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  1. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Nearly two months on fin and shedding slowed considerably for a few weeks but has picked up again since. No side effects from the tablets and no new growth. Hoping to preserve what I have left (an NW 3 with a V shape but no thinning at the crown) and get a hair transplant in the new year. Only problem is I live in England and it seems we're notorious for being quite slow in using the latest hair transplant techniques. Any American guys would be spoilt for choice it would seem.
  2. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    So you stopped B5, and now just use Dan's method and have clear skin? The thing is, although I haven't tried Dan's exact method, I've used a gentle cleanser, BP, and moisturizer combo in the past and it had no effect... Actually I didn't use Dan's method. At the age of 27 I hit rock bottom with acne and had been trying to cure it through diet fads which never helped. I was massively depressed but In the end I just stumbled on a good skin care routine. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed me duac cream which really worked with the spots I had, and then I began to realise that my acne was caused by dry flaky skin that got inflamed over time so I began to use a simple cleanse, medicate and moisturise routine and it's improved my skin no end. I still get clogged pores but nowhere near the level they were and they rarely get inflamed and I haven't had any new scars/deep pitted pock marks since. I doubt my skin care routine would be any use to those with cystic acne but I think a good moisturizing routine is essential if you suffer from dry skin Hair is shedding like crazy. I've stopped the Nizoral as it's too scary but I thought the Fin would have calmed my shedding by now, not make it worse. For a lot of people it takes up to six months to work though.
  3. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Not sure if this is all that helpful but my acne was reduced by about 95% just by finding out what worked on my skin and getting a good, regular skin care routine going. It's just my luck that as soon as my acne went away that i developed significant hair loss Have you tried Dan's method with BP? Seriously considering stopping the Nizoral shampoo ...the shedding is just alarming whenever i use that shampoo yet people swear it's great when coupled with Fin.