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  1. Sarnon added a post in a topic Acne Prone Skin/sebum Deficient In Linoleic Acid, Possible Topical Solution   

    Thanks for all of the useful research info. Needless to say I'm overwhelmed, which isn't surprising since I'm 38 years old and still fighting acne. So do you think a supplement rich in linoleic acid such as borage seed oil might be helpful?
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  2. Sarnon added a post in a topic How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.   

    First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to share your experiences (and success) with us. I have a question regarding the glycemic load of sweet potatoes, which is the vegetable you recommend the most. I've known for some time that if I maintain a low glycemic load diet, my skin looks a lot better. Existing blemishes heal faster and sebum production is reduced. Numerous studies have confirmed that a low GL diet (which essentially means eliminating sugar and reducing carbs) is very beneficial for reducing acne. Your regimen syncs well with the concept of a low GL diet, except for the sweet potatoes as well as the bread you consume without worry.

    So why is it that the natural sugars from the sweet potato aren't a problem? You're of course correct that the sweet potato is quite a bad-ass, nutrient dense vegetable, but it does have sugar (7 grams in a medium potato). Do you think the natural sugars aren't of much concern?

    I'm 38 and have suffered from mild acne for 20 years. I know that there's a link between diet and acne for the genetically inferior, such as myself. For me I know that eating low GL helps a lot. Your regimen of introducing juicing makes so much sense, but the addition of veggies such as the sweet potato contradicts some of what I thought I understood about the affect of blood sugar and acne. I'm definitely not trying to troll here, but why is it that natural sugars are OK?
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