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  1. jayboy. added a post in a topic PRODUCT Help!   

    Alright thanks a bunch, it definitely eases my mind a little bit. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who'd rather fight mike tyson than put moisturizer on my face, but good to know it is going to be positive and worth it in the end. So I will stick with the cetaphil and see how that does me.

    I bought the BP as well as the AHA +.

    How can I encorporate the AHA into my regimine?
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  2. jayboy. added a post in a topic PRODUCT Help!   

    bump! any feedback please
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  3. jayboy. added a topic in The Acne.org Regimen   

    PRODUCT Help!
    Hey Everyone so the title is a bit drastic but I just wanted to grab your attention

    So I just recently ordered Dans BP + AHA.

    I currently have a big container of Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizer which have worked well for me already.

    I have 2 Questions.

    #1..Are the Cetaphil products okay for Dan's regimen?

    #2..Does anyone else with a bit of acne, find it cringing and very unsure about applying moisturizer all over your face? I have yet to do it and I am already dreading the thought of having to. I can see if your skin is clear..but people with a few pimples, it feels very uncomfortable doing it for myself..if you guys catch my drift.

    * ALSO..are there any products on the shelf in your local drug store that would be comparable to Dan's Cleanser and Moisturizer?

    Thanks in advance!
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