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  1. Acne and your career?

    I have had some similar experiences. My acne isn't bad enough to warrant any concern through comments and questions. Nobody ever remarks on it, but it is my number one insecurity, and the only thing that affects my confidence as well. When I've told a select few people about my issue they were in disbelief, and said things like, 'so what? you're goodlooking'. They just didn't understand. In a couple of months I'm going to be in front of a classroom three times a week. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm worried about how much respect students only a few years younger than me will have for someone who has bad skin and flushing episodes. Kind of a similar situation with patients. What kind of acne do you have? I have closed comedones/clogged pores that turn into whiteheads, and oily, flaky, red skin. I rarely get the inflammatory overnight bump. Sometimes I get hairs growing out of them in my mustache and beard.
  2. Interesting. I've often thought that maybe it is the quality of my oil that causes my pores to clog. I'm a 24 year-old male with skin like yours; grew out of the inflammatory acne to have closed comedones/clogged pores and oily/flaky skin. I've used a food powder supplement in the past (I think the same brand), but I didn't find that it helped too much. I live near a vitamin shoppe though, so I'm going to stop in and check some stuff out soon.
  3. Very bad dehydrated skin...

    My skin sounds exactly like yours. I rarely get the sudden whitehead overnight or any inflamed acne anymore. Most of my pimples come from clogged pores/closed comedones coming to a head. My skin is extremely flaky and oily, and I also used the same retin-a product in the past that you did. I remember that it made my face super sensitive and irritated. I have yet to rectify this condition. I think the cavman regimen would help you. I can't do it though, because I have Seb Derm as well.
  4. OILY skin must go!

    Do you have a diet you follow, or just the shakes daily? I'm thinking my problems are gut related, and I'm going to explore that route before the b5.
  5. Acne and your career?

    I have changed my diet. It's not perfect, but it's a lot ''healthier than most people's my age with clear skin. For example, if I eat an egg sandwich, I make it using Ezekiel bread. I opt for the healthier alternative. No milk (a little cheese, though), no high glycemic carbs, no artifical sugar or processed foods. I do still eat carbs like rice and rice cakes. I eat peanut butter a lot, and use fattening salad dressings (ranch). So, for the most part I eat healthy. Kind of like a modified Paleo. I've realized that my skin is way to oily/flaky to use makeup. It will just cake up and smear off. I'm thinking it might be candida issues as I ate like complete shit during and after my years of teenage acne, antibiotic treatments.

    I understand that, but most teenagers grow out of acne without ever changing their diets. The ones that grow out of it aren't lucky, they're normal. It can't be just diet alone that causes the acne, but some kind of malfunction in the body with handling the western diet. I don't know anyone from high school that still has acne, except me, and I eat probably the healthiest diet.
  7. OILY skin must go!

    Coconut oil actually feeds the malasezzia yeast that causes Seb Derm. I've used Aloe in the past. It did nothing. The problem is the yeast also feeds on sebum, which I have an exuberant amount of.
  8. Closed Comedones...WTF

    If you have really sensitive skin you can use the witch hazel with rose water or one of the natural witch hazel toners with no alcohol. They are great for gently clearing that layer of dead skin that oil and other gunk gets trapped in and then causes comedones. Thayers is the brand, you can get it at any wholefoods or even amazon.com, make sure it;s one of the pure ones, they have one with cucumber too that's calming. You know your skin better than anyone else and need to take precaution. But if you can find a gentle enough toner it can really help! Hope you are having a good Friday Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to experiment with ACV yet again before I try those because I have Seb Derm too.
  9. OILY skin must go!

    Just wanted to come back and say that I never tried the b5. The website I ordered it from just decided to drop my order and refund me. I took it as a sign that maybe I shouldn't be using b5 anyway, because I have Seb Derm on my scalp and I'm already at a risk for hair loss from that. Oil is still out of control though...
  10. Closed Comedones...WTF

    Thanks for the reply. I've recently incorporated an AHA into my routine. What kind of toner do you use? I've never been a fan of toners; they seem to just dry my skin out too much. I have rosacea and seb derm too, so the alcohol in toners has always made me steer clear of them. Thanks for the reply. The problem with both those treatments--I've used them in the past--is that they are so drying. My skin is too fragile to use them, really.

    I agree with the whole keratin thing, but it seems to only apply to people with oily skin. Sometimes I can tell when my pimples are a buildup of excess sebum. A lot of other things don't add up. Most acne is caused by HORMONES. That's why most of the kids you go to high school with grow out of it by college. They eat whatever they want, and their acne still clears up. This hyperkeratinization only effects a few. And I doubt eating a healthier diet will just clear up your acne problems. It sure as hell hasn't stopped me from getting closed comedones and blemishes. Maybe if I ate healthy and DIDN'T have oily skin.
  12. OILY skin must go!

