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  1. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Accutane Users: How Long Until You Noticed Oil Reduction?   

    Ok thanks guys.
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  2. jjj333kkk2 added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Accutane Users: How Long Until You Noticed Oil Reduction?
    Hey guys,

    For those taking Accutane, how long did it take before you noticed on your face a significant oil reduction, or other dryness symptoms?

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  3. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Any Way To Reverse Accutane Side Effects? (Mainly Balding)   

    What kind of hairloss are you experiencing? Is it in the typical male pattern baldness pattern, or is distributed all over the scalp? To confirm the hairloss yourself, do something called the "hair pull test" (you can Google it).

    Have you been taking low-dose Accutane for the past 1.5 years? What is the cumulative dose of Accutane you've taken so far?

    Random supplements you've thought of or have been recommended to you via broscience aren't going to do anything to stop the hairloss. The first thing you need to do is go to a dermatologist or doctor who specializes in hair and properly confirm you are getting hairloss and what type of loss it is (there are many different kinds).

    I don't know the specific mechanism by which Accutane causes hairloss, but very generally speaking the hairloss has been caused by some kind of shock Accutane has given your body. People get hairloss all the time due to all kinds of shocks, e.g. childbirth, depression, etc. There's a pretty common occurrence of hairloss on this site from people who do long-term overdoses of vitamin B5. I doubt there is any solution but to wait for your body to correct the problem in its own time. Just don't take anymore Accutane.

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  4. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic It Turns Out Weather Was A Huge Part Of My Acne   

    Haha, I don't think it's that simple. Besides, all the medications I use are quite drying.

    Anyways, this isn't working. I've drank a liter of milk, and eaten ice cream and cheese pizza and all I've gotten is one tiny pimple. This is honestly ridiculous.

    Time for plan B: use TCA to dot my face to create red spots. I'll present them as erythema left over from the acne. My face will be completely flat, but at least it won't be clear. Anyone got any better ideas?
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  5. jjj333kkk2 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    It Turns Out Weather Was A Huge Part Of My Acne
    I don't believe this. I spent the last 7 months devoting my full energy to doing everything I could to solve my minor, but very persistent, acne problem. A very strict diet (no milk products / high-glycemic load foods). I cycled through all the retinoids (tretinion, tazarotene). Nothing worked out. I was going CRAZY. I decided finally that it was time to go on Accutane.

    The past several weeks I've noticed that I haven't been getting any acne. I'm completely clear. My derm appointment is in two days, and I have to convince him to give me Accutane, so I've gone off my medication and have been drinking milk by the boatload. But so far, no luck - I'm still completely clear. It seems to be the dryness of winter which has cleared me. If this was the summer, I'd have about a dozen cysts by now based on the amount of milk I've drunk. I've always suspected there was some sort of correlation between my acne and the weather, but now I've confirmed it. Another piece of the puzzle has been discovered.

    I still have to go on Accutane, though. All of my acne problems will just return when winter is over. I just hope I can give myself a few juicy pimples before my derm appointment this Monday. But I find this situation ironic. For the past half-year I've wanted nothing more then to be clear. Now I'm clear... and I'm trying to give myself acne.
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  6. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Retin-A Gel Available   

    To Avada: There isn't any need for insults.

    OP, are you in the UK? It is my understanding that Retin-A was discontinued there specifically, but it is still available in other countries. I'm very curious to know why it has been discontinued there.

    I'll assume you are in the UK. Your best bet is to buy tretinoin in another brand, or the generic version. If you were using regular Retin-A, it won't make a difference. If you were using Retin-A Micro, then another version probably won't have microsphere properties and might irritate your skin a bit more. I'd be shocked if all tretinoin medication was discontinued in the UK.

    Another option is to purchase Retin-A through an online pharmacy.

    Unfortunately, it's illegal to do a trade or sell the medication yourself.

    You obviously shouldn't accept medication that has been expired. It most likely has lost its therapeutic properties, and might even be dangerous.
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  7. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Retin A Initial Breakout   

    I had been using 0.04% Retin-A Micro gel for 4 months before I switched to 0.1% Tazorac gel. The previous use of tretinion definitely helps prepare your skin for the tazarotene. Both chemicals have similar mechanisms of action.

    I found the Tazorac ridiculously effective, and results came within days. Using Retin-A Micro I found I would get a lot of whiteheads that would stay put for weeks or months unless I popped them, but simply applying the Tazaroc would make them go away within days (without popping). Tazarotene is supposed to be a more effective retinoid overall than tretinoin, and is supposed to be especially effective for non-inflammatory acne.

