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  1. Hey! So I'm checking while I am still clear. It seems as though once I am back "on" taking care of myself it becomes more of a lifestyle that I don't have to think about. I only occasionally find myself eating dairy or sugar now. I have adjusted my routine for the summer (which means I amped up my BP to a full finger length). Doing this in the winter leads to cracked skin and breakouts. While using very little BP in the summer leads to very oily skin. So I have to control the oil in the summer with the BP. And it helps. The ONE THING that is annoying me is if I spend too much time in the sun my skin gets irritated. Right now my lips are cracking from the sun. I also got to be a bit of a Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. It's not that they're pimples, it's just general skin irritation. I am coming to accept that I have sensitive, acne skin. Avoid the sun!
  2. As promised, I wanted to check in while I am clear. I am clear. Yes, 2 weeks after the Breakout (capitalization intentional) I am back to my clear skin self. How’d I do it? Lifestyle. It sounds like a lot, but here goes nothing. LOW GI DIET You pretty much need to eat like a diabetic if you have acne skin. So say goodbye to things that spike your blood sugar, like candy and pop. If you’re going through a bad breakout, I highly recommend cutting out all gluten for a bit like bread so you can clear up. You can easily find low GI foods online! But basically eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein. It will help combat inflammation and all around make you healthier. NO DAIRY I’m not going to bore you with the research, but it’s slowly becoming very overwhelming that if you have acne skin your worst enemy is dairy. NOTHING. And I mean NOTHING breaks me out more. I will binge on cheese – my favourite – and I am guaranteed to get a red, oily face with a breakout. It’s not only anecdotal but becoming more heavily researched and scientific. GREEN SMOOTHIES My life has changed since I started adding green smoothies into my diet. Yes, sometimes when I’m really stressed out I don’t feel like making them (even though they are easy). And sometimes I would rather “comfort food” like pizza (yes, I cheat, too). But trust me, green smoothies are not only ridiculously healthy but tasty, too. You basically just need to add greens to your smoothie with avocado and fruits of your choice. Blend it. And that’s it. Honourable mention to cinnamon, which tastes great and is antibacterial. VITAMIN D AND ZINC SUPPLEMENTATION Basically through very trying times I discovered that my skin is freakin’ awesome when I supplement with this. I also recently started adding Vitamin E due to it’s healing properties. And once upon a time I was super clear as a teen and was taking Vitamin E during this time. CONTROL STRESS Honestly, this is very hard, almost as hard as diet. But find things that relax you and do them. For me it’s going to the gym or taking a nice long shower or posting on acne.org. But you NEED to control your stress. I notice that without a doubt my acne is linked to stressful times. DAN KERR’S REGIME Ya, this is a given. But benzoyl peroxide is a godsend when you have a breakout and keeps them under control. I notice my skin is more prone to breakouts when I don’t cleanse twice a day. It’s time consuming and sometimes I REALLY don’t feel like doing it, but it TOTALLY helps me with my breakouts. I also moisturize with Salicylic Acid, but I have to be careful in the Winter because this is over drying. But it’s great in the Summer when it’s humid. ADJUST FOR THE WEATHER (CANADA SPECIFIC) Touched on this above. But basically you need to cleanse twice in the summer and don’t cleanse as much in the winter. I got a breakout in the Winter from over cleansing. And I get breakouts in the summer for not washing enough. Canada’s weather is pretty extreme so I have to constantly adjust my routine throughout the year. LOVE YOURSELF Sounds stupid, but you’re NOT UGLY. Don’t let acne control your life. Go outside. Look people in the eye. Laugh. Take deep breaths. Don’t get obsessed over it. Do things that make you FEEL GOOD. Don’t dress down when you have acne. Practice positive self talk. STOP STARING AT YOUR ZITS IN THE MIRROR I am so guilty of doing this. But I get REALLY up close to the mirror and just stare at the whiteheads and think they’re much bigger than they really are. I avoid mirrors/photos when I breakout. And then I’m pleasantly surprised when I catch a glimpse and I’m not red. But yeah, don’t beat yourself up when you’re broken out. DON’T PICK Just don’t. WASH YOUR PILLOW CASES AND PILLOWS Wash your