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  1. SubState added a post in a topic Started Getting Oily At 22 - What?! Also, Rate My New Regimen Please?   

    Ok bryan prepare to be testimonialized against.

    I can definitely say that for me washing my face less frequently with soap/facewash has caused a dramatic decrease in sebum production. Whenever I wash my face with face wash my face will become shiny and really really greasy after a couple of hours, like little droplets forming inside pores and forming hard plugs. Last month I've tried not washing as frequently (from daily washing to once or twice a week). The same schedule holds for shampooing, from daily or every other to once/twice a week. I notice my skin is a lot softer and feels more hydrated. I don't feel greasy at the end of the day, only on days when I do wash with soap/face wash. I don't know if it's due to the moisturizer or not washing but if I don't moisturize after washing my face it gets too dry and flaky.

    However, I did this for one month only, so I need to stick with it for a while longer. But if it continues like this I can definitely say that externally applied (OTC) products can influence the amount of sebum the skin produces in some people, including me.
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  2. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    Hey guys just wanted to give you a quick update. I've been very well lately, I don't care half as much about my nose as I used to. Still difficult sometimes, especially when i'm close to someone in bad lighting but sooo much better on the whole.

    Berrynose i have a large nose as well, personally I don't think a nosejob will help, my father has a small nose and you can see the pores really good on him as well. Try seeing a shrink first, it really helped me (see below)!

    What I've done that contributed to this improved state of mind:
    1) I've changed to products without SLS or parabens (tea tree face wash and shampoo) and I notice a lot less oil on my nose/face (however it's a bit dry now, so sometimes after washing I moisturize with jojoba oil) and my head is not itchy. I use it once every 2.5 days on average, the other days I just wash with water.
    2) I exercise a lot, go running all the time in the morning before school.
    3) I've decided to give up this website or internet searching for so-called remedies and products that would only cost me precious time and money.
    4) I've been (keeping myself) busy with school and hobbies.
    5) I've been going to a psychologist to talk about the problems I had with my nose the last couple of months. I'll probably meet her only once more, she said that I really progressed and that further therapy would be a waste of money (she's so nice).
    6) I'm seeing an awesome girl, something that was probably made possible due to my increased self-esteem.
    7) also, I don't pick at my nose (there are still plugs coming and going) with my nails only rub through my face with my fingers or handpalms. Acne is not really problem for me anymore so my skin is pretty immune to touch.

    Note: The 'problem' still exists. My pores are still large and will be, but now that they are not as shiny anymore they dont stand out as much. But what was the biggest change was my state of mind.

    I'm just sharing this with you because this is what changed the last couple of months and I'm feeling so much better. I really hope it can mean something for anyone. Please don't give up and think that it is the end of the world. I've been there like you, it sucks and you think it will never change. I can really suggest to anyone to go see a therapist. I can share some of the tips she gave to me but i think you have to really practice with someone professional.

    Good luck and take care! Please ask if there is something you would like to know! I won't be around much but when I do ill respond!
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  3. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    yeah guys ur not alone in this. Im a 24yr old male and sometimes my nose gets me so down i just want to sleep all day and do nothing with my life.. It's ridiculous how such a seemingly small thing can influence your life in such a dramatic way. Everything you guys say applies to me. I'm a pretty decent looking guy but when you come close you see what I really look like. But I guess I do exaggerate things in my head. I've tried everything, blamed everything (diet, excersizing, even the people I was seeing 'cause i thought they were giving me fungal diseases) but there seems to be nothing that helps, its all genetics in my case. WHen I look in the mirror it's all I see. Im seeing a psychologist to help me get out of this prison. Ill just have to live with it untill some miracle noseskin transplant procedure is available for the likes of you and me, something I don't see happening in the near future unfortunately.

    On the upside, I did notice is that there are people that just dont mind pores. I've met several girls that just don't seem to notice them (I always scan for people looking at my nose), even when talking to them in horrible lighting up close for a long time. Heck, most people dont experience pores like we do, we think of them as disgusting pits of horror that are the root of all our misery every time we look at them and that we can never be happy with them being in our lives. They just see it as part of you. I hope that I can accept my pores as being a part of me someday.

    good luck to all of you!

