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  1. ospray added a post in a topic Acne after stopping birth control pills   

    Wow...it is amazing to see everyone's similar stories. Of course I have my own version: I've been on the pill (ortho tri-cyclen) since approx. 16 and I am 23 now (so 7 years). Last year I decided I wanted to quit the pill for various reasons, but nearly as soon as I did I BROKE OUT like never before (face, back, and chest...I never had to deal with body acne before)! It was awful! I waited it out for 3 months hoping things would get better, and when they didn't I went back on the pill. About 4 or 5 months later I am JUST back to a manageable skin state.

    I still would prefer to leave the pill behind. It completely kills my sex drive, which is frustrating for my husband and I. BUT I do not think I can deal with the breakouts again (and they may never go away without the pill?). If anyone has advice or if you were able to successfully wean off the pill without massive breakouts please let me know!
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  2. ospray added a post in a topic Name Change   

    Based on the last two replies, the only people getting worked up are the people here who seem to be on the defense because some of us want discreet packaging.

    I like my privacy, and I don't need to explain what products I use for anything: be it a fungal treatment, a hair treatment, whatever. I do not live in a big house with LOTS of cabinet space to put away my products so unfortunately for me I do not get to stash my ACNE.org bottles away.

    I know and I am sure others know and have thought up ways around the issue, but making a request for an alternative packaging is a fair opinion to express and shouldn't receive so much backlash.

    Why are you trying to advertise the fact that you are treating acne? I don't feel anyone needs to know about any sort of medical or personal condition I am addressing unless I want to share the information. And that is a personal choice I am allowed to make.
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  3. ospray added a post in a topic Name Change   

    I have to agree that ACNE on the label is a little too pronounced. It would be nice to have something a little more discreet!
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  4. ospray added a post in a topic quick question   

    I like blotting sheets, but sometimes my face feels really grimy so I do just splash on water and pat it off with a towel. It hasn't been a problem for me, but it might depend on your skin.
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  5. ospray added a post in a topic Tea Tree and Glycerin soap?   

    Shoppers definitely has Tea Tree Oil (there is some in the acne product section too, usually tucked in on one of the bottom shelves) and you can also get it at The Body Shop.

    I got some TTO cleanser from The Body Shop because a friend of mine loves it, but it didn't improve my skin (plus the smell was TERRIBLE).
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  6. ospray added a post in a topic I had myself castrated (partially because of acne)   

    I'm sorry people are putting you down for it, but it seems understandable why one would want to be castrated...I just could never imagine doing such a thing to myself (if I was male)!

    Good luck.
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  7. ospray added a post in a topic DRY SKIN, LOOKING FOR OILY MOSTERIZER   

    wow, now I am curious of the difference. It looks like the second one is actually just a general skin moisturizer but a lot of people seem to use in on their face. If you look at the reviews at drugstore.com the skin moisturizer got a much better rating than the face moisturizer. I think the problem with the face moisturizer is the added sunscreen which some people have a reaction to and which also leaves a 'sheen' on your face that a lot confuse with greasyness.
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  8. ospray added a post in a topic For Dan...   

    I think I'm at the 2 month mark I know a couple weeks ago when I was probably where you are at I was getting frustrated because of a few breakouts still occuring but it looks like if you keep at it they go away
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  9. ospray added a topic in The Acne.org Regimen   

    For Dan...
    I hope I am not celebrating too early, but I just need to give you a HUGE thank you because I have been clear now for a few weeks thanks to your Regimen It is amazing, I'd kiss you if I could.

    I wasn't even going to try it, but every time I did a seach for some way to control my acne your site kept popping up. I wasn't going to try it because I had used BP before but the problem was that I used it as a spot treatment and obviously that wasn't preventing anything new (silly me).

    I think I am still nervous though because I wake up every morning expecting a new spot (as the case used to be) but so far I haven't been disappointed.

    At any rate, thank you If there's anything at all I can do for you just let me know.

    Oh, and a little shout out for delna who convinced me to try baking soda with my cleanser which I think made the last bit of difference. I will go thank her now.

    hm, oh, and thanks to the great people on the boards who gave out help and answered questions
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  10. ospray added a post in a topic What moisturizer do you use?   

    thanks for all the advice, I think I will add some aloe gel to my healthy skin cream until I can use it up and try something new.

    jrock - you use hand cream? and it doesn't break you out?
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  11. ospray added a topic in Store brand Regimen supplies   

    What moisturizer do you use?
    I need a solution to my flakiness that is available in Canada
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  12. ospray added a post in a topic All the Fuss--I end it now   

    I don't believe he is trying to pose as an MD, or dermatologist, or anything of that sort...he is merely sharing an experience that worked for him.
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