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    Just be patient it took 2 months for me to see the diffrence and it really worked and i broke out quite a bit for the first 2 months then i started to clear up so just be patient hope everything works out for u
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    well ive been on minocycline for about 5 months now this is my last month on it and it has been great i took about 2 months to start working by the 3rd month i was pretty clear. 4 and 5th month has been great ive had no break outs. Im 20 turning 21 soon i never really had acne in my teens until 18 i got hit with moderate acne. Im hoping to grow out of this shit. I have a only a few red marks left but there stubborn and i got some mild acne scaring but nothing a few peels cant take care of i hope. But the delima is once im off mino i heard peoples acne comes right back full force. I was wondering if anybody has any options or opinions of what i can do? and how about take probotics right after will that help at all? any suggestions? thanks alot!
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