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  1. Xorcist added a post in a topic Accutane and Other Drugs (Not perscribed)   

    B. not freaking out, im chill and that was not suppose to be angry. Just didn't want any harsh reactions (hate) against a pothead thanks for the reply.

    See B. just like this moron.
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  2. Xorcist added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Accutane and Other Drugs (Not perscribed)
    No I'm not a Druggie. Yes I smoke WEED some times. Not all the time. So FKING what. Questions, I went to the Derm today he is going to put me on Accutane. I was wondering if any one eles had any problems with smoking POT with accutane. I have quit smoking weed for awhile but I started again. ITS NOT A GOOD THING I KNOW IT IS A DRUG - LAY OFF! I just want to know if there is any side effects. Im not looking for smart ass remarks about this im being serious. So what if you dont like weed, that is you and this is me. Like I said I toke the herb but it might confilct with this accutane. Thanks Dont do drugs
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  3. Xorcist added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    What are a few products that you have tried - that contains Tea Tree Oil? Thanks for replies if some but dont be a hater.
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  4. Xorcist added a post in a topic Desert Essence Products   

    I Don't know, you live in a diffrent part of the world probably. I live in the west all we have is 4Dz & 9nZ.
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  5. Xorcist added a post in a topic Desert Essence Products   

    Health Food Store "Herbal" Stores.
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  6. Xorcist added a post in a topic Sea Breze?   

    Some oils are good though they penatrate deeper than purified water. Just because a product has oil in it doesn't mean it will cause you to have more oil on your skin. But not all products work like this, And you're right some products do have oils that will just sit on your face making your skin oily. This is why its a astringent you should apply 1 or 2 more steps if using this in a regimen.
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  7. Xorcist added a post in a topic How long does BP last ?   

    Might not be a very good thing since when you do get your face wet it attracts more dirt and oils, giving it more of a chance to soak into your pores deeper..

    Eg. Throw some dirt on some water see how fast it turns into mud, throw dirt on dirt it just stays as dirt.. which one sounds better to have on your face? Dirt or Mud? The dirt. Why? Because when it turns into mud it can sink into the ground better.. (Better for soil, but change soil with your actuall skin then you'll get my point)
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  8. Xorcist added a post in a topic Sea Breze?   

    I think the sensitive kind doesn't have alcohol in it.
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  9. Xorcist added a post in a topic Sea Breze?   

    Sea Breeze is a very old classic astringent, probably one of the few best astringents companys put out on the market. It has been modified alot over the years but I remeber using this product in my teens. It's not somthing you want to use alone though you should be using a regimen with this astringent.

    But rating performance I give this a 5 out of 5, since it is a classic, it works, and it does exactly what it says..

    "Gets rid of trapped dirt before it becomes a problem
    Leaves skin refreshed and super-clean"
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  10. Xorcist added a post in a topic Apple Cider Vinegar   

    Yea smells bad but you just do it quick as you can, you get use to it after awhile.
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  11. Xorcist added a post in a topic Apple Cider Vinegar   

    Dap it on your problem spots, or what I did was I bought a sterile spray bottle about 96 cents at walmart and put it in there, you can also buy already diluted ACV there too.

    After the apple cider vinager is dry, apply your BP...

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  12. Xorcist added a post in a topic When regimen fails   

    Who is your Daddy and what does he do. - Schwarzenegger
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  13. Xorcist added a post in a topic Dandruff Shampoo helps acne?   

    I tried head&shoulders "classic clean" and it didn't seem to have any effect on my face?
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  14. Xorcist added a post in a topic Proactiv   

    Inactive ingrediants too.. When you see a product and it says "active ingrediants, basicaly means what the purpose is for"

    But you also have to look at the inactive ingrediants as well cause thats all the shit you put on with it, the SA or BP or AHA or Sulfer wtf ever is attacking the pimples, but the other shit just sits there causing pore clogging or other bad things.. Products with slogans such as " great for acne prone skin" or even on the back saying... I cant think of it off the top of my head but.. noncomidone "i think it is" will not have any effect on your acne or skin..

    Plus proactiv sucks, I find that AcneFree is a much better product then Proactiv cheaper too, but doesn't do to well on clearing up big sized acne. Your better off quiting the Proactiv game.
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  15. Xorcist added a post in a topic Proactiv   

    Proactiv sucks lmfao
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