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  1. Hello, Long time no see! I used to be a regular on the boards back in 2010 and 2011, as I cleared up the most severe acne (cystic on face, chest, and back) on DKR. It was wonderful to see my skin, which has long been bespeckled by acne (although not as severe as it was in this particular breakout; see my gallery for reference!), clear up to porcelain status. I soon retired my blog after realizing that my skin would probably stay the same if I kept doing what was doing: strict, diligent BP and moisturizer, twice a day. Soon after I thought that my skin would be fine, though, I noticed my skin started to get red, flakey, and irritated, and eventually broke out into a mild acne not dissimilar to the acne I always seemed to have before I started the regimen after my Breakout to End All Breakouts. I've been staving that off for the past five years now, with nothing really major returning except in times of major stress, when the regimen just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Indeed, that's what brings me here today. I've reached a point where I'm sick of having my face, and my self-esteem, dependent on rubbing a drying, bleaching agent all over my face, of worrying about sweat drying out my skin because it gets that BP going again (right?!?), and of timing my life around this routine. I've noticed a few things over the years, too, that further lead me to question if DKR is the end-all, be-all of acne treatments, particularly regarding the BP step: - Some of my acne doesn't seem to respond to BP, but it does definitely respond to the gentle touch. In fact, my skin looks best when I touch it pretty much never, which I suspect is the most important step of the regimen: being gentle. - In fact, heavy BP use seems to aggravate my skin MORE by drying it out and thus making it more acne-prone; after all, irritated skin is acne-prone skin. To this end, I've been experimenting with less BP use (a big pea size in the morning and night over my face and neck) and my skin has responded favorably (I still moisturize quite heavily). - My experience with acne leads me to firmly believe that it's far easier to maintain clear skin than it is to clear up acne, so I'm wondering if there might be a different "maintenance" regimen -- a modified version of DKR -- that may work in place of the intensive BP-based plan. To that end, I'm curious if any other long-term users out there have faced similar struggles or have similar questions, and what anyone might think in response to this more generally. Many thanks, and clear skin ahoy for us all!
  2. Five Years Later...

    Well… greetings! I'm more or less positive that no one reads this thing anymore, but I've decided to start writing in a blog again to sort out my skin issues once and for all. For anyone curious, I provided a long history of my acne pre-DKR in the first two entries; I retired the blog when my skin cleared up on the regimen, and was entering repetitive (though grateful!) posts about how my skin, face and body, was the best it ever looked. Five years later, here I am. My skin is by no means where it was when I hit acne rock-bottom in 2010 shortly before trying DKR and keeping a blog, but I've found that I've hit a few walls, and want to work them out. There's something about writing out anxieties and experiences that helps me (/us?) to keep positive, and remain goal-oriented. SO, I present my post-DKR blog five-year acne and skin history below: What Happened After retiring the blog in May of 2011, my skin was fine until deep summer hit in July of the same year. That’s when I found myself back to what I've come to call the self-explanatory "Red Chin Syndrome," which I'm sure many of us on DKR can relate to. I then started to break out in that peskily (is that a word?) sensitive area by the mouth/chin/jawline after an epic bout of the dreaded flakes; meanwhile, sweat – which is unavoidable for me in the summer, since I sweat like a 400 pound man -- seemed to irritate the whole mix. I wasn’t happy, but wasn’t exactly worried that I’d ever go back to where I had once been. I figured that, so long as I was slapping some BP and moisturizer on my face twice a day, that I could maintain clear skin. This hasn’t exactly proved true, hence the blog restart… To remind any superfan (loll jk) readers (and to inform any new ones?), my acne went from consistently mild to quite severe (cysts with the lifespan of at least a few weeks all over my face and body, new lesions daily that felt like a soul-crushing game of acne whack-a-mole) after moving to Japan. In the fall of 2011 I returned back to the United States to embark on a PhD, of which I am currently starting my sixth (dear lord…) year in Upstate New York. Throughout my time in graduate school (and in subsequent times back in Japan since then, including a year doing dissertation research), my skin has never gone back to where it was, but it has also never achieved the levels of clarity that it had when I was keeping the blog and doing DKR faithfully. I’m here now to figure out why my skin is acne prone to begin with, to get to the root of it, and get beautiful, clear, dewy, healthy skin. Now: Skin, Issues, Goals Current situation: minor but consistent breakouts on my chin, temples, upper cheekbones, and jawlines (I’ll be sure to take some pictures and post them in the gallery). I’ll get a cyst on my chin or jawline (or cheek, as in now) once a month or so, which I suspect corresponds with my lady time, particularly ovulation. My back is more or less clear, but my chest… oy. Folliculitis is back with a vengeance. I THINK it’s folliculitis as it doesn’t respond to BP (and because I’ve read that folliculitis