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  1. Give up dairy

    we are all different and all have different triggers, for me giving up gluten got me clearer but not clear, then I gave up dairy and that helped an additional much better now but for others it's not diet it's hormonal, and others have a genetic disposition to clogging sebaceous glands that is why this isn't easy-  but don't give up, keep a journal, keep trying things - never give up!
  2. Glycolic Acid 70%

    using distilled water mix a 50/50 combination to dilute the 70% to 35% then follow instructions, and go slow do the minimum time...and gauge reaction....slow and steady, if your skin can handle it then you move up time and strength the horror stories come from those who do too much too soon good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I've read that study too....and keep thinking I should do it...I've done many things over the years to improve my scars and I still use a dermastamp every 10 days....Perservering what depth stamp are you using and how strong is the TCA?   what's the downtime of the TCA? and you are using retin a or tazorac right?  that is the other key to that study let us know and GuevaraBeats, I should have commented, your scarring is pervasive but luckily for you not deep-  I agree you would benefit from fraxels or dermarolling (fraxel without the heat or the price tag)....
  4. Are You A Married Woman With Acne ???

    yes married - he doesn't care at all....never did, and I had acne when we met I would be stressing out about a cyst and trying to cover it up and he'd say where?  then look and say come on let's go....I can't tell you how many times that got me through....... if I could only see myself through those eyes!
  5. Orange Juice Breakout?

    orange juice is not a good thing to drink...stick with whole fruits and foods...avoid it even if it doesn't break you out!