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  1. Just had subcision - documenting w/ photos!

    Hi! Somehow I ended up in your threads. Subcision does not correct pigmentation. It helps with scar tissue to help raise dented scars. No help with pigment unfortunately.
  2. Picosure, fraxel duo, or other?

    Hi. I'm. It sure if you e already done the Fraxel, but my advice is to never do laser treatments for acne scars. Total waste of money. I've had many laser treatments.. Including Fraxel. Huge waste of money and time.
  3. Desperately searching for truly non comedogenic eye cream and anti aging products. I have tried different eye wrinkle products recommended or sold by different dermatologists. I break out after using them. I even break out from using Cetaphil. I'm almost 37. I am now starting to see the effects of not using anti aging products..yet, I still break out in pimples. Desperate for non comedogenic, non/ greasy anti aging products. Thank you!!