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  1. How should I start tapering off lymecycline? Hello, I'm starting treatment of lymecycline after developing resistance to doxy, which I have taken as a temporary measure. I am aware that starting another antibiotic will put me in the exact position I am today -- relying on antibiotics for my skin health. I think there are other ways and as soon as I am done with the antibiotic my plan is to have a means of dealing with what's expected. In terms of what I can do when I start weaning off, here are some questions... . what ideas have you tried? What have your dermatologists/aestheticians recommended in similar situations? . what have you done in the following acne-combating fronts sebum reduction, skin cell turnover, anti-inflammation, antimicrobial? . what's likely to happen once I start weaning off lymecycline? . which of the four factors I listed above would be wisest to attack in this situation? . (I'm currently on tret, .025 nightly, considering upping it to .05.) . would be the best to attack, all other things being equal? For reference, I'm cross-posting this to . Quora . reddit More on this: . Tapering Off Doxycycline - How To Maintain Results?