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  1. It feels a lot worse than it looks. That's what I keep telling myself. After a year of having clear skin on my face, my shoulder on the right side was still broken out despite using the same routine as I did on my face. I got over zealous reading about tea tree oil (TTO) that I decided I should use the soap (Soapworks from Bulk Barn) as my cleanser rather than water. The first couple weeks of using the TTO soap I broke out, but the zits were relatively painless, white heads that went away within a day. This was for sure a purge. Anyway, I went home for the holidays, and this is actually why I was motivated to post. I forgot the soap and my BP at home. I went about 3 days without my routine until I caved and forced my mom to take me somewhere I can get the cream. Because I was breaking out. You see, I very rarely have sugar. The family I was staying with are from the suburbs where the only things to do for fun are: 1) eat shitty food and 2) play video games. After about a day on their diet, my skin got SO OILY. I mean, I could've said no, but I'm a fat kid at heart and binged on milk and cookies. I got hormonal zits on my skin, which I know by now cause they are symmetrical. So I got hormonal acne on my chin and on the creases of my cheeks. 4 symmetrical zits that were oily and painful and buzzing and itching. It was the worst. I kept thinking about it throughout the day. And I kept telling myself NOT to obsess over it, but it was SO HARD because they were painful. Right before I left I had an inflamed blackhead on my nose from the TTO soap that was aggravated by 3D glasses from Star Wars. This did not heal over the holidays. In total, I had about 10 blemishes on my skin over the holidays. All from eating their cookies and dairy. It caused me to be constipated. About 4 people were sharing one bathroom, which makes going number 2 very uncomfortable. Not to mention traveling makes you backed up. There is a direct correlation between me being constipated and acne as well. Anyway, since I've been back I ditched the TTO soap on my face and began cleansing with water. Dairy and high GI foods are completely out of my diet, and I'm back on the regime. The day I got back and did the regime I noticed my skin was so FLAKY. Just 3 days of being off of it. It was weird and lasted a night. The first night back I got right on with my diet and the regime, 5 of my blemishes cleared up. In just one night. Crazy right? That's how I know it was because of hormones. Today I am feeling very positive about my skin. I woke up this morning with the one on my cheek under my eye (where I break out every year) buzzing and stinging. But it feels a lot better now. I am not going to aggravate it with high GI foods or dairy. I am also not using TTO on my face. My shoulder, strangely enough, has completely cleared. Which is good news. It did this after I got home for the holidays. I am still using TTO on it, so maybe my back skin can handle it but my face skin is too sensitive? Anyway, since I been back I: 1) stopped eating high GI foods 2) controlled my stress levels 3) cleanse with water 4) put on BP once a day 5) put on moisturizer once a day 6) Avoid dairy like the plague (bye cream in my coffee) 7) Popped an allergy pill (to reduce swelling, I had some lying around) 8) Supplementing with Vitamin D and Zinc 9) Epsom salt baths 10) Sunlight and fresh air 11) Adding dark leafy greens to my shakes and eating salads And my skin is clearing nicely and completely back on track. 50% of my breakout is gone and the redness and swelling and itchiness has decreased. I am trying so hard not to get obsessed over the breakout. That means avoiding mirrors/pictures and trying to forget about it. I also wanted to take this moment to vent, however. Every year I come back for the holidays it's always the same. I am presented with really shitty high GI foods. About 3/4s of the food is high quality meats. But there rarely is any dark leafy greens. Every year going back for Christmas I come back feeling like garbage. So even if my skin is not that bad, I physically feel ill. Why do I eat myself sick every year? It's almost a tradition in my family to just stuff our faces with stuff we normally would never eat. And the come down from it is not worth it. I feel oily, bloated, and constipated. It took me about a week to recover. My job is suffering from it, too. I was pretty angry coming back. I mean, I came back feeling sick and I felt like my family didn't respect the fact that certain foods make me feel ill. I have a disease. Would they stick foods like this in front of the face of a diabetic? It's fun at first, but the comedown is not worth it. Instead of avoiding my family for the holidays (which I am tempted on doing every year) I will pack my own foods. Next year I will make it a point to pack a COBB salad or something. Just to get some dark leafy greens in. I will also do my best to avoid the sweets!
