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  1. Man in the Mirror: Pre and Post Subcision Photos

    it went well. I suctioned this time and i feel like i had much better improvement this time around. I'm two months in and i feel like ive seen improvement.
  2. subcision+for+acne+scars

    Its been about two months since my second subcision treatment (this time with suction). I feel happy with the results so far. I had less swelling this time around (i think my doctor may have performed a less intense session). I suctioned for about two weeks for about two times a day. I tried to make sure i suctioned to maximize my results. Occassionally i feel my face tightening underneath the skin. I'm not sure why i get this feeling but i'm excited because its almost like its not quite healed yet which means i still have room for improvement. Anywho, i've been eating ground flaxseed for the past two weeks and i feel that my complexion has improved which allows me to focus on the collagen production. I'm happy with my progress so far. I will look forward to having my third subcision treatment when i give my skin reasonable amount of time to produce collagen.