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  1. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    I think side effects to silicone happen, but I do trust my dermatologist. He is 74 years old and has been using silicone since 1979. He has it in his own face. If he had a significant number of patients with complications, I think he would stop using it. I've also read about Artefill and Bellafill complications, so I'm not really convinced they are safer. this is one doctor's opinion on silicone and bellafill:
  2. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    I've read about all of these risks, but I do wonder if the complications are usually the result of impure silicone injections or injections done by nonphysicians. My doctor is very experienced with silicone and said using the laser and infini will be ok. He has not injected much into my skin. The doctor warning me against it uses Bellafill as a filler, which is much newer and to me seems possibly riskier.
  3. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    I would say it was moderate, although I absolutely couldn't stand it. I have rolling scars and a few boxcars. It has improved to the point where I'm not really bothered by seeing myself in adverse lighting. my confidence and body image is much better. I can still see imperfections, but I have to look more closely and they're not as bad as they were. But given how well Infini seems to perform, I wish I could just try that without worrying that it could interact with the silicone. That technology just didn't exist when I started doing the silicone. I have had scarring since 2001 and started doing the silicone in 2012. other treatments like TCA peels and the pixel laser didn't help much.
  4. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    I'm starting to wish I never got the silicone, although it has greatly improved my last ~5 years.
  5. Has anyone here had Infini Radiofrequency or any type of laser done after having silicone microdroplet injections? My dermatologist that did the microdroplets recommended a fractionated laser to reduce some of the superficial scarring I still have. So I went for a consultation with a local dermatologist, and she recommended Infini and Fraxel Restore. But after doing some research of doctors who use Infini, one of them is advising against both Infini and any type of laser if you have silicone in your skin. He thinks it could excite an immune response to the silicone, like a granuloma. I'm not sure how he knows this would be a risk. I have called a couple of other doctors who said it is ok to use the Infini after silicone. I'm not sure what I want to do... be happy with the improvement I have and not risk it, or possibly really improve further with Infini.