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    I know blocked pores can become annoying. but hey man be grateful, at least you don't have any actual acne!!
  2. My 1 Month Paleo Diet Results! With Pictures

    technically yes, it is a meat product and that is fair game for paleo. However I wouldn't suggest much of it for other health reasons :)
  3. Hey there, thanks for sharing. I know from personal experience that acne can be a horrible confidence killer. I was in the same position last year - it even forced me to take some time off from college. I also know that saying that really isn't helpful - but just know you are not alone. do you have any photos of your skin? it might be helpful for us to give you advice. One thing I notice is that you are putting an awful lot of products on your skin. One of the biggest things that helped me was actually cutting out a lot of products and focusing more on internal health. there's a wealth of info out there on holistic healing so it might help to spend some time looking at that stuff. good luck and try to keep your head up