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  1. november rain added a post in a topic freshening up face at work?   

    thanks everyone! all your suggestions have been very helpful. I'm just worried that these primers may clog my pores. But if everyone is using them without complaint, then I guess they don't? I'll definitely check the ingredients before purchasing one. And I probably won't re-apply anymore.. to be honest, applying the extra makeup doesnt help my skin look any better.. and plus the idea of putting makeup on top of "dirty" skin grosses me out.

    thanks again!
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  2. november rain added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    freshening up face at work?
    I'm a waitress and sometimes I work up to 10 hour shifts. Since I am running around all day, my makeup (bare minerals) sweats off i guess. Once in a while I'll re-apply once during a shift, but apparently thats bad (cause i don't blot) oops!

    So my question is, how can I fix my face before re-applying makeup? Do I just use some toilet paper and blot? And if so, how often? Anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep my face looking well (while actually being well) during the day? Because, god help me, but I look like a MESS at the end of the day . It really sucks too because my co-worker is super hot, haha.

    So any tips on how to "freshen up" at work would be extremely helpful!! thanks

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  3. november rain added a post in a topic you know its bad when..   

    when you spend too much time reading the "Reviews" on
    when you spend too much money buying and testing out the products in the "Reviews"
    when you skip class to go to the derm for emergency injections
    when you can't focus on important things, like schoolwork cuz youre too busy focusing on acne
    when you purposely skip out on seeing friends.. no matter how much you miss them
    when you get nervous when you get a facebook notification that you've been tagged in a picture
    when you stop going to the gym.. cuz you'll have to wash your face first therefore it gets red and gross
    when you feel like theres no point in even trying to flirt.. or feel stupid for even trying
    when you write this many "you know its bad when.."
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