring but not like before (65%+ improvement, some scars are gone yatta yatta - i've said this before) It's improved immensely and I am able to find peace with myself when I look in the mirror, unlike before. I figure if I give it time, and continue needling every couple of months - along with diligent use of sunscreen daily, my face will look THAT much better within a year or two and possibly permanently resolve all scarring on my cheeks. That said, You guys are probably going to condemn me for what I'm going to say but I figure it's for the best of us. Like I previously just mentioned, I have decided to get subcision done on both temples only (to cut the cost - my part time job isn't giving me enough hours (16hrs/wk - before it was 30+) Even though I have the money set aside (from a high paying job last summer), it's allocated for a new car which I refuse to touch. Now **readying myself for the berating** I purchased a filler of off Alibaba. It was $55 total for a 2.0ml syringe shipped. Here's the website (not advocating self use) just for reference and here's the company . I plan on using it on my temples after the 2 week suction period. I've practiced with saline solution before and I do practice sterility (needling, tca, and saline injections) and I plan on testing the HA on my legs and arms before hand. I will also critically analyze instructions on how to correctly use fillers and watch numerous videos before I begin. I'm thinking on injecting a few scars at a time. Of course, all of this will be blogged. Stay tuned! Questions?