  2. Reading over my blog it really makes it seem like my skin is always bad. This is not true. For nearly a year I've been clear through: -DKR Regime (1 a day in the winter, twice in the summer, adjusting to humidity) -Epsom Salt Baths with mask made out of salt applied to my face and back 1-3 times a week -Zinc/Vitamin D supplementation -Low GI diet (or at least cut back on sugar and milk) -Working out/sweating 3-5 times a week -Green Smoothies (basically a fruit smoothie with Kale or Spinach in it that you can't really taste) -Drink lots of water/cut back on diet drinks Quite honestly, this sounds like A LOT. But once you get into the habit of things, it becomes a lifestyle. I think the hardest part for me was ACCEPTING I had a disease. It's really effin' annoying when people tell you, "Oh, my daughter had acne once, and she stopped using products, and it turned out fine." It's a very ignorant comment. Because that one pimple on my face amounts to a drop in a bucket compared to the cystic acne on my shoulders that I just "let be" for the longest time. Yes, I am pretty angry about my disease and how people treat it. The point is: I will never, ever be cured of acne. It will always be there, in remission. Things will cause it to flare up. I am just more prone to it. But if I stick to this lifestyle, it is very manageable and doesn't consume my life. Anyway, I wanted to check in because the flare up I had when I introduced Tea Tree Oil is gone, all there is left is hyper pigmentation. I had a "bad skin day" yesterday and today. But by the end of the day it was gone. Almost miraculously.
  3. Hey! So remember that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) soap I introduced into my regime. Ya. It broke me out. It cleared the couple pimples on my back. But then it gave me a red lump on my face. That went away. But then all these tiny white heads have now come to the surface. I have one little blackhead come to the surface and it was so red, so painful, and so small. I went into the washroom cause I couldn't handle the pain and gently squeezed it out. What came out was a tiny little ball. It was oddly satisfying. But now I'm broken out in whiteheads on my chin, which is similar to the skin on my shoulders where I'm also broken out. It's akin to a rash, but of whiteheads. Pretty gross. So my thoughts are: should I continue with the soap? I already use Benzoyle Peroxide (BP) and then moisturize with Salicylic Acid. I fear that doing a wash with TTO may be too much. Is my skin purging or is this a reaction? I have a hunch this is my skin purging. Pretty much everything ever that has ever worked caused my skin to break out at first. Benzoyl Peroxide gave me an awful breakout for 2 months. The zits I have are really, really red. That tells me the blood is circulating and bringing the infection up to the surface. The zits don't last long, 1-3 days, and they are gone. I'm also breaking out in places I never did before, which is also a sign of a purge. I have a purple scab in the middle of my back, which is similar to the reaction I got with Epsom Salt. Epsom Salts again worked wonders and has kept me clear for months as a face mask 3-4 times a week. I will continue with the soap here and there for a bit. I use it to shave now that I stopped with the beard (it made me look older). Also: why is my skin purging? I realize my diet has been garbage and I need to make healthier choices. So tomorrow I will be cutting out dairy and sugar to help with the purge.
  4. I'm just reflecting on my acne a bit. The ups and downs. I sort of realize that the acne on my chin is almost identical to the acne on my shoulders. Both spread like wildfire when there's a breakout. And both respond well to BP and time. It's almost like it needs to be disinfected and all the bacteria needs to be killed and that's how it keeps clear. But it's soooo prone to infection and irritation. The acne on my right shoulder is so stubborn. I have 3 pimples there that have been there for weeks. And I've not been using BP on them everyday like I should. What cause it was my bag I wear on my shoulder that clearly irritated it. And now it's messed up. Anyway, I introduced Tea Tree Oil soap. My skin ages ago responded ridiculously well to LUSH Seaweed Soap. It cleared me right up. But because I hate the environment of LUSH (really annoying sales people) I stopped going there. I switched to Spectro Jel, but that shit is exactly like water. So I just have been cleansing with water. That made me realize I'm missing out on a vital step that could improve my acne: cleansing with something that will help me fight bacteria. Hence the tea tree oil soap. It's all natural by Soapworks and it's reviewed really well. We shall see!
  5. Honestly, I wanted to check in because I have been for the most part clear since January. Almost a year. I basically kept up the regime. And when my skin became oily, I made sure to pay special care to what I was doing. That meant supplementing more with Vitamin D during the winter.   Anyway, I know I still have acne skin because my shoulders can break out. I find it's stubborn and I don't always apply BP well enough on my shoulders. So when people say I should stop putting things on my skin, they don't understand that I have a disease.   So yes, as promised, I'm checking in because I said I would when I was clear. My face skin is 100% clear and it's been like this for awhile. My shoulders on the other hand are a different story. I have 3 on my right shoulder that I squeezed out of frustration. After I took an epsom salt bath and decided to cleanse my skin with a SoapWorks Tea Tree Oil soap bar, along with BP and salicylic acid.