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  1. donewithaccutane added a post in a topic Accutane Gallery:   

    When you mess with accutane this is what you get:

    1 Week

    2 months post

    I still have a little redness/few redmarks, but it will fade at the rate its going.

    Some words of advice:

    1. Be patient. It will take longer then you will ever imagine. I don't understand why people are like "OMG I JUST GOT ACCUTANE!" (2 days later) "OMG MY ACNE IS STILL THERE WTF!!!"

    2. Be prepared for 6-8 months of hell (Go to wikipedia for side effects). I'm not gonna try and sugar-coat this like others do because I was ill prepared despite all the logs in this site.

    3. Don't put anything on your face but water. Leave your face alone after accutane too. Thats the badass part about accutane.

    4. You will probably suffer emotional effects that may/may not be permanent. I didn't realize how anti-social I was till I got off it.

    This site helped me in unimaginable ways and helped me cope with some rough times in my life. I thank all those people and would like to let them know that you changed some completely anonymous persons life.

    On the other hand,

    There are some people on here who accelerated my skin issues by spitting out pseudoscience bs every chance they got for god knows what reason. The internet says alot of things. Throw in a couple words like collagen, exfoliation, laser and you'd be surprised at how easy it is to convince people. Believe me. I was one of them.

    This probably isn't what Dan wants to hear, but I suggest the people of this site take into question Dan's motive. I'm gonna exercise my right to free speech (AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!) cause Dan's regimen is a scam. I used to have pretty mild acne until my face turned bright red and broke out into nasty cystic. You'd never guess what caused it either. NO. NOT DAN. Innocent little dan would never try to make a buck off a teenager with low-self-esteem thats desperate for options. Or the B5 supplements reviews that all tell tear jerker stories and how the B5 cleared it all up in days. Or the "i quit masturbating" guy that says his acne is cleared up, then for some strange reason you see him back on the boards trolling in like 3 days. Benzoyl Peroxide is basically slowing dissolving your skin and putting that much on your face is completely fucking stupid. Dan acts like he's your friend so you will buy his stuff. If you ask me he's a pretty brilliant guy, but so was *moderator edit* (Hahahaha they kind of look alike too).

    Sorry for the real talk guys. I'm sure thats gonna make you ban me. I hope you don't so that maybe I can change one persons mind from splashing piss on there face while Dan's gestapo fully encourages it (Note to Dan and loyal followers: Make sure you make them buy your product WHILE there splashing piss on there face). But if you do ban me, I don't really care.

    Hang in there guys. You'll understand why I wrote that wall of text when all this bullshit is over. Accutane is a trully legit drug. GET IT NOW.
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