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  1. How to Clear up Closed Comedones

    I've been thinking of adding a tinted moisturizer for some time now to help with the redness/dark marks on my face from closed comedones. You don't have any problems with the brand you listed clogging your pores?
  2. Been through the same thing before, just with acne, not scars. Are your scars icepick or red marks? Icepick scars don't look as bad to me as a face full of active acne, since they are mostly flesh colored. If you act like the scars don't bother you, she won't notice them. She'll probably think 'Oh, he has some acne scarring' and then continue to enjoy your company IF you aren't being shy and awkward because of your condition. I've been so scared to go out to bars and stuff because of my skin and I usually end up having a good time once I'm there. Having a few drinks might help you settle yourself. Plus, it's not like you are a random guy approaching her. She obviously already likes you.
  3. Acne and your career?

    I have had some similar experiences. My acne isn't bad enough to warrant any concern through comments and questions. Nobody ever remarks on it, but it is my number one insecurity, and the only thing that affects my confidence as well. When I've told a select few people about my issue they were in disbelief, and said things like, 'so what? you're goodlooking'. They just didn't understand. In a couple of months I'm going to be in front of a classroom three times a week. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm worried about how much respect students only a few years younger than me will have for someone who has bad skin and flushing episodes. Kind of a similar situation with patients. What kind of acne do you have? I have closed comedones/clogged pores that turn into whiteheads, and oily, flaky, red skin. I rarely get the inflammatory overnight bump. Sometimes I get hairs growing out of them in my mustache and beard.
  4. Interesting. I've often thought that maybe it is the quality of my oil that causes my pores to clog. I'm a 24 year-old male with skin like yours; grew out of the inflammatory acne to have closed comedones/clogged pores and oily/flaky skin. I've used a food powder supplement in the past (I think the same brand), but I didn't find that it helped too much. I live near a vitamin shoppe though, so I'm going to stop in and check some stuff out soon.
  5. Very bad dehydrated skin...

    My skin sounds exactly like yours. I rarely get the sudden whitehead overnight or any inflamed acne anymore. Most of my pimples come from clogged pores/closed comedones coming to a head. My skin is extremely flaky and oily, and I also used the same retin-a product in the past that you did. I remember that it made my face super sensitive and irritated. I have yet to rectify this condition. I think the cavman regimen would help you. I can't do it though, because I have Seb Derm as well.