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  1. I always dread really long wait times in an over-crowded waiting room and then waiting for the doctor in check-room for another 20 minutes. Not the end of the world but kind of like going to DMV or something. I've also once went to a doctor that had no wait-times and a policy of never over-booking. So I want to know people's opinions: Does a doctor that over-books and make you wait a sign of his/her poor ability/treatments and/or bedside manner? Thanks...
  2. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    Yeah, time to do a bit of research. It's hard to gauge the skill involved in tca cross and deciding if delivery by syringe vs. toothpick technique is better. Thanks for the info.
  3. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    I wonder if TCA CROSS is mostly used by Cosmetic Derms/surgeons and not so much by Plastic Surgeons. I have two scars and a large pore and I would like to see if TCA CROSS can help.
  4. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    @beautifulambition Wow. Nice FAQ! How did you come to trust the doctors listed in the FAQ? Thanks.