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  1. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic Should I start the Regimen now or wait until the summer?   

    dont start it. period. ever.
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  2. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic Adjusting to jojoba oil?   

    not sure myself. i personally hate jojoba oil. made my skin look and feel worse as well. it helped with dryness but in turn made my skin look more red and sting more. go figure.
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  3. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic Humidifier on the Regimen?   

    btw green wanna say i do rly like paulas BHA. i am pretty well convinced tho that it is simply not enough for the problem i am having. I am pretty sure this humidifier is going to help a good deal tho. in cali i woke up and my face was so soft and not one bit dry. the ONLY thing that could possibly be different from here to there is the temp/humidity (considering my regimen is the same as it was there. also i spent just as little time outside there as here so).
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  4. jjmrpg04 added a topic in The Acne.org Regimen   

    Humidifier on the Regimen?
    I just went on vacation to San Francisco. I live in Canada at the moment. I was gone for an entire week. I had just started using Paula's Choice 2.5% BHA Liquid as I went on the trip. As I was there, my skin became more and more flawless. Was looking better and better every day. I thought perhaps it was the use of Paula's BHA. My skin was retaining moisture MUCH better, and i was only having to use a FRACTION of the moisturizer I was using. I was seriously so stoked. Thought my skin might finally have found something it likes.

    Now that I am back in Canada, my skin once again seems more dry, red, patchy, less smooth, and more ugly.
    I have a theory that it is the cold weather and lack of moisture in the air that has been causing my skin to be this way. I will put a TON of moisturizer on before bed and it STILL dries up easily over night.
    Has anyone found that the temperature has a dramatic effect on their skin like this?

    I am going to go buy a humidifier today and use it when I sleep or am at home. I have a feeling it will really help. And then hopefully come summer, I wont have to worry about it anymore.

    Please share with me if this is a similar experience to yours and whether or not you think this would help.
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  5. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic Issue with the regimen   

    Prob need to exfoliate that area.
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  6. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic help, i am suddenly breaking out   

    bp wont make already existing zits go away. just very gently glide the bp over it like you would the non-broken out portions. also the way dan does it in the video is really quick and painless because he has been on the regimen so long. I can do the entire regimen to my forehead in less time than dan does. i dont even have to be gentle hardly. however, it didnt USED to be that way. for the first 4 or 5 months i had to VERY GENTLY apply it because my skin was hyper sensitive. it seems that your skin continues building a resilience to it long after the first few weeks
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  7. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic help, i am suddenly breaking out   

    how long u been on the regimen? i remember on my forehead my giant zits stopping but for about 3 months after was still getting little small whiteheads. they eventually stopped to tho.
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  8. jjmrpg04 added a post in a topic What in the world is happening?   

    I doubt jojoba will make things worse. honestly, bp makes yer skin purge and look like
    shit for the first good (and possibly long) while. it's easy to blame any and everything you do for breakouts but chances are, it might be irrelevant. I'd say go ahead and use the oil if you need to. *shrugs*
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