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  1. PrettyInside added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Taz Or Retin-A Micro In One's 30's/40's?

    I'm wondering if Tazorac (Taz) or Retin-A Micro (or the generic form of it) tends to work better for most people in their 30's/40's?

    I'm in my late 30's and have been a lifelong acne sufferer. (Got my first pimple at age 10, developed moderate acne in my pre-teens/teens and "graduated" to nodulocystic acne in my early 20's. I learned in my late teens that Accutane doesn't agree with me, so that's never been an option.)

    These days, I want brighter-, younger-looking skin without making my scars--mostly rolling--more noticeable. (A number of forum members have said retinoid use made their indented scarring appear deeper, so that "side-effect" is a concern.)

    Thank you,

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  2. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Can Tretinoin Gel Be Used On Skin Beneath The Eyes?   


    Out of curiosity, did your derm tell you that it could be used on the skin beneath your eyes, or did you just decide to try it?


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  3. PrettyInside added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Can Tretinoin Gel Be Used On Skin Beneath The Eyes?
    I have Tretinoin gel (0.04%), which I've not braved trying, as several members have said it makes scars (indentations) more noticeable. But I'm wondering if it can be used on skin directly beneath the eyes--if only 1-3 times per week--to help with fine lines?

    I recall someone once saying on the forum that she used a prescription-strength Tretinoin daily on the skin beneath her eyes for about a year and the skin began to visibly thin--i.e., it became a bit bluish in color; so there is that concern, but I wouldn't plan on using the gel I have daily.

    Thank you,

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  4. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?   

    sustakp wrote: "b12 breaks me out...look into histamine intolerance if b vitamins are breaking you out." (Sorry to quote you this way, but this site isn't allow me to quote--or even copy/paste--people's posts. VERY annoying.)

    I had no idea that there was a connection, but I will start researching it. Thank you!
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  5. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?   

    I don't know why, but the quote function isn't working for me. (It's failed on two different computers, in fact.) Ah, well...

    That's a good point about using half of a capsule dose. The search is on for a powder or liquid vegetarian/vegan Vit. B12 supplement.
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  6. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?   

    Is there such a thing as a "low-dose" vitamin? I say that half-jokingly because so many vitamins seem to come in super-amped up amounts. Still, I will try to find the lowest possible dose of a vegetarian/vegan Vit. B12 supplement.
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  7. PrettyInside added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?

    I am Vit. B12 deficient, and my doctor wants me to try taking a supplement before I resort to injections. But if I recall correctly, people on this forum have talked about Vit. B12 causing their acne to worsen. Is B12 the culprit, or is there another form of B vitamin that tends to worsen acne?

    I feel in a bind because, on the one hand, I need more Vit. B12; on the other hand, I don't want to suffer an increased amount of nodulocystic acne from taking it.

    Thank you,

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  8. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Bacillus Coagulans For Fighting Acne?   

    The intent of this thread is to discuss Bacillus coagulans. If you guys wish to continue discussing other probiotic strains, please, start another thread about them. As it is, I'm concerned that others who could have something to say about BC may not do so, as this thread has gone so far off-topic.
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  9. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Coming Off Birth Control After 9 Years=)   

    Approximately how long your bad breakout period lasted? And did you suffer from cysts/nodules or a less severe form of this dreaded disease? Granted, breakouts of any kind are unwanted.

    I already know to expect a bad reaction, since I had one the last time I stopped the Pill for 9 months. But for overall health reasons, I really should get off this cocktail of hormones but, due to my experience--and because my skin suffered scarring 2 years ago, at age 36--I'm that much more terrified to stop taking it.
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  10. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Coming Off Birth Control After 9 Years=)   

    Yes, it is very scary, the thought of changing a thing--especially when stopping one brand of the Pill about 8-9 years ago had such a negative impact on my skin; so I'm terrified to stop my current Pill brand, which, btw, some women swear have made them suffer hair loss--either when the took it or after they stopped taking it. Oy.

    Plus, I have sebaceous hyperplasia, which seems to be a permanent condition that's worsened by the skin's oil production. Just another reason I'm terrified to stop taking the Pill; I could wind up with two out-of-control skin conditions, one of which leaves permanent bumps that cost a lot to remove (and that tend to return).

