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  1. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

    I'm willing to bet that my doctor's office wouldn't teach me how to perform intramuscular injections. Heaven forbid that someone be able to do something by themselves, for themselves--without lining a medical facility's pocket all the more. 
  2. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

    What brand of transdermal Vit. D3 do you purchase? And from where do you buy it? (I notice that Amazon sells it, but I've become leery of anything applied to the skin or taken internally that's sold through Amazon.) I have Vit. D3 capsules, which I never was brave enough to take in earnest. (I took a few here and there; nothing happened, good or bad.) But it's interesting to know that some people break out from Vit. D3, while others swear that it cleared up their cystic acne for good. The body is a funny thing.
  3. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

      My apologies for missing this post the first time around.   I have no idea as to what the Vit. B12 injection contained, but I've a hunch that it was only one thing--e.g., a cobalamin analogue--and nothing else. After all, it's provided by an Allopathic medical doctor; I don't expect much from the Allopathic medical community these days, as they're woefully informed in terms of how nutrition the body.   I'm not concerned about micronutritional equilibrium at this point; I've been deficient in Vit. B12 for so long and am having neuropathy symptoms that could be due to said deficiency. (I've been tested for a multitude of medical issues; all test results were either normal or inconclusive, so I'm suspicious of the B12 deficiency at this point.)   It's time that I give something a go, lest my health continue to decline. Granted, if I do start to break out after so many shots, I'll need to determine if that's the route to continue to go--especially since my skin scars very easily.
  4. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

      Taking Vit. B12 orally isn't likely to do me much good; I've been deficient for a number of years now and, clearly, my body isn't absorbing it correctly. (Granted, I had an intrinsic factor test, which showed as normal--meaning that I should be able to absorb it.) Aww, heck, I really don't know what's going on anymore.   I may still try the shots--at least until the point at which I begin breaking out.
  5. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

      All I know is that a number of online sources (Vit. B12 - acne link) state that high doses of Vit. B12 contribute to acne. Per my own experience, I'd say that that is factual. (I don't have frequent nodulocystic breakouts and pretty much can attribute a cyst/nodule to one cause or another. I am 99.5% certain that the 1-2 nodules that I got in the past--this is going back 6-7 years ago--were from the Vit. B12 injections.)
  6. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

      The problem is, I don't seem to be able to absorb Vit. B12 through my digestive system, as deficient as I am. (I've had all the pertinent tests to try to determine the cause; all were normal. Go figure.)   But I will ask my doctor's office to verify which injectable form of Vit. B12 that they use. But I may need to go that route, at least initially in order to boost my B12 level.   The online sources I found regarding Vit. B12 and breakouts didn't differentiate between the two types; rather, everything said that high doses of B12, in general, can cause acne due to its effect on the skin's oil. (Either it makes the it thicker or less so, I can't recall.)   I'm not quite sure what to think at this point; I only know that I need to get more Vit. B12 into--and it must be useable to--my body, so that I can see if it lessens certain other health symptoms I've been having.
  7. Has anyone found that your nodulocystic acne lessened as a result of using a retinoid? If so, which one did you use (including the concentration and formula type: lotion or cream)?   I've been told by some people that retinoids don't really help prevent hormonally-caused acne that occurs deep beneath the skin's surface. And I've also heard that they don't necessarily prevent scarring--as in real scarring (rolling, boxcar, etc.)--either. But I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced the opposite: a definite reduction in cysts/nodules and improved healing of the skin from cysts/nodules by using a retinoid?   Two drawbacks keep me from braving a retinoid at this point: 1) I don't think that I could use my trusty method for tempering a cyst/nodule--applying Tea Tree oil, then Benzoyl Peroxide--while using a retinoid at night; 2) many people on this forum contend that a retinoid makes existing scars appear deeper. (My derm. asst. that I see contends that a retinoid can't make scars look worse, but I lean toward believing acne sufferers who've used a retinoid on scarred skin.)   Thank you, PI
  8. I'm quite deficient in Vit. B12--to the point that I should be getting weekly injections for a while--but I know that high doses of Vit. B12 can cause acne. (I've read it on several websites and I also know from the last time that I attempted injections. I got one or two nodules by the fourth shot, which wound up being my last one.) Due to digestive issues, I can't take antibiotics for acne. I tried Accutane years ago and lasted a week on it. (I had a weird side effect--soreness/fatigue in my rib muscles--that made my then-derm. tell me to stop taking it.) So my only option to fight acne flare-ups due to Vit. B12 shots is topical meds. and Cortisone shots. And frequent shots get pricey due to a co-pay and a balance owed for every office visit. I see my primary-care physician today and will discuss my situation with her. But I don't see how I can get around not getting Vit. B12 at this point, as my level is so low and certain symptoms I'm having may be due to this deficiency. So this post wound up being a worry-wart vent. But if anyone has any advice/thoughts, I'm open to hearing them--especially about ways to fight cysts and nodules topically and/or with natural supplements.   PI