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  1. I'm just reflecting on my acne a bit. The ups and downs. I sort of realize that the acne on my chin is almost identical to the acne on my shoulders. Both spread like wildfire when there's a breakout. And both respond well to BP and time. It's almost like it needs to be disinfected and all the bacteria needs to be killed and that's how it keeps clear. But it's soooo prone to infection and irritation. The acne on my right shoulder is so stubborn. I have 3 pimples there that have been there for weeks. And I've not been using BP on them everyday like I should. What cause it was my bag I wear on my shoulder that clearly irritated it. And now it's messed up. Anyway, I introduced Tea Tree Oil soap. My skin ages ago responded ridiculously well to LUSH Seaweed Soap. It cleared me right up. But because I hate the environment of LUSH (really annoying sales people) I stopped going there. I switched to Spectro Jel, but that shit is exactly like water. So I just have been cleansing with water. That made me realize I'm missing out on a vital step that could improve my acne: cleansing with something that will help me fight bacteria. Hence the tea tree oil soap. It's all natural by Soapworks and it's reviewed really well. We shall see!
  2. Honestly, I wanted to check in because I have been for the most part clear since January. Almost a year. I basically kept up the regime. And when my skin became oily, I made sure to pay special care to what I was doing. That meant supplementing more with Vitamin D during the winter.   Anyway, I know I still have acne skin because my shoulders can break out. I find it's stubborn and I don't always apply BP well enough on my shoulders. So when people say I should stop putting things on my skin, they don't understand that I have a disease.   So yes, as promised, I'm checking in because I said I would when I was clear. My face skin is 100% clear and it's been like this for awhile. My shoulders on the other hand are a different story. I have 3 on my right shoulder that I squeezed out of frustration. After I took an epsom salt bath and decided to cleanse my skin with a SoapWorks Tea Tree Oil soap bar, along with BP and salicylic acid.