    I've been taking my current Pill brand for about 8 years now; things have been mostly under control. I seem to go through about a 2-to-2.5-year cycle, during which time I can eat chocolate and lightly fried foods without getting cysts. When the 2-to-2.5-year period is up, I must go about 6 months avoiding these foods. Odd, but true. (I've been through this cycle enough to know it well.)

    After my experience, I remain cautious when someone says, "I'm still clear after 2 months." My thinking is: Wait until you've been off it 3-6 months to know the likely outcome. I don't mean to be a negative Nancy, but I think it really does take more time than even 6 weeks for the body's hormones to shift enough to cause an issue.

    I sincerely hope that you're one of the lucky ones who does remain clear skinned.

    A couple of things I've noticed after coming off the pill:

    My current Pill brand has totally killed my libido to the point that I don't remember what it's like to have a sex drive. I do recall that the last time I stopped my other Pill brand, my sex drive did return a bit--and my migraines all but stopped. So either I quit the Pill and risk my face going to hell from two different skin conditions, or I find relief in feeling (sexually) human and migraine-free again. *sigh*

    I, too, suffer from anxiety; so stopping the Pill (again) might help me in that regard. It feels like a Catch-22, though.... But it's great news that stopping the Pill has stopped your suicidal thoughts. (It has stopped them, yes?)

    What you've written makes perfect sense and, thus, I seems completely reasonable. I hope that you find continued success from having stopped taking the Pill. I hope that I reach a point at which I feel safe in trying to stop it again--this time for good.

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  11. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Coming Off Birth Control After 9 Years=)   

    That's what happened to me the one time that I attempted to stop taking the Pill for good. Between the second and third month, my oil production kicked into the highest gear I've ever seen. And starting in month three, I began getting cysts/nodules on not only my face and jawline, but my arms, back and occasionally my legs. (Disclosure: Nodulocystic acne was my reason for going on the Pill in the first place, many years ago. Still, I'd hoped my body would adjust without any return of the dreaded deep breakouts. *sigh*)

    I made it 9 months before snapping and going back on the pill, though a different brand that time. I still wonder how bad things may have continued to get--and for how long they may have stayed that way--had I not panicked and jumped back to the Pill....

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  12. PrettyInside added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Fish Oil, Vit. E Oil And Evening Primrose Oil: Safe To Take Internally If You Have Acne?
    I'd like to know if anyone's had increased breakouts--or other negative results to your skin--as a result of taking either fish oil, Vit. E oil or Evening Primrose oil?

    Thank you,

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  13. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Products To Keep A Cyst/nodule From Scarring?   

    Good point. I have the same issue: I scar more easily on my cheeks--and some parts of my chin--than other areas of my face.

    I have a horrible sweet tooth--chocolate being my key weakness--but my diet in all other areas has improved.

    Currently, I'm taking a multivitamin, Magnesium (for IBS issues), Calcium (to pair with the Magnesium), but I cut back the Magnesium and skip the Calcium on the days that I take the multivitamin. Also, I now am taking Vit. C to help with inflammation.

    One interesting thing to note: when I first began getting cysts/nodules at age 22, I used Sulfacet-R--a sulfur/sodium sulfacetamide lotion--daily. And I developed no scarring, even from deeply inflamed breakouts on my cheeks; that's why I'm using it on my current cyst, along with the TT oil and Rose Hip Seed oil. (Sulfacet-R is no longer available in the U.S.; I'm using another product having the same concentration.)
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  14. PrettyInside added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Anti-Aging Products That Don't Promote Acne?
    I'm at that "magical" age at which I want to start using an anti-aging product. Problem is, every product I see either is labeled as a "cream," or the packaging makes no mention of it being non-acnegenic/hypoallergenic.

    I've read positive reviews about the Olay Regenerist product line but don't know that it would work for someone who's skin develops cysts/nodules. If anyone's tried a specific product in this line, or any other anti-aging product that's worked well for you, please, share it.

    My main concern for now is my under-eye and forehead areas; I'm not brave enough to slap an anti-aging product on the rest of my face just yet, when I don't know how it might affect my skin, much less how it might interact with my acne medications.

    Thank you,

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  15. PrettyInside added a post in a topic Products To Keep A Cyst/nodule From Scarring?   

    I'm not diluting it, but since I'm applying Rose Hip Seed oil 15 minutes after the TT oil has soaked in, my skin's not as irritated from it as it normally would be. If I weren't using the RHS oil, I either would be diluting the TT oil or using it less frequently than twice daily.

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