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  1. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    ABG: No fruit, just veges. I'm going pretty strict on the low carb thing for candida, so no fruits at all. Mostly just basic greens with some ginger and such.
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  2. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    I'd just like to mention something I've noticed with my smoothies as a possibility for others looking for an interesting texture. I was on smoothies regularly a year ago when clearing my facial acne. I'm now back on them to fight candida (to clear body acne). Since I'm having garlic cloves in my shakes, controlling the flavor is pretty important.

    I've found that if you mix psyllium husks (super high fiber) with a dash of olive oil in your smoothy, instead of the frothy, bubbly liquid I used to get, you instead get what is a kind of drinkable jelly. To get this effect in a decent sized smoothy (1 large handful vegetables, some ginger, garlic, etc) you need 1.5-2 tablespoons of psyllium.

    I find this texture preferrable - though strange to drink, it kills the flavor a -lot- and also cuts out the strange green froth I sometimes get on top of my smoothies.

    Hope that's of interest
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  3. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic Stop looking in the mirror   

    I actually picked this habit up when my face was really bad - I don't look in any mirrors when I'm out of the house. There's no point, and it just makes me stress. If I don't know I have acne, I act like I don't, which makes me much more confident likable.

    These days it's not an issue so much, but I still have an aversion to mirrors. I find that when I go to the bathroom to wash my face I turn the bathroom light off and just use ambient light from the hallway. This way I can see myself but any small spots don't show up and worry me (or cause me to pick them)
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  4. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic Success Compilation Thread   

    Would it be possible to have my log thread added? I have before/after photos there (throughout the thread) with the after photos showing me 100% clear from holistic methods only.

    Thread here:
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  5. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Hey to all greensmoothians - I haven't posted for a while because things have mostly been good for me I thought I'd post the before/after shots I promised when I started green smoothies so people can have some evidence of effectiveness. The difference here is over about 80-90 days of vege smoothies.

    As you can see a lot of redness and bumpiness got taken away.
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  6. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic Face clear but body holding out on me   

    hey, so I thought my chest was getting better, but after more than 2 weeks on high fiber cereal I still have bad skin over most of my body. I stopped the green smoothies/cod liver oil/probiotics 10 days ago, because I never had this kind of body acne until about 3 months ago, which is about 3-4 weeks after I started a tonne of supplements. I figure since my whole body + face was clear before with only minor supplements (taurine, some fish oil, and some b vitamins) then I really don't need all these vitamins and it seems like the only explanation for the inflamed body acne is that I'm reacting to something I've added. My diet is the same as it was before the body acne now, so I dont think that's it.

    My arms and shoulders are still pretty bad after the ten days though. I think I broke out from sunscreen or a short holiday I took, but I would have expected some improvement overall if it was any of the supplements I took out.

    The remaining supps I have yet to take out are 500mg vitamin c, 200 mcg chromium, and 45 mg zinc. I don't suppose anyone on this forum has ever had a bad reaction to any of those, so I might get an idea of which one's causing it. Otherwise I think I'll remove them all and just see what happens. I'm tired of dealing with this unprecedented body acne when my face is all but clear.
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  7. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic Face clear but body holding out on me   

    I'm a 20 year old male. If it's hormones, why is my face almost totally clear while my back is going crazier than ever?

    The smoothies have cucumber, mint, parsley, spinach, and celery in them, but the body breakouts started before the smoothies.

    Right now I'm wondering if they resulted from a drop in fiber in my diet when I switched cereals, I've calculated that before I'd be getting 30-40 grams of fiber at breakfast whereas more recently I'd be getting about 10 at most. Switching back to the high fiber to see if that helps, but this really has me stumped.
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  8. ThatPrimalGuy added a topic in Back/Body/Neck acne   

    Face clear but body holding out on me
    Hey all, I just wanted to ask a few questions of you all and get some ideas about why my back/chest/arms are holding out on me when my face is clear.

