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  1. acnepimples added a post in a topic Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne   

    a few years back this fucking boy in class said i don't wanna sit at your seat.......i might get your acne WTF
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  2. acnepimples added a post in a topic Dermatologists   

    i thought of being a dermatologist in the future....but i will be different i guess...i will be able to really understand what the patient is going through....
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  3. acnepimples added a blog entry in An ordinary girl oh wait she has acne   

    lalalala acne lalalala
    Well life hasn't been that wonderful when you suffer from acne. I suffered from back acne and face acne. I always don't understand why am i the unlucky one that had to suffer from acne while my friends have flawless skin....argggg i can't blame them for that....i miss swimming. Ever since i had back acne i don't even dare to show up in a swimming costume. Not to mention wearing tank tops, wearing a exposed dress during prom lol...well at least I have improvement in my acne situation..... Acne has ruined my life, but god put me through this for a good reason that I had yet to discover....cheer up guys
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  4. acnepimples added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    well kept on staring into the reflection at the train station to see if my face had became worse o.o
    well in the end kinda give up and stop staring...since you can't spot new ones you won't feel so bad! I feel really frustrated when a new one pop out and i keep on thinking about it...
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