    A good piece of advice I'll give for tazarotene is to seriously use only a pea-sized amount (or not much more) for the entire face. My face was used enough to the Retin-A Micro that by the end I was putting huge gobs of it on and not getting any irritation. I tried that with the Tazorac... my face got super beet red. So take it slow to begin.
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  8. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Retin A Initial Breakout   

    Try moving up to 0.1% Retin-A Micro gel or a 0.1% tazarotene gel. 0.04% Retin-A Micro wasn't strong enough for me, but I got completely clear with 0.1% tazarotene.

    I imagine derms will prescribe isotretinoin for less-than-severe acne, as long as you show that you've tried basically all other medications and the acne still persists.

    If you find that the severity of your acne flucates despite being on a constant regimen, then there is probably some other factor affecting your skin. I'd say it is almost certainly your diet. Try to find a correlation between acne and certain foods. The most common triggers are animal milk and foods that raise your blood sugar level very quickly.

    If you stop using a retinoid, then it won't take long until your skin assumes its pre-retinoid state.
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  9. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Retin A Initial Breakout   

    Tretinoin breaks down in visible light, and quite quickly. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2971693 If you applied Retin-A in the mornings, then it wasn't doing anything. If you want to apply a retinoid during the day, then you need to use adapalene, which apparently doesn't break down in visible light.

    What concentration of Retin-A is it? Cream or gel? 3 months is more than enough time to figure out if a medication is working. But definitely don't give up on retinoids just yet. Rather, I would either use a stronger concentration, and/or move up to tazarotene. A gel will give you better absorption over a cream.
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  10. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Switching From Tazorac .05% To Retin-A Micro .1%, Adult Acne   

    I'm curious as to why he switched you from tazoratene to tretinoin, and didn't just up the taz concentration to 0.1%. Taz is supposed to be the stronger retinoid. Studies show it is more effective on non-inflammatory leisons than tretinoin (for inflammatory they are supposedly the same).

    You should not be applying anything with any retinoid. It will interfere with absorption. Retinoids also tend to be pretty unstable. For example, BP, AHAs and many wavelengths of light (including visible) all deactivate retinoid molecules (which is why you only apply the retinoid at night). It may not like what's in your moisturizer.

    Well, good luck.
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  11. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Hyperpigmentation Or Scarring?   

    The dark red color is hyperpigmentation. It should eventually go away, but it could take years without treatment.

    It's impossible to tell from these pictures, but I'd bet you also have some atrophic scarring also. Probably ice picks. But the scars will be colorless.
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  12. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Dent In Nose After Tca Peel   

    Hey, thanks for responding.

    Can I ask you exactly how long until it started to fill in? Not how long until it was spotless, but just how long it took until you started to see progress in healing.

    It's been 10 days and I haven't noticed much progress, except that the dent may have gotten
    a tiny bit shallower. But it is still red and... there. If I haven't noticed any significant progress by the end of the week I'll have to go to the doctor for a prognosis.

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  13. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Dent In Nose After Tca Peel   

    Yah well :/

    I actually have done a few TCA peels in the past, but I was taking time off for this one and I had to go back tommorrow and I still had this strip of brown skin on my nose tip and... well... Plus I will admit I have picked before and nothing bad has ever come of it. I guess the nose tip is just a sensitive place.

    Lessons for those using TCA:
    1. (Don't pick)
    2. Don't use a higher % concentration than you need to. I was doing fine with 18% and for some stupid reason upgraded to 24%, and instead of the nice relaxing peel that has 1 week of downtime I had a horror that still hasn't fully healed even after over 2 weeks. And no, the results haven't been any better.
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  14. jjj333kkk2 added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Dent In Nose After Tca Peel
    So I did a TCA peel, and some days after there was a piece of scabbed skin on the very tip of my nose, so I STUPIDLY picked at it. The scab came off but so did a layer or two of flesh, and now there is a dent (a shallow rolling-scar-like dent) on the tip of my nose.

    It's not really that deep, but it's noticeable, and quite red at the moment. Does anyone know: did I pull out only skin or also nose cartilage (I know cartilage doesn't regenerate)?

    Anybody had anything like this happen to them before? How well did it heal?

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  15. jjj333kkk2 added a post in a topic Alternatives to B.P   

    Tea tree oil.
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