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  1. Thanks for the reply! I have actually taken a large amount of brown napkins from the places you've mentioned haha. I never thought about just pretending to blow my nose and quickly blot. Even the action of blotting can seriously reduce any anxiety/stress I have, though I might not see how much oil I actually removed. My skin is very flakey though, so I'll have to be sure I still blot and don't rub. Thanks for the regimen advice. I'm usually afraid to try complex products like mattifying lotions because I don't want to clog my pores even more. I also know the new treatments you're talking about. I forget the names, but the one using Nitric (not right word) oxide seems to be the most promising as it is a revolutionary medicine and not a mere tailoring of the same old ingredients like retinoids, SA, and BP. It supposedly reduced oil by 80%. What a godsend that would be.
  2. Screenshot_20160902-143453.png

    What situation? You skin looks a little oily, but nothing serious. I also see what looks to be scarring on your cheeks, which if that's what it is, you can browse the scarring forums for DIY treatments or look into dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.
  3. I need help with my acne problem (pics included)

    Do you have oily skin? It looks like most of your acne is comedonal, and results from under-the-skin bumps forming into pimples. I have this too. My skin is also porous and flaky like yours is. You should go to the dermatologist for the large bump on your chin and see if they will give you a hydrocortizone shot for it. That should help the swelling and inflammation, because as of now, that looks like it could take a long time to fully heal. The rest of your acne should be treated with chemical exfoliants. I found they didn't work too well for me, but many people find success with them for treating closed comedones/blackheads, which is what you have. I currently use ACV, which you could try if you wanted. I would suggest a routine of BHA in the morning and AHA at night, after using a gentle cleanser. You would also need to use sunscreen during the day, and moisturizer would also help. Closed comedones usually result from excess oily or dehydrated skin, so moisturizer is your friend. I like CeRave PM (I use during day). Your skin will get worse at first with the chemical exfoliants because the bumps under your skin (white sacs you can see at certain light angles when skin is stretched) need to be pushed to the surface. Also, take a zinc supplement to help with the inflammatory acne. You can pick up a sulphur cream to use as a spot treatment on large bumps as well.
  4. Personally, my skin is so oily that it has quite the buildup after only an hour after blotting/washing. I usually make frequent trips to the bathroom to blot with toilet paper or toilet seat covers (these work best), because toilet paper can suck moisture from your face and leave it flaky. I tell people I drink a lot of water if they notice the amount of times I'm visiting the bathroom. I also keep a safety blotter in my back pocket in case I'm out somewhere and need to blot but can't get to a restroom. On a busy day for me I'll blot my face 10+ times. For the most part I always wait to go in the stall, which is quite embarrassing at bars or heavily crowded places where toilets are first come, first serve. My friends must know by now that I go in the stall to blot my face. I also avoid occasions where I know I'll be away from a bathroom for too long. These mostly include concerts/festivals, long driving trips, anything with nature (picnic, hiking, exploring), and especially during the summer, when I know the sweat and humidity will increase my oil levels. Movie theaters kind of suck, and whenever I plan any kind of roaming activity, I subconsciously map out times when I will be able to blot/get away from people. It's really only reasonable to use the restroom every 2-3 hours, but my skin is so oily after 1. I went on a tour bus vacation this summer in Europe, and my oh my did it suck being on a bus with no bathroom for 3+ hours daily. I usually put my hood up and hat low when we got off until I could blot... Can anyone else relate? Or have any insight to leave on how you deal with oily skin throughout your day?
  5. Hey, I came across your posts and realized we have the same exact skin (SD, rosacea), and especially the flakey pores with excess sebum/keratin.  I have not been able to get rid of mine for years either.  Whenever I stretch my chin I can see the tips of the flake hanging out, though I can't see the pore because they are smaller on my chin.  I also have this problem on my cheeks and nose, too.  

    I was just wondering if you have made any progress yet?

    I'm almost positive that the extreme amount of oil my (our) face produces is the cause for all these problems...

  6. 2 years on accutane low dosage and...

    I've been trying to get on a low-dose accutane for years to no avail. I know it would clear me up immediately. I have the same problems as you did except I also get closed comedones which turn into pimples. The dilemma here in the U.S. though, is that accutane is regulated by the FDA and derms usually can't prescribe a low-dose.
  7. There are still tons of people in college with acne and the result of having it: dark marks. Also, I've always noticed that any complexion issue on a afro-american does not stand out as much. Dark marks fade in time, and you will still make plenty of friends in college. I remember seeing this one kid with horrible, scarring cystic acne who was getting high fives every couple of steps because he had so many friends on campus. People tend to care less as you get older. I'm 25 and still have bad skin, and I'm about to start teaching college.
  8. Do I have rosacea?

    I would say that you have rosacea. The location, bumpy texture, and uneven redness lead me to believe this. You should go to a derm and try their suggestions. Some people find success with the initial treatments, others battle rosacea their whole life. Either way I've always heard it is pertinent to deal with rosacea in its early stages before it gets worse. BUT it is almost always impossible for someone on the internet to tell what you have based on a photo, so make sure you get diagnosed by a doctor.
  9. Oily Sensitive Skin Clogged Pores - Please Help

    Hey man, I'm a 25 year old male with the same exact skin as you, albeit a little worse with the redness. I also get closed comedones that turn into pimples, but really no inflamed acne. I've been trying to figure out what the sebum flakes in my pores are for some time now, and have not been able to find a concrete diagnosis. I also have these on my cheeks and chin, and I know they directly correlate to the pore, not dryness. Some say Seb Derm and others hyperkeratinization. But I know it's really from my damn skin being so oily. I have found diet to do nothing for this condition, or any topical regimen. It's the excess of oil, plain and simple, and their is only one treatment on the market that gets rid of the oil: accutane. P.s. On another forum I know a guy in his forties who has been dealing with the same problem for years now. He said the only thing that ever helped was accutane, although they returned after treatment. I'm not telling you to just go on accutane, but after trying to treat my skin for 10 years, I have never put a dent in the oilyness.
  10. Oily skin but free from acne. Why?

    I have wondered about this for a long time. I'm almost positive that if I didn't have oily skin, I wouldn't have acne problems anymore. BUT, from what I've read over the years, it is not the oil itself that causes the acne, it is the bacteria and dead skin along with oil that clogs a pore. The oil definitely contributes to causing acne, but by itself it doesn't. For example, my skin doesn't shed/get rid of dead skin properly. I know this because of how flaky it is; so dead skin particles + the oil is what clogs the hair follicles on my face, leading to acne. Also, I have a friend who's skin is a little oily, but he rarely has any acne problems and does everything you mentioned above.
  11. I would seriously not worry about those. I've had them almost my whole life. Unless they turn into pimples, nobody will ever see them. I think they are the chin's equivalent to Sebacious Filaments.
  12. How to Clear up Closed Comedones

    I've been thinking of adding a tinted moisturizer for some time now to help with the redness/dark marks on my face from closed comedones. You don't have any problems with the brand you listed clogging your pores?