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  1. Torture

    do you have a new routine you'd like to try now or do you plan on just letting your skin adjust to coming off the regimen?
  2. AHA+ question

    yes you can incorporate it into your own regimen. I'd read up on the regimen and see where you'd like to add AHA into yours, see if they overlap. I emphasize baby steps when using it because it can, at least for me, cause irritation in the beginning.
  3. almost 8 months and still not clear..

    After 8 months I'd say try another regimen unfortunately. I've been finding results using a SA cleanser and AHA/moisturizer afterwards. I hope you find something that works for you
  4. One month into regimen

    Hm, rub it in well and let it sink in before going outside?
  5. Need some advice about antibiotics

    I don't recommend antibiotics, I was on them twice and it cleared me and the acne came right back afterwards. It's a very temporary fix. You're aware that antibiotics effect bcp effectiveness? What kind of topicals do you use? I was on birth control for 4 years before, and came off it and ended up getting bad acne, I waited a year to see if I'd balance out. Nope. Though I was never clear on bcp, it did help. I ended up going back on it after the year. It's been about a year being back on it, and my skin is doing better.
  6. almost 8 months and still not clear..

    have you followed the regimen to the letter? any modifications? do you use jojoba oil to balance out flakiness? - what other methods have you tried in the past?