    Ok, I just ordered 500 grams of B5, so about 50 days worth. I'm hoping that by then I will be able to tell if it is helping enough, and if so, I will purchase more.\ I really don't feel like also purchasing saw palmetto and fish oil. I've already spent $70 on the greens and b5. Do you think they're necessary? Also, I don't really exercise much except for skateboarding once or twice a week. Do you think running a mile would be enough exercise? I really don't have time for much else.
  13. I am a man, who doesn't wear makeup, but I have often considered it and have done tons of research. One of the main reasons I never tried it is because my skin is so oily and I don't want to possibly have the same exact problem you're having crop up in the middle of the day. I don't see any breakouts, so I don't know why you even need to wear makeup--unless you're trying to cover oily. I've heard that the best way to curb oily skin with makeup is use a matte primer and powder. Then re-apply a translucent powder throughout the day. Sorry if this isn't very helpful.
  14. Why doesen't everyone take accutane? Seriously?

    Not everyone can get accutane. I've had acne for almost 10 years now and I've never been able to get accutane prescribed. I have terribly oily, acne-prone skin, but derms won't even prescribe me a low-dose of 10mg a day. The reason is that the FDA regulates accutane so they don't want to jump through hoops to get you the dose you need. It's bullshit. It is the ONLY option for people with terribly oily skin.
  15. What will a dermatologist prescribe me?

    Nooooooooo do NOT WASTE TIME ON ANTIBIOTICS MAN, seriously im telling you this from a brother to another who has suffered from severe Acne. If you skip antibiotics and go to Accutane directly you will thank me, antibiotics causes stronger resistant Acne and does absolutely nothinggggggggg against the root causes. You need Accutane and nothing else no creams or antibiotics. Id rather take a probiotic for Acne than an antibiotic. Please go and lie to your dermatologist if you need to, say that you have tried two different antibiotics if possible so you dont have to go through that bullshit that ruins your gut and is more harmful long term than Accutane which is simpy a vitamin A overdose that causes toxic damage to the skin so it stops producing sebum by up to 50-80% Agreed. Derms only prescribe antibiotics in hope that by the time they stop working, teens will have already outgrown their acne. They are useless in the long term fight. Be careful with accutane though. I would request a low-dose treatment.
  16. OILY skin must go!

    I'm scared of the hair loss, but since oily skin seems to exacerbate all of my skin conditions, I think it is worth giving the b5 a shot. I'm still a little skeptical on the effectiveness though, as I've heard it usually stops working. This thread was started 5 months ago and it sounds like your oilyness is still under control with the b5, but I've never heard of it working for over a year in any cases. Just wondering before I give it a shot, do you have any noticeable side-effects you can relate to b5? Do you follow a strict diet? Or are the pills and smoothie your main source of vegetables/fruits?
  17. Acne and your career?

    SWILL, the ice pack method is genius! From what I take it, you strap an ice pack to your back to keep your body temperature from raising? Or do you buy one already constructed for that purpose? Only problem I could potentially see with this is if the ice pack starts to melt and seeps through your shirt leaving you with a soaked back. And you find that ACV helps with the flakes? I know ACV is supposed to be good for flakiness, but I've never really found it to eradicate much. Still, I know it's good for skin ph and overall texture. I actually was planning to add this into my daytime regimen but was afraid of the smell. I thought I was the only person out there with thismultitude of skin problems. Almost every time I look in the mirror I see new flakes to pick off. I carry tweezers around in my back pocket to use throughout the day. It's embarrassing to say the least. Do you blot your face often during the day? Another thing I'm worried about--I know I worry too much--is situations other teachers have been in where they are around students for long hours and don't get a chance to go to the bathroom or anything to blot. Do you find time to do this before your face becomes an oily mess? It's very discouraging. I want to try and wear makeup for days like those^ but I can't bring myself to do it. It's crazy how everyone who had it in high school--who made you feel comfortable to be around because they had it to--has grown out of it. Then there are people like us who just can't get past it. I just don't get it.
  18. It's like $400 without insurance, but you get a coupon for the first time and it lowers it to $25. I'm pretty sure Selsun Blue is Selenium Sulfide. Zinc Py is in head & shoulders. You flare up could be one of two things: the active ingredient in the shampoo is attacking your fungal infection (SD caused by a yeast known as malasezzia, hence fungal), or, the shampoo is too harsh and is causing irritation to your face. So I'm still not sure if its SD or not, but still, SD should be more of a slighty raised, red, scaly rash, not bumps. Soolantra's active ingredient is Ivermectin, which is an insecticide. It fights demodex. You can order Ivermectin on amazon, but it's for animals. People have used it on their face though. It's about $50. Tea Tree oil is also used to fight demodex. I know you said you had a bad experience with it before, but this may be because of the demodex die-off. If you don't treat for demodex, you'll never know if that's your problem. I suggest dropping the shampoos and washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Tea tree oil is the cheapest method. Use it diluted. You will most likely want to use a 10:1 ratio of carrier oil to tea tree oil. You can google this, as I've never actually done it but have read people's success stories. Or you can try the Ivermectin. You can google other's experiences on that too. Maybe post some better pics? Go outside and take them in the daytime. If you don't want to show your face, use Paint to black out your eyes.
  19. Acne getting worse with accutane

