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  1. Shaving Acne (Razor Bumps)

    I logged in for the first time in years to share what worked for me. For years I had acne, but really it was ingrown hairs mostly, caused by shaving. 2 or 3 days after I shaved the hairs would poke into my skin and Id break out. Wet shaving cuts the hairs below the surface of the skin, and that is the problem. 2 or 3 years ago I switched to just using a stubble trimmer, and my acne cleared up completely. I never had a close shave though and missed it. I just recently tried a foil electric shaver, and it got me a close shave and I did not break out after. I CANNOT wet shave with something like a mach 3. I tried all types of wet shavers, and I would always break out after. IF you think your acne is ingrown hairs, try a foil electric shaver. They leave patches of hair, but just use the trimmer part to go over those sections.