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  4. SubState added a post in a topic Is it normal...   

    Ok TimeHealsAll I think we're pretty similar problemwise.. I have large pores and shallow scarring but when I look in the carwindow when the lighting is bad (i.e. when I see the huge pores on my nose) I feel sick to my stomach and disgusted with myself and want to turn around and stay inside all day. I constantly compare my pores to other peoples' when talking (by looking) which makes them feel really uncomfortable I think. I constantly feel like people are looking at my nose.. However, my friends have not commented and my parents think I'm crazy when I say things about how I look.

    I've seen your pictures and I think your skin look completely normal and that you're overreacting just like me.

    I have not yet seen a psychologist but next wednesday I have my first appointment. I don't want to go on meds, mainly 'cause I want to try other things first. If that doesn't help I'm willing to try meds. I will keep you updated and would appreciate it if you did the same!

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  5. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    Hey beanHOLES can you explain what you're doing exactly? Are you adding a moisturizing lotion to the cream? Also what cleanser do you use?

    Do you notice a decrease in oiliness during the day or decreased pore appearance?

    just to add: I suffer from large pores as well but I rarely sweat in my T-zone, normally on my temples and forehead. No excessive sweating anywhere.

    Thanks man!
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  6. SubState added a post in a topic .   

    I have these too, lots of people have. Unfortunately, as far as I know nothing really helps.. Some people claim that TCA cross will get rid of them but it's quite risky as it could widen the pores. I've tried it once on a pore but I honestly don't really see any difference.

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  7. SubState added a post in a topic Combo Treatment: Subsicion + Fraxel + Re-Cell   

    Thanks for this update Ernesto! You already had dramatic improvement! And everything that comes from further treatments is something right?

    Good luck with your future treatments!

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  8. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    Dude I'll cross my fingers for you as well!

    Keep us updated!
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  9. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

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  10. SubState added a post in a topic Experience of using retinoid   

    1) Some generic retinoid cream available in Europe, 0.05%
    2) 3 to 4 weeks
    3) I think it's helping with a mild depressed scar I have on my cheek! Don't see any change in the size of my pores on my T-zone but at least they are not stuffed with blackheads anymore. That probably keeps them from increasing in size a bit.
    4) I definitely recommend using it and stay with it. My skin feels a lot smoother and somewhat thinner. I have very thick skin.. Only problem is that my surftan is gone on my face , but that's not really that bad since I'm darker anyway.

    I didn't have active acne anymore before I started used it but I was a bit scared this would cause an initial breakout but that has not happened yet. Also the peeling is not that bad, maybe I should go to .1% after I finish this tube.
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  11. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    Wow thanks! That sounds promising! Maybe I should start saving too!

    By the way, I'm currently in my third week of using retin-a. Not noticing much difference other than my pores being clear of blackheads. However, some pores look bigger now because the hole is empty and still big! I hope this will shrink a bit over time now that it is clear. But hey, at least they cant stretch my pores any further! I'm starting to incorporate an AHA/BHA cleanser as well, so i'll keep you updated on that!

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  12. SubState added a post in a topic eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation   

    Sounds like you got it all figured out over there! Good for you! How are the results coming along?

    Again thank you for sharing this in such detail with us!

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  13. SubState added a post in a topic Started my DermaRoller on Nose Pores tonight..   

    Hi everyone, i know what it's like to worry so much about ur nose.. Im 23 years old and used to be confident. I had this problem with big pores in the past but now I think about it every day and it clouds my academic career and social life, I think it in my case it might be psychological, people around me agree they're evident (when I point out I think my nose SUX) but not bad at all.. However, I'm starting a very important master program in september where I have to give a lot of presentations and my confidence has hit rock-bottom.. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with a derm to see if they think something will help.. I was hoping retin-A (or any topical retinoid) could do something for my nose, or at least prevent it from worsening.

    I'll keep you guys updated and maybe post some pics soon

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  14. SubState added a post in a topic eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation   

    Good luck on your journey! I'll be reading your posts! Thank you for explaining in such detail!

    God Bless
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