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  1. Surgically draining a cyst

    hmmm well sounds like the sac might still be in there? If its a sebaceous cyst
  2. Looks like perioral dermatitis. I had that too, went to the doc and got antibotics which cleared it up.
  3. how do i stop picking

    Some things i have found to help, during my 2017 stop skin picking journey: -DO NOT go into the bathroom for any reason other than to actually go to the bathroom/shower ect. I always end up going in to the bathroom for no reason and end up in front of the mirror, then start picking. Keep the bathroom door closed. Dont go in unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes I even dont even turn on the light when i go into the bathroom. -Kind of goes with first point , but dont stay in front of the mirror for long, dont even look in a mirror unless doing your makeup in the morning. I find it helpful to stand as far back from the mirror as you can, dont go up close whatever you do! -Try not to be home alone. For me, being home alone means i can pick to my hearts content without being interruptted, having someone see me post-picking spree ect ect. If you are home alone, follow point #1 very closely! -Write yourself a letter. I know, sounds stupid but actually very motivating. After my worst picking spree in months, i felt SO shitty i decided to write myself a letter about how bad i felt, with the date and time, and told my self FOR REAL, this is the LAST time i will ever pick. When i get the urge i stop, and go read the letter to knock some sense into my want-to-pick self, from my just-picked-and-hate-myself self. lol.
  4. Always been a picker...

    Ive come to realize that ill always be a picker, you just have to work at it and get yourself focused so you can control yourself. The urge will always be there, even with clear skin (at least for me anyways). Just have to learn how to manage it and do as little damage as possible.
  5. Have you ever squeezed THIS hard?Help!

    yes yes and yes. all of the above lol. be careful!!! I once squeezed so hard and pushed it so deep into my skin it became a HUGE cyst that i had to go on accutane for and have a scar/caved in skin almost 6 years later.
  6. Sounds like maybe perioral dermatitis. I had this before and had to go to the doc for antibitotics and a special cream which cleared it right up and has never returned. Maybe google it and see if it looks like what you have.