    STOP USING OTHER TREATMENTS WHILE ON ACCUTANE. Derm's usually make you aware of this before you take the plunge. Your skin is way to sensitive right now for you to be cramming a bunch of other drying products on top. Accutane makes your skin worse before it gets better, simple as that. You need to give it the full 6 months. Just wash you face with water, and if you want, you can spot treat pimples. Try something natural like tea tree oil or raw honey. Use moisturizer and sunscreen to prevent future problems from accutane-sensitive skin. Your skin WILL get better. There is almost nobody that takes accutane and does not come off it with clear skin; some clear their skin for life. Be patient. I know that sounds impossible, but you don't have any other choice really. You will have clear skin.
  20. I've been fighting closed comedones on the lower half of my face for almost 10 years now. After going chemical free for a few years, I decided to try and wipe them out with Paula's Choice BHA liquid 2%. Lots of them became inflamed and turned into whiteheads. Most of the residing bumps were removed, but little by little new ones started cropping up again. These are mainly on my chin, next to my mouth, and in my mustache area with hairs growing out of them. I thought that by taking the plunge into chemical exfoliants, I might be able to rid myself of these pesky nuisances, but it seems my pores just keep getting clogged. The neverending process is disheartening to say the least. Has anybody ever gotten rid of these? They're so damn persistent and are like time bombs just sitting under the skin waiting to inflame into pimples. I have oily, flaky skin. I'm 25, and still get some hormonal acne, but these things are my main acne-related issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Go to a dermatologist and get Soolantra. I hope you have insurance as it can be expensive. Everything you mentioned helping you are products that typically fight demodex mites (sulphur, tto). Soolantra will probably not get rid of your redness, but it should take care of the bumps. My skin is similar to yours, except not as broken out. Your bumps look rosacea related because of 1. they look like there's really no pus inside of them, just inflamed bumps, and 2. people usually don't get acne that close to their eyes (upper cheek). I get rosacea bumps in that area as well. You might have some underlying Seb Derm, but for the most part, SD doesn't cause bumps. You could have some kind of folliculitis, but THAT is very hard to determine. My best advice is to try the Soolantra for 3 months. It will get better before worse. I was scared as hell of the die off too, but I didn't find it too bad, and I knew it was for positive change. I still get some rosacea bumps, but they heal quick and aren't that big. It is not a cure all. If it doesn't work for you, you can assume that your problems are not demodex related, and move on to fungal therapies. At least you will have ruled it out.
  22. Acne and your career?

    This is very helpful SWILL, thanks! How do you cope with it though, physically? Right now, my face is covered in oily after an hour and 15 minute class session. I usually blot right after class or sometimes go to the bathroom and do it in class. As for rosacea, I tend to be a flusher in certain situations where I am nervous, but for the most part this is in WARM rooms. The problem is I have no control over the rooms temperature. I've been in some rooms so far this semester where I know I would flush violently if I had to speak in the spotlight. In cool, air conditioned rooms, I find I have no trouble speaking. It's funny, because I was by far the funniest, and one of the most confident speakers in my public speaking class in the summer when the rooms were air conditioned...sigh. I can't even answer a simple question without burning when the room is warm/hot. Any flushing issues?
  23. OILY skin must go!

    After doing some more research, it seems as though b5 causes lots of people to lose their hair, or at least thin it to the point of concern. I don't know if it is worth the risk. Any hair problems? I know this is common in most users and can be caused by a lack of other B vitamins, but most people who took a B complex still reported hair loss. What's worse, when they stopped the b5 they could never regain full hair growth again. Besides that, the cheapest I found was 500 grams powder for $50;so 50 days worth approximately. That seems worth the cost of getting rid of oily skin. Just wondering how much you pay? I can't find that naturalfood supplement in America. I'm wondering if the synthetic B complex works less significantly than the food source compound you take.Also, do you put the whole 10 grams in your blender? I have a vitamix and would like to take the same approach, but I thought I was supposed to space the doses out? Any advice is helpful.
  24. Acne and your career?

    Thanks for the encouragement. I forgot to mention I will be teaching college...as an adjunct. Sometimes I just hate leaving the house, or talking to anyone in person. It's hard for me to fathom speaking in front of a whole class on days when I'm feeling particularly down because of my skin. Gaining my peers respect is of utmost importance due to my young age and partial qualifications. I don't know if it's just me, but I think people have a certain disdain for people with skin conditions. Also, as a man, I've found making makeup look natural is harder than it seems. My oily, flaky skin doesn't seem to like it very much, though it would be nice to have some help on days.
  25. Acne and your career?

    I have extremely oily skin, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and acne. My skin is flaky, oily, red and bumpy. I have relatively mild-light acne, but it never goes away. I could deal with all the other things, but acne looks childish and ugly. I've seen plenty of people with red skin and they look fine. How does acne affect your career? I plan on entering a program next year where I have to teach one college class a semester and in return my Master's degree gets paid for. I'm deathly afraid, but I can't pass up the opportunity. I already look young for being 25, and I just don't know how I'm going to get up in front of a class everyday with pimples. I mainly have closed comedones that get inflamed. They always come back. I'm considering wearing makeup. It's that bad. Any tips for handling situations like this?