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    I sleep on my back, but thanks anyway

    Not too sure if it matters, but my acne restarted right after i went on a 1 week trip to Italy. Shouldn't matter though...
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    My Acne
    Hi all!

    I'm new to the forum, so i'll just post what's my situation like, eventhough most of view won't care . Anyway, i've had "moderate" acne for about 7 years (i'm 19), it was never over the top but it was always a pain in the ass as you can imagine. I started taking Doxy pills a year and a half ago and they worked wonders, i didn't have a breakout for a year or so, barely. It all changed a couple of months ago, suddenly i'm having all sorts of breakouts on my face (just my face, not my forehead, on one side much more than the other!). So it made me wonder what has changed in my diet, and the answer was nothing. I decided to cut all the diary, chocolate etc, and surprisingly, nothing has changed. So i've really struggled in the past couple of weeks, trying to figure out what caused all this. I've tried taking Doxy pills again but they're no help, i guess Accutane is the next step.

    Thoughts? Anyone been through the same experience? Anything would be appreciated
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