pillow cases once a month, your actual pillows once every 6 months. HONOURABLE MENTIONS Epsom Salt Mask/Bath I do this when I’m broken out and with cysts. Basically mix some epsom salts with water until it forms sort of a pasty substance. Apply to your skin and wait for it to dry. Then rinse it off. You can soak in baths with it for at least 20 minutes. It’s relaxing and is great for my skin! Tea Tree Oil So I found this soap by Soap Works that is fantastic. I suffer from shoulder acne as well that can get pretty severe if not taking care of. What I do is lather this soap into a foam and then apply it to my shoulders and let it just sit there for like a couple minutes in the shower and rinse it off. It helps a ton! I also do DKR on my shoulders as well. And that’s really my advice. I mean, it’s pretty standard healthy lifestyle stuff. It sounds like a lot, but it’s all about taking care of yourself and making smart decisions.!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure which photos you're talking about, I haven't posted any in years. But pores don't "open." They kind of just stay the same. Maybe they become more supple with warmth. That's just what I found through researching skin that pores don't open and close with steam and whatnot. While I agree that salt may be abrasive, I am very gentle with the Epsom Salt masks. I mix it with water and salt into a paste, apply to my skin, wait until it dries, then pat off with a warm towel and rinse. My skin looks loads better because of it. The swelling and redness has gone down and it brings those pesky blind zits to a head like magic. I haven't tried aspirin masks but everyone tells me to do it (well, just you and my mom and Dr. Oz). I will look into it.
  4. So since I got my breakout 2 weeks ago, I got about 6 active zits on my face. That were not “normal” small breakouts. I have this reoccurring pimple/cyst thing on my upper cheek that finally decided to rear it’s ugly head during this breakout. Before it would swell up, remain a blind cyst, then go back down after a couple of days (which I was thankful for). BUT IT CAME OUT WITH A VENGEANCE. The beast of the zit on my upper cheek was leaky for about a week and I had to massage out the infection. After doing this a couple of times – it kept coming back – it since has flattened. And let me tell you and I can’t emphasize this enough: it was so painful. You see, having acne is not a purely cosmetic issue, it’s assault on your physicality and your mental state. Imagine just going about your day and experiencing pain on a part of your body everyone sees. Or you’re in a social situation and you’re trying to relax and enjoy yourself but you tense up when you feel that familiar tingle. I can’t really put into words being at the mercy of something so hideous and ugly and painful. On top of having this massive cyst the side of a quarter inch all around that was super red and inflamed, I had a blind zit right above it. With all the swelling that was going on, my entire upper cheek was a big, red mess. Since I drained the cyst I still have that zit above it going strong. I’ve been trying so hard to ignore it because I know it was a byproduct of the cyst. Anyway, it took forever to heal and kept forming white heads throughout the past couple weeks. In fact, all of my skin is taking FOREVER to heal, which is so frustrating having to deal with this mess for weeks. It has put my life on hold. The only energy/positivity I have I used to show up to my 9-5 and do my best not to look in the mirror or take any pictures. So how did I get myself into this mess? I think it’s a combination of a few factors: -I’ve been eating Indian takeaway like everyday (I think it’s the cooked oil, peanut butter breaks me out like mad and I guess the oil in the Indian acts the same) -I’ve been washing my sheets with cheap laundry detergent -I have not been washing my face as much as I should -The weather changed from cold to warm and has more humidity -I went into the sun all day and probably shocked my system -Work was a whole new level of stress, something I didn’t know I was capable of -I lost like 20lbs as I was cutting for the summer -Drinking lemon water is something new I’ve been doing -Not doing green smoothies because of being stressed out/lazy/burnt out/etc and instead reaching for something cheap and quick (cafeteria food) What I’ve been doing since the breakout: -Epsom salt masks everyday -Hot compress after epsom salt -Continue drinking lemon water everyday -DKR TWICE a day -Cleaned up my diet, everything I am eating is raw food, low-GI, nutrient dense -Increased my Zinc supplementation I found out the pills I were taking were 10mg. And I