    My face has always been the focal point for my breakouts, with some pimples on my shoulders etc. But in my latest breakout which got my forehead pretty bad my entire body (neck, back, abdomen (which has never happened before) and arms) got pretty bad. Now I've been treating it holistically (green smoothies, supplements) and my face is pretty much 100% clear. However my body, espescially my back, has stayed fairly bad so far, and I'm wondering why.

    Topically, I use baking soda and ACV on my face and a dove soap on my body, could this be the reason for the difference? The body pimples are quite painful and large in places, almost like a reaction to something, but I can't think of anything dietary that could be the reason. Is it possible that I've stopped the cause of my acne but my body is taking far longer to heal than my face because I don't use acv on my body?

    Would appreciate any insight you all may have
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  9. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    gMaria: Pizza is probably the food I miss most though strangely enough I'm not sure it actually breaks me out - I just haven't tested it yet.. oh how I hope it doesn't.

    As for blenders, mines something called a Kenwood multi-pro. It does a fairly good job of reducing my salad smoothies into green juice, though it can be a bit thick since I usually don't blend for more than 40 seconds.
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  10. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    SMT, if you're mostly worried about comedones and "rough" skin, I'd definately give the smoothie route a try. Before going on the smoothies I had really rough-looking bumpy skin over the upper parts of my face. While I haven't completely gotten rid of whiteheads yet, after 2 months of smoothies my skin is completely smooth now. Definitely a big improvement to be had, espescially if you're not someone who gets a lot of vegetable matter to begin with.
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  11. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Thought I'd chuck up a photo to give an idea of where i'm at with the improvement since today's photo is the best yet :

    Edit: sorry for the high res, that's just how my camera is set up
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  12. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Yeah I go for the all vegetable smoothies because I can't trust any fruit not to break me out lol, as far as I can tell apples and lemons at least both break me out.

    First I chop up 2 celery sticks, then 2/5ths of a cucumber, then a few small sprigs of parsley, chop up like 10 mint leaves or so, and then dump in 2 handfuls of spinach or silverbeet. Pour in 3 cups of water and about 10 ice cubes and blend till its a smooth green color.
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  13. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    I only really eat meat at dinner - theres almost always some kind of meat in that meal, though I'm unsure whether I would eat a lot of meat relative to most people. From checking out some info on taurine it's depleted in people who exercise a lot (which I do) and also apparently is depleted by food intolerance reactions (which i'm unsure about). I'm taking the high end of the daily recommended dosage, about 2500 mg's a day, spread into once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It seems to have had effects such as faster healing and smoother skin, and I have reason to suspect it's helped me before (taurine's in energy drinks, and the only time I ever drank those over a sustained period was last summer)
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  14. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Hey again, thought I'd check in

    Still doing the vege only smoothies, I've found that it's best to add ice if you're not having any fruit because it avoids getting a weird kind of vegetable "foam" on top of the smoothie which is kind of gross. They're also better with more mint and less parsley - But now that I've done that I've gotten quite used to the vege-only smoothies, though I don't think anyone not dedicated would be drinking them for pleasure, hah.

    I've been off fruit for 3 weeks and on taurine powder for 1 week and I'm seeing quite good results, my face looks way better in today's photo than a month ago. Totally lost the redness/oiliness/bumpiness that drove my to change my diet in the first place, which is a big win, and since going on taurine my forehead has improved dramatically (nothing new in 2 days). The only bad note is that over the last few days my neck and arms got kind of bad, but I attribute that to several super late nights in a row dealing with christmas stuff etc. Quite hopeful at the moment and my skin's better to the point where it doesn't bug me in social situations which is rather nice.

    Loving this thread ^^
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  15. ThatPrimalGuy added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    Yes, fructose has it's own issues outside of the usual insulin issues. I'm keeping a zero fruit policy until I'm 100% sure that it's working, and then I'll probably go back to the balanced fruits like bananas, stone fruits, etc. Not planning on living a life without fruit hah.
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