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  1. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic I Healed My Scars (Or God Did) By Fasting   

    this post is bs.. and good for a lol

    I recommend to anyone that actually buys into this mumbo jumbo to fast for 3-4 days if you see improvement keep going LOL

    but if you pass out one day and get carried to the hostpital you'll know why...
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  2. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    good thread - haven't been on forums in forever... trying to not thing about this nonsense as much life is kind of short... anyways people keep posting dermarolling experience.. I myself haven't taken the plunge but if I did I would go for a .5 or something minimal to start and do it lightly and see how I respond and then go from there....

    anyways people please post responses to lilys questions also provide the core things we need to watch out for on how to heal properly... did you guys use antibiotic cream after? was there a lot of blood? how red did you get?

    Where did you guys buy your dermarollers? Where is the best place? I would like to know
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  3. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Ok...let's Talk Reflections   

    terrible feeling mirrors usually are good to me for the most part except a couple lightings/angles... mobile screen reflection is a mixed bag... worse is playing with reverse cam on iphone

    sometimes looks good and sometimes ugh... anyways acne scars sucks... and i've been battling this for a bit so i feel your pain for sure

    ps dont avoid mirrors and get on good product like tazorac or whatever to keep your acne improving and skin in general. i wish you good luck
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  4. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    good post - people please continue this.

    Bottom line - anyone that has done it and had enough time not doing it.

    IS DERMAROLLING Legit? Did results/effects stay....


    Did anyone f*** up by accident and make things worse? I think that's an important avenue to discuss.
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  5. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Never ending battle   

    dont listen to that F*** time your scarring is mild and you look good. Thats an honest answer from a cool cat brotha!

    dont listen to anyone that says otherwise. Seek mild shit

    btw microderm wouldnt do shit for you good or bad you are thinking of dermabrasion that has the serious risks. your scarring is localised and pitted and u ahve plenty of good skin too and u are getting girls. Dont listen to that shit bro.
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  6. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Never ending battle   

    now listen up bxplayboy.

    we have exchanged some nice messages before and i always liked your posts.

    I've looked at your pics carefully... your scarring is MILD.

    I mean that sincerely... it is not bad at all....

    I think you are freaking out over nothing. I have seen MUCH worse and I would take your skin over mine any day. Especailly over my right cheek I have a fucking line from my very first subcision and another line from my dermabrasion an area that appears hypopigmented or a little bit lower than surrounding skin and an area that appears a little darker than surrounding skin....

    If I showed a pic you would probably look at it and mainly notice the unevenness and say the scarring is moderate, which it may only be moderate but with the unevennness and other issues that I got FROM seeking out some invasive things like dermabrasion... I got FUCKED>

    My skin is even fucking heat sensitive in that area that is a little reddish /darker so it fucking looks worse when I am out or when I fucking workout or whatever...

    Now want to compare depression? If you are getting A** and girls on a regular basis like you said you are you should not be that depressed.... obviously your scarring isnt that bad man.

    Look at your pics its all localized and it isn't even that noticeable in anything but the harshest lighting.
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  7. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Dermal Grafting   

    please do research on SMD and don't just jump into it... go to and do some real research on the web.

    It is PERMANENT and damn near impossible to remove.

    Complications with SMD may be worse than complications with any other acne scar repair...
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  8. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Dermal Grafting   

    what is 'lancing' of the cysts?

    Did everyhing work out after they were lanced?

    How is your overall result now?

    SMD is permanent... and unremovable... what you got is way more natural... so I think you went the right route... and you say you got great improvement!
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  9. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Dermal Grafting   

    well silicone microdroplets have their own risks as well....

    People need to understand the permanent nature of the procedure before proceeding forward.

    Also, it is near impossible to ever remove silicone microdroplets if something goes wrong.

    Out of curiosity have the dermal grafts helped you? I think what you are referring to is not a true dermal graft, but may still qualify.

    How did you combat the cysts you developed?

    Have you gotten anything else done?
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  10. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Dermal Grafting   

    dermal grafting is generally more for burn victims is what the consensus is...

    It is interesting.,.. but I think for most dermatologists or surgeons it is a challenge for acne scars because it is very difficult to make the skin blend in and a lot of times the new skin can even be rejected...

    It is no easy thing to accomplish. Do some in-depth research on the web about it.

    I think it is possible with someone who is extremely skilled.

    Ultimately you would need a dermal graft, adn then probably a laser or dermabrasion of surrounding area to make it blend once the skin is accepted.

    But then again this is all a huge challenge and should only be done with the utmost care in the best and most careful of hands. JMHO
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  11. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic I need your suggestions.   

    you should read the in-depth rolling guides... most of the people I have read only roll every 4-6 weeks with a 1.5mm.

    Best of luck.
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  12. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic users, stop blindly listening to other member's advice   

    another thing to consider is whether that persons skin and history is anything like yours, if not odds are their specific success may or may not apply to you.

    Skin is something with many variables and complications.... especially something as sensitive as facial skin.

    It is agreeable that many doctors are not giving person to person specific advice, thereby resulting in people rushing into treatments and/or being dissatisfied.

    When treating your skin, your own research should ALWAYS be done and care should be taken... from doctors and fellow posters.

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  13. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Fraxel Repair and Deep FX Laser Poll   

    well give it time. Subcision isn't over night whether you want to believe it or not. Results are realized at around 4-6 month mark...

    I think tazorac also helped the improvement of my subcision after a few weeks began using it...

    Good luck in your healing and journey.
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  14. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic Fraxel Repair and Deep FX Laser Poll   

    ylem, is deep fx similar to fraxel repair? Are they one in the same?

    How strong of settings did you get?

    Your redness is near gone?

    Do you have pinkness?

    Do your scars look 'different'?

    The scars from subcision should have a bit of an odd bumpy texture for a couple months then smooth out and lift at 3-4 month mark and then improve at around 5-6 months and so on...

    The combo with subcision and fraxel probably makes for a different type of healing process and probably helps the edges remodel better and form newer looking skin.

    Keep us updated!
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  15. sportsguy23 added a post in a topic think twice about laser   

    stay out of the sun, take care of your skin. Your healing time will be long until your skin normalizes.

    I'm post dermabrasion 10 months still healing... much better at 8-10 month mark. My guess is that you will take around that long to look more "normal" again.

    For a lot of people that undergo ablative lasers and dermabrasion there is dissappointment. It is extremely doctor dependent and requires utmost skill.

    You can't rewind time. Accept it, take care of yourself now and take care of your emotions and rent a lot of movies while you stay in on those sunny Best of luck to you. Patience.
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