was taking 2 or 3 a day. I realize I should at least be taking 50mg, so I bought new ones with the proper amount. -Deep breathing -Reducing sun exposure to under 30 minutes when it’s nice out -GREEN SMOOTHIES, which really means kale or spinach mixed with fruit and protein powder I have a feeling this breakout is due to the lemon water I started drinking. I never had lemons in my diet before this, so it probably set my body into a purge stage. My skin breaking out like this when something works is always how it goes (it happened on DKR, epsom salt, tea tree oil, and more) but it always ends up looking better. The only thing I am concerned of is the fact that I may be “overdoing it.” I find it’s hard to time DKR with my workouts since I shower after them. So I think I may have to start bringing my moisturizers to the gym and be “that guy.” I got a new white head today, not very inflamed, on my chin. That was disappointing because since the breakout I haven’t had any new actives pop up. But it’s the kind of zit that I “usually” get and will go away within a couple days. But yes, it’s been 2 weeks since the breakout from hell and they’re mostly just red marks now, but are still swollen. Ugh. Shout outs to people who do the caveman regime. This process made me adopt some of their practices by focusing mainly on diet and low GI foods. Let me tell you, it’s a hard diet to follow. And this is why I can’t do that regime mainly out of laziness and stupidity and time and stress factors. Maybe one day I can get my shit together enough to not make dumb food decisions.
  5. Checking in whilst broken out in a cyst! Go me. I was clear leading up to this for MONTHS. And then blammo: big giant cyst under my eye. What happened is I took on this new project at work that caused me a ridiculous amount of stress. Like I felt like I was having a heart attack at points. I was also dealing with IDENTITY THEFT. Yes, I am serious. It was a rollercoaster. On top I moved and my lease was expiring, so I was stressed about finding a place to live. Did I mention taxes? Or cockroaches? So yes, LOTS happening and it all happened at once. I sacrificed taking care of mself during this time. But it was unrealistic at the time. I worked 9-5 came home, dealt with stuff, and then when I had free time I relaxed. I wasn't really washing my face. My diet was also garbage. I was eating a lot of food court food. Indian takeaway to be exact with butter chicken, basmati and palak paneer made with potato. I honestly thought Indian would be safe to eat. But I am cutting it out for a bit because that's the main thing that has changed in my diet. I also completely stopped juicing. And I am actually heading out now to buy some berries so I can get back on it. Anyway, I had this cyst now for 2 weeks. It started off a red mark that was kind of painful. I thought it was no big deal cause my face sometimes get red with some very manageable small whiteheads. And then it just grew, grew, and grew. It got so swollen, red and painful. It was a blind red lump. It was impossible to forget about it. The swelling went down after 5 days and a white head formed. I would come out of the shower to find it bleeding. So in those cases I massaged some of the infection out. The part I squeezed out was on the right side of the zit and I thought that was the end of it. It was a stream of blood and infection that came out really easily. Then today – about 3 days later – another whitehead started bleeding on a different part of the cyst, on the left side (this thing was like a quarter of an inch around). So i tried cleaning up the dry skin on top of the cyst and as I did PUS came out of the bleeding whitehead. So I massage some more out and a big giant white pus ball that was gooey the same size of the cyst itself came out. An hour later it's still bleeding and some of it is yellow. But I think it's cleared out now. It's completely flat. Anyway, parts around the cyst has all these blac heads coming out too. Like clear white tubes that are small. And above it there's a little red zit that's blind, too. Anyway, the psot under my eye is a mess and I applied BP and Salicylic Acid. I also been religiously applying epsom salt masks daily as well as cleaning up my diet, supplementing with zinc, vitamin d and e. The weird thing is that I can't promise mself this won't happen again. I can't help when my life gets hard and shit hits the fan. Soooo.... I need to figure it out! The thing about cysts is that they make you realize how good you had it before. And how much you wish your skin would just stop hurting. I can't wait to have this thing off my face. Looking down and seeing it on my skin is so annoying.