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  1. After-picking miracle

    So lately my picking has been at an all time high, despite my news years resolution of no picking (ha..). Since my picking has been leaving my skin utterly destroyed almost every night, i have been desperately trying anything and everything to heal my ripped-apart skin. Coconut oil, hemp oil, polysporin, aloe gel, all my old prescription creams, different mixtures of creams ect ect...nothing has helped. Then the other day at my local grocery store, i noticed something in the 50% off clearance bin. A skin cream from Derma-E, called the Tea Tree & E Antiseptic cream. Obviously i bought it. Ok, if you are a skin picker you need to try this cream!!! I had wounds from picking that had not healed in MONTHS, spots, scabs, you name it. The first morning after using this cream they were literally almost gone. I almost cried out of relief when i looked in the mirror. This cream is magical! After my nightly bedtime picking sprees, i will put this on and in the morning its almost like it never happened. Ive been using it every day and it really heals picking wounds super fast! This stuff seems like it might be getting discontinued, so if you can get your hands on a jar give it a try!!