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  1. Is it more effective to treat scars when they're recent?

    Something like this, though, is definitely going to leave a scar. I'll just ask my dermatologist.
  2. Is it more effective to treat scars when they're recent?

    I think it's kind of early to say what kind of scars they'll leave behind -- if experience is any indicator, at best, it'll just be the redness/hyperpigmentation, with some light scarring, but at worst it may leave boxcar scars. (Pic attached. Ignore the scar, it's from a cold sore I had recently.) Just curious -- where do you base the 6 month mark figure for trying something for the scars? Is it a general recommendation people give around here? Not to be obnoxious, I just think it's the first time I see this being recommended. I appreciate the suggestion though. It's weird that I can't seem to find information about this topic anywhere else on the net... so I'll just ask my dermatologist soon.
  3. Hello, I recently got the chance of being able to try out a scar-reducing procedure with a microneedling device known as the Dermapen. In general, though, is scar treatment more effective when the scars being treated are more fresh, so to speak, (e.g., 1 to 3 months) compared to treating them when they've aged (3+ months)? Would anyone know if the Dermapen would be more effective with scars that are recent compared to older scars?