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  1. I'm bitter. I've had acne since I was about 12/13, now I'll be 27 this year. I've had very brief, veeery brief times of decent skin [not clear mind you] through a combination of ways that didn't last. Here I am now, still struggling very much and y'know what? I am seeing wrinkles, in the places where I'd heavily break out, and apply creams. No, not just dry patches, wrinkles. So I went from acne out the wahzoo to aging along with. No nice skin times for me. It makes me angry, I can't deny it. Hell in 10 years, how will I look then??
  2. Don't signify the holidays based on your skin and how bad/worse it is. I know that's difficult, but hey you made it through another year! - what other things have you accomplished? did you finish another year/semester of school? Did you finally learn that hobby? did you keep up a daily routine? things big and small, use those to signify the ending of the year not the condition of your skin, something that really can't be helped for almost everyone with acne, yknow?
  3. Acne Dysmorphia

    have you considered seeing a counselor or a therapist to discuss these issues?
  4. It depends on how you feel about your skin at this point. For me when I was at my lowest of the low I went to a dermatologist and was put on a topical and antibiotics and I got worse before I got better. You have to take everything with a grain of salt, you won't know if what they offer will work for you or if it will take months to see any result. Usually if you get on any oral treatment there will be an IB (initial breakout). you won't get a miracle cure, most likely. There is no miracle cure. If you find something that works you will have to keep up with it, let's be real - and down the line it may stop working. Skin care is weird. If you do go in I really hope something works for you and you end up with a result you're happy with.
  5. I concur with the others, take it slow and in build up in amount. If anything add jojoba oil, I find that helps a lot.
  6. How badly do I need to avoid water?

    At night, do it before bed. In the morning do it when you wake up either before you eat or after. As far as avoiding water, once it's absorbed you don't need to worry about it coming off or anything.
  7. Should I take antibiotics?

    I don't recommend antibiotics. I was on them twice and sure they helped but my acne always came back and I didn't like the fact that I was taking antibiotics when I wasn't actually ill. Theyre only a temporary fix.
  8. sending good vibes to everyone,,,,