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  1. Accutane Isurance coverage?

    call the # on the back of your card and see if they can tell you
  2. Not great, I am still keeping up with my regimen and I was doing well but now I'm bad again. It's the same roller coaster as ten years ago. To top off my frustration I'm the healthiest I've ever been, eating well, just about only water, exercise and my acne is still there - so I'll always be skeptical of what causes it because I've done it all [almost].
  3. I also moisturize with the regimen moisturizer and then put some jojoba on my hands and pat it on my face, it's definitely helped with flakes/dryness.
  4. Hair Loss By Benzoyl Peroxide

    I don't think bp would cause your hair to fall out? The only effect I am familiar with is bleaching. Not that I'm a scientist or expert, but I put it on my face and still have facial hair. I'd give it some time to grow back and see. That'd be really wild if it did cause it. Hope it returns to its normalcy.
  5. is it ok to finish accutane 9 days early?

    Have your asked your derm?