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  1. You should avoid sun even when you aren't on accutane. Sun makes red marks worse. You should wear sunscreen (blocking UVA and UVB rays) whenever you go out, even on cloudy days.
  2. Saline Injections

    Robertitoo, maybe you quit too soon. You have to repeat the injection sessions every week or every two weeks about 10 times. I inject my scars quite agressively, each scar a few times (they are very red at first, after one week the redness fades quite a lot). But be careful not to break the skin. The lift at some point becomes permanent. 
  3. Saline Injections

    I know for sure that saline injections work and are permanent. I did saline injections about three years ago and the scars I injected are 100% improved till this day! I had moderate boxcar and rolling scars. I didn't inject two of my worst scars because I didn't believe they would improve anyway. Maybe it was stupid. I had them excised about two years ago. After the excision I still had visible indentation. Currently I'm doing saline injections on what's left after the excision. I've performed 3 injections so far and I can already see improvement (one scar - like a rolling scar - about 60%, the other - quite deep line - about 40 %).