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  • Interests I'm a 24 Year old professional. My interests include hockey, music (guitar), weightlifting, and golf. I started getting acne in high school and treated with all the usual topicals. Developed cystic acne around age 20. I was on antibiotics with a lot of success for a little over a year, and then decided to take accutane. My back has been 100% clear ever since and my face has been 95-100% clear since. I am still passionate about skincare and try to learn new things everyday.


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  1. Scalp Acne/Folliculitis (Pictures)

    Do you have an update on your condition? My scalp acne is very similar to yours. I took accutane around 4 years ago with great success in clearing my moderate acne on my face and severe cystic acne on my back. I never had bad scalp acne until the past 2 years or so. Currently t is so itchy and distracting that it makes it hard to sleep or focus at work. I've been using a medicated shampoo from my derm with no luck. I refuse to go on long term antibiotics again so I'm hoping to find other solutions!
  2. I have had literally the exact same experience over the past 2-3 years. Any suggestions? I've tried medicated shampoos and they only seem tp dry my scalp and make it worse