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  1. Anybody else on tretinoin? I'm on my 7th week, with the past two having experienced heavy purging. I've noticed that I usually break out during the day and I'm trying to rule out if it's because of the tret or some other factor. I feel like with tret, if it is the reason why the breakouts are happening, then some residual effects are being carried out throughout the day that are the cause of the breakouts that happen during the day. Is it usual to break out during the day? This is when I've noticed breakouts. At night it seems like breakouts are less severe.
  2. Calculating the glycemic load of a whole meal

    I have taken those measures and have seen improvement. I care, because I hypothesize that by switching to foods which have a lower GL, my acne will be less triggered. Numbers are important to establish a baseline. I have never seen the advertisement of high-tech food-related products when looking at glycemic index/load, and there's quite a bit of research that details the relationship between acne and diet. I prefer not to go over those things here.
  3. So it's fairly easy to calculate the glycemic load of a food given its glycemic index. What if, however, you had two food items added together? Would their respective GL's be added to give the total glycemic load of the meal? Say, for instance (according to this table) you had two wheat tortillas (total GL of this is 16) and 150g of baked beans (GL = 6), would the total GL of this be 16 + 6 = 24? Or would it be the higher of the two GL's?
  4. Is it more effective to treat scars when they're recent?

    Something like this, though, is definitely going to leave a scar. I'll just ask my dermatologist.
  5. Is it more effective to treat scars when they're recent?

    I think it's kind of early to say what kind of scars they'll leave behind -- if experience is any indicator, at best, it'll just be the redness/hyperpigmentation, with some light scarring, but at worst it may leave boxcar scars. (Pic attached. Ignore the scar, it's from a cold sore I had recently.) Just curious -- where do you base the 6 month mark figure for trying something for the scars? Is it a general recommendation people give around here? Not to be obnoxious, I just think it's the first time I see this being recommended. I appreciate the suggestion though. It's weird that I can't seem to find information about this topic anywhere else on the net... so I'll just ask my dermatologist soon.
  6. Hello, I recently got the chance of being able to try out a scar-reducing procedure with a microneedling device known as the Dermapen. In general, though, is scar treatment more effective when the scars being treated are more fresh, so to speak, (e.g., 1 to 3 months) compared to treating them when they've aged (3+ months)? Would anyone know if the Dermapen would be more effective with scars that are recent compared to older scars?