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  1. I have been searching sunscreen for at least 20 years and finally, thanks to ever improving technology, I found it!!! It is Heliocare 360 SPF 50 gel dry touch! Pros: Does not sting my eyes Does not break me out Keep me matte ALL DAY (therefore my makeup lasts all day) Does not have white cast. Does not gunk up on eyebrows nor hairline. Cons: Somewhat sticky, not truly dry touch (but doesn't affect makeup application) Dry down time is kinda long Hard to get in USA
  2. My skin currently is still pretty stable. I haven't been obsessed too much with my skin, meaning I don't have whole lot of bad acne going on that depressed me. Just want to make a note that I am searching for good sunscreen. Now I am testing out Heliocare XF gel cream spf 50. It's the most transparent sunscreen I have ever used. There is no white cast at all that would make my eyebrows look white. And this one doesn't sting my eyes. Even though it's very sticky after application but it's light feeling, not oily and filmy. I definitely need a good powder after foundation or otherwise my eyeliner will transfer due to hooded lids. I was using Mac blotting powder but I found out it's not helping me at all. At beginning I thought it's the sunscreen being too sticky. Then I used bare minerals mineral veil, it completely changed my life. It really helped keeping my face matte. My eyeliner lasted whole day and did not budge. Then I looked for pressed powder to touch up on the go, I found Rimmel stay matte powder. It performed really well on my oily skin with sticky sunscreen as well. Skin current status No active acne Foundation easily evens out my skin (I was using estee Lauder double wear light. I almost finished it and am currently testing out Armani lasting silk) Routine Am Shower Heliocare XF spf 50 Apply safflower oil to my body to wait for sunscreen dry down Foundation (was using estee Lauder double wear light. Am using/testing Armani lasting silk) Concealer (under eye Maybelline face Laura Mercier) Powder (bare minerals mineral veil, Rimmel stay matte, am testing kryolan anti shine) Pm Safflower oil Tissue off Clinique toner 2 Tretinoin 0.025 (if peeling too bad I will skip) Supplement Fish oil