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  1. Geeking added a post in a topic Finding Time For The Regimen   

    Unless you're like me and it takes about 20-30 minutes to get up and leave the house, adding extra time is necessary haha I literally sit and wait for bp to dry. ><
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  2. Geeking added a post in a topic Worries And Wonders About Regimen   

    The only way you know is if you try. You will likely get red, dry, flaky maybe but you have to take baby steps with it so those effects aren't so extreme and make any sort of adjustments you feel are necessary (example: using a thicker moisturizer at night, etc). Wish you luck and let us know how it goes!
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  3. Geeking added a post in a topic Moved To New State, Acne Flare Up   

    has anything else changed? your eating habits?, changing of pillow cases? etc?
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  4. Geeking added a post in a topic Best Ways To Remove Makeup That Does Not Involve Wipes?   

    I haven't tried it yet, but jojoba oil can be used as a makeup remover.
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  5. Geeking added a post in a topic Acne Mechanica And The Regimen   

    I've been thinking, once I get my current breakouts under control - of using a mask once in a while. Does anyone?
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  6. Geeking added a post in a topic Acne Mechanica And The Regimen   

    Isn't that particular scrub really harsh? - or am I confusing it with another. I used to use it waaaay back and I found it really rough, unless it's changed.
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  7. Geeking added a post in a topic Accutane Causes Cancer In 5-20 Years?   

    Moved to Prescription Acne Medications
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  8. Geeking added a post in a topic The Regamine   

    If you like it better you're more than welcome to, but it's always good to really check the ingredients. has a list of bad ingredients. Another thing is the moisturizer has jojoba oil so that's an added bonus that most do not have.
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  9. Geeking added a post in a topic Questions   

    You never know unless you try it, it has worked wonders for many many people.
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  10. Geeking added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I hope everyone is doing the best they can.

    I have been under a lot of stress and haven't maintained the regimen as best as I could, though I'm trying to get back into it, so I've taken quite a few steps back and my skin looks .. err not so great sadly. So I'm a bit bummed but everything else is good so I should focus on that. Or try.
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  11. Geeking added a post in a topic Can Drinking Water Help My Acne   

    Try drinking only water and see what happens. We all read different things about water intake, and how much, obviously water is the best thing to drink. I just about drink only water aside from teh occasional soda or tea - and my skin doesn't look amazing, like articles may say. But it won't hurt to try, well just don't drink A TON in a day because you could get sick.
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  12. Geeking added a post in a topic Dryness Consistency?   

    Are you applying a good amount of moisturizer? When I started the dryness was fairly consistent. I usually use more moisturizer than bp [ex: 1 pump bp, 1.5 pump moisturizer]
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  13. Geeking added a post in a topic Red Bump Green Head   

    I've had my share of those in the past, I try and leave it to heal on it's own but if it's really painful and I have to be somewhere I pop it with an extractor and ice it if I can. I'd definitely try to avoid popping it, and if you do use a proper tool if you can. Maybe a warm compress could gently make it pop on it's own.
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  14. Geeking added a post in a topic Moisturizer Finished   

    moisturizer is key! I wouldn't skip it at all. How much bp are you using at this point?
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  15. Geeking added a post in a topic 15 Weeks Of Regimen: No Significant Improvement. Should I Move To Paula's Choice?   

    if you feel you need to switch your routine, go for it. If it were me, I'd simplify my routine as much as possible before implementing any new product, and then giving each product a fair amount of time before deciding whether it'll work [3-4 months].

    how much AHA did you use the 8th week?
    the first week using too much BP isn't an ideal start, maybe you want to try again with a small amount and work your way up. I know for me, I started small but increased too quickly and had a lot of redness and basically started over. If I'm frank, though I did follow the directions, I had to make my own modifications for my own sensitivity.
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