is often fungal in nature, not bacterial), but does seem to respond, at least temporarily, from topical anti-fungal medication. Overall, my complexion just looks kind of dull… my skin isn’t particularly bad, but it’s also not particularly good, and I’d love to have beautiful skin again. I felt so confident when my skin was flawless… it was a source of joy, not just a relief from stress. THAT SAID, my goal is to get back to clear skin all over my faced and body, and to feel good about not wearing make-up. I want glowing, healthy, dewy skin… I don’t want dryness and hyper-sensitivity anymore. My other goal is to maintain skin, if possible, WITHOUT BP. I’ll do the Regimen faithfully to achieve clear skin again and will keep track of my progress here, but I’ve noticed the following walls that seem to be limitations of the regimen: - How sensitive my skin is on DKR. I get flakes often, but can’t exfoliate for risk of further irritating my skin after all the BP and lotion. -It’s expensive! It’s worth it to have clear skin, but it adds up, and shipping also takes forever in the US (I get the precious BP less than a week when I’m in Japan… damn you, USPS!). -How exact you have to be with DKR. I may just be ungrateful and slightly bitter about my skin now, but I must admit that I AM SICK of having to rub all a cocktail of chemicals, lotion, and oil on my face twice a day, at exact-ish intervals… it feels icky, especially in the summertime with all the sweat (and sweat seems to “reactivate” the BP). What I have found over the past five years is that clear skin on DKR requires diligent, near constant upkeep, and endless cycles of dry skin, flakes, irritation, breakouts, and treating… I find myself so often in the following pickle “My skin is flaking and irritated, but still has acne. Do I do the regimen and more or less guarantee further dryness, or forgo the regimen for a few days to let my skin reset and risk new lesions popping up because I wasn’t diligent with the BP?” -Bleaching my clothes. Self-explanatory… I’d love to wear pajamas that aren’t BP stained t-shirts. It’s like a constant reminder: “YOU HAVE ACNE!!!” Essentially, I feel like DKR is a great way to clear up skin, but it hasn’t proven to be a sustainable skin care routine in my life. Of course, I’ll still use DKR to get clear and document the process here, but as mentioned, my ultimate goal is to wean myself off and sustain clear skin through other means. I know, I know: it’s a big goal, and maybe I’m being picky… and let’s not forget that I often fall into some sort of acne dysmorphia (I was shamed from the scar boards several years ago, rightfully so!). But I’ve paid attention to what seem like strong correlations between acne and the mind/body connection that I’m interested in keeping track of here to get to the root cause of acne, rather than treat it with BP from the outside in. As follows: -Stress! This is an ambiguous term, of course, but whenever I’m stressed my skin goes haywire. As mentioned earlier in the post, Perhaps the solution is to work on reducing my stress through other means, rather than topically treat the symptoms of stress (acne). -Symmetrical acne?? This may sound odd, but it’s totally a thing: my acne is symmetrical. If I get a big zit on the left side of my face, I can almost set my watch to the right side producing something similar a week later. This leads me to think that there’s something internal going on, and that acne cannot be entirely controlled from the outside in (and even if it is, I don’t want to play cat-and-mouse with my acne anymore…). -Food? I swear, if I eat a lot of sugar or salty, fatty foods, my skin gets worse. Sugar definitely makes my chest folliculitis, which ebbs and flows like some grotesque tide, flare up, and when I eat salty foods I can actually FEEL my face pulsate. I dunno, maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I do think there’s something to this. I asked an acupuncturist/Chinese doctor (maaaaan) what she thought, and she said that eating lots of fruits and veggies is great for skin, and that sugar and fats definitely contribute to acne. So… I will try to be mindful of this? -Consistency. I get the sense that what makes DKR so successful is less the BP itself (although it does seem to help, of course), but rather the gentleness, lack of touching your face, and consistency that the regimen demands. My skin really likes routine, and is healthiest when it’s balanced (i.e. NOT DRY). The drying properties of BP no longer seem to agree with my skin, and the irritation it creates ends up giving me more acne. I’m wondering if, once I’m clear, I can switch over to more natural products and leave my face alone as much as possible. -Irritation. Again, I feel like my face is pretty irritated on DKR, and I’ve been doing it for years now. Rubbing BP and then lotion all over my face, plus the consistent dryness and flakes over the years, leads me to think that 1) I am either doing the regimen wrong due to laziness (rubbing too hard, not waiting between steps), which is totally possible, and/or 2) that the regimen ITSELF is irritating. Bold play, I know! IN SUM, I’m hoping to first get clear, and will do DKR diligently before I start to try and wean myself off. I’m also hoping to get rid of folliculitis somehow… AHA? Yeast… cream? I’ll be sure to keep track of everything in here! This blog will thus chronicle my experiences with DKR (and I will do it EXACTLY), as well as take into account the aforementioned suspicions above. Wish me luck! Oy, a long and incoherent post. I blame jet-lag; I just got back from Japan yesterday, where my skin flared up for the LAST TIME before I have decided to take action. Now: OPERATION CLEAR SKIN 2.0 COMMENCES!