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  1. First of all, quitting dairy is not radical by any means. Whether it helps your acne situation or not, your body will thank you for not pumping breast milk into it on the regular, since you are an adult i assume and dairy is super bad for you anyways.
  2. When my acne was at its worst, i told my mom that i honestly would rather have some terrible incurable disease than have acne. She though i was crazy but seriously thats where your mind goes after suffering for so long. I would have taken ANY trade off, cancer/hepatitis/diabetes whatever, anything to have my acne gone.
  3. KALE! I hate kale. i cant even pretend to like it. Ive tried it every way possible... in salads, kale chips, kale smoothies... i dont know why everyone is so crazy about it, its gross! So tough and chewy ughhh
  4. Eating coconut milk/ oil, good or bad?

    I have been on a coconut oil rampage for a few weeks now. I cook everything with it, put a drop in smoothies (also coconut milk too lol), put it in my hair, on my face, give my dog a teaspoon every day. Havent noticed it affecting my skin in a bad way at all.. i guess the milk has a lot of sugar so watch out for that but its just so darn yummy!!
  5. I had a fig bar with whey.... Will I break out?

    Just be careful. I always make sure to read the ingredients on everything before i eat it, to make sure theres no dairy. Not to mention its super bad for your health not just your acne.
  6. Pretty sure accutane ruined my eyesight. Well not ruined but i always had perfect vision until i was on accutane, then things farther away got blurry like reading a clock or whatever. Still like that too, and has gotten worse. Have been thinking lately that i might need glasses soon... all because of accutane.
  7. I have been using the acne lotion from timeless organics skin care. All vegan, cruelty free, organic. Really great natural ingredients and what not. Doesnt irritate and it's super light.
  8. Proactiv is the devil!!!! Dont even think about using that stuff!
  9. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    Maybe looks like the beginning of perioral dermatitis? I was literally just at the doctor today and told that is what i have, mine looks like yours but redder and flaky. If you also start to get it around your nose and smile lines i would say theres a good chance its dermatitis.
  10. Dermatitis

    Welp...Went to the doctor today about a rash i have had on my face for about 6 months now. Turns out i have what is called Perioral dermatitis. I have had this going on since February and was sooo fed up with it, i tried everything to get rid of it including: -Coconut oil -hemp oil -tea tree oil -excema cream -psoriasis cream -anti fungal cream -oatmeal mask -polysporin -aloe vera -BP and SA NONE of these things really helped at all so i finally broke down and went to the doctor. So yes, now i have yet another skin condition to deal with. Just when i thought i had seen it all! He prescribed me to take doxycycline (i think thats what its called) for 12 weeks. Yes people, 12 weeks! AND a topical steroid cream with something else in it ,i forget what. So thats great... i guess since i have let it go on for so long it is going to take a while for it to go away. I do have a milder case but it is still soo annoying because unlike acne spots, putting makeup over the dermatitis does not help whatsoever since its so dry and flaky and bumpy. Also after it took my first antibiotic pill today i felt sick. UGHHH. When are my skin problems going to be over!! I guess instead of posting about acne and accutane like i used to i will post about perioral dermatitis and antibiotics and weird creams lol. The weird thing is that in my googling pretty much every website says topical steroid creams make it worse and can cause it in the first place and DO NOT use them but thats exactly what i was prescribed. Either way i am ready to try anything!
  11. When i was on accutane i could literally go days - and i mean DAYS without washing my hair, but it didnt feel gross at all because there was literally NO oil on my scalp or hair so it always felt clean and fresh.
  12. Estée Lauder & makeup forever

    Matte Velvet!!!! OMG I used to use that and its amazing!!!!! Omg just thinking about it now makes me want to buy another bottle asap. Seriously its the best ever! Keeps you matte and looks soooo good on your skin i cant even describe. Use that with their extreme camouflage concealer (which i literally live and breathe for) and you are flawless. Neither have ever, ever broken me out either.
  13. Recommend powder foundation for work?

    In my opinion the best out there is Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation. Nothing bad in it, super healthy for your skin and it makes your skin glow ( in a healthy way not an oily way). However it is super expensive. That and good old Physicians Formula pressed mineral powder, which has a bit better coverage but sans the magical glowing complexion factor. My skin is so oily i usually dont even bother with a powder/foundation for work tho, since i always end up blotting it off anyways and cant be arsed to re apply lol.
  14. Exercise

    Definitely wash your face if you have been heavily sweating. You need to get the sweat off so it doesnt contribute to bacteria on your face and clog your pores.
  15. I am a guy and I need makeup to hide ICEPICK scars

    I would try only using a primer, to smooth and fill your pores and ditch the foundation.
  16. Check out Jane Iredale mineral makeup. I used to use their mineral powder foundation and its awesome!
  17. How do people wash off Vaseline?

    Maybe try wiping with a makeup remover wipe followed by using a toner on a cotton round. But once you get it all off please stop using vaseline. It is sooo bad for your skin, it suffocates and clogs up your pores.