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  1. karna added a post in a topic Going To Include Flaxseed And Oat...opinions Please   

    Flax seed broke me out like crazy in terrible cysts. The first two weeks or so my skin became all soft and pretty but after that it was really bad. It's the same with fish oil and krill oil btw. Watch out but maybe it works for you.
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  2. karna added a post in a topic Success Compilation Thread   

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  3. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Congratulations on your dietary changes.

    Yes I think it is your body adjusting to the new diet. Many people experience it takes a while.
    I switched to Paleo 2 months ago. It took me a little more than 1 months to feel normal/better again. Now I feel more energized than before Paleo. So just hang in there. Things do get better.
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  4. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Hi all primals/paleos,

    Do any of you eat butter and what are your experiences. If had some pretty good results with eating primal but lately new acne is forming on my back. Haven't cheated on anything. One thing that has changed is increased use of butter and I wonder if that can be the problem.

    Any similar experiences? It is dairy after all, so that may be the explanation.

    EDIT: I don't believe it is the butter causing me trouble. Have continued eating butter this week without acne. I suspect sunflower seeds, make up or some oil I used in my hair for the acne break out.
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  5. karna added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    Alternativista, what a great resource! Thanks for sharing.
    You should write an anti-acne/health book!
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  6. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    No I guess you are right! Just checked the reviews on flax seed oil and many people seem to experience a flare up in cystic acne when eating the oil.

    It isn't much paleo-like either. What crazy caveman would have taken the time to collect thousands of flax seeds and then mash them and eat them all - it even tastes strange! I should have been able to tell by this simple logic!
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  7. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    After doing some experiments I believe it was the flax seed causing the new cystic acne. I stopped flax seed and acne decreased. I tried eating it again and had a flare up. I have not eaten it for 10 days and all inflammation is gone...I don't understand why - it was supposed to be so healthy - but not for me I guess.

    In general I find the changes in my diet difficult to handle but I am improving everyday and finding new routines. I have decided not to consider the economic issuess for one whole month - in order to be able to learn in freedom witout restrictions. This seems to calm my mind so that I can make more sustainable choices. Next month I can start looking into finding cheaper alternatives etc.

    One routine I enjoy a lot is that every wednesday I get 1 box of organic vegetables (several kilos), 2 boxes of fresh fish (600 g. each) 1 box of organic meat (1200 g.) delivered to my front door It's amazing and very exiting to open the boxes with all these wonderful, fresh whole foods!

    At the moment I am eating 75% paleo (and take vitamin B complex, fish oil, zink and multivitamins for 15 days/month) My skin is now 95 % clear. Only a few minor buds here and there. If I learn not to scratch no one would even notice!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences here - it's very motivational and inspiring - I learn a lot from all of your posts!
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  8. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Just read this article (in Danish http://www.dr.dk/sundhed/dinsundhed/Vaegtt.../0310144338.htm

    It says that some scientist found out that eating protein (especially fish) turns carbs into heat instead of fat. Could be the explanation.
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  9. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    @dirtbomb: did you experience results even before cutting out all grains? I wanna experiment with brown rice, barley, etc.

    Yes, I did experience results before cutting out corn and grains. Skin has been clearing all summer. I have noticed being sugar free significantly reduces inflammation and further "growth" in a pimple.

    @dirtbomb: Do you take a fish oil supplement? I think I broke out on my shoulders from that and I know Mark's way into it. But hey clearing up can take quite some time, I personally saw results on my body before face but we're all different!

    Last year I have taken fish oil supplements and they had an over all positive effect on my skin and for some reason I also felt more happy when getting the supplements. Fish oil did not give me acne on shoulders. For some reason I stopped eating the supplements, but I don't remember excactly why. I think it was because after a while the effect stopped. But hey - funny you just asked, because I have reintroduced it to my diet just this morning, so let see what happens this time.
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  10. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    @captainsunshine: I made a massive mistake for years, in thinking that some of the lumps and bumps around the base of my hairline at the back of my head was acne. I did some research into the Lymphatic system and there is an outlet for toxins in that area, so some self massage in that area works for me.

    Only thing I can recommend, bit extreme, but I do it, is remove fruit, or at least eat the lowest sugar content fruit. I don't eat any seeds or nuts either so I'm not in the position to tell you about the flaxseed, although it's supposed to be extremely good at binding toxins in the colon and improving constipation.

    I guess I also has mistaken lumps and bumps in hairline for acne - lymphatic nodes may very well be the reason - thanks for sharing!

    I think I will wait with removing fruit and nuts till I have tried everything else. Believe some more time on paleo can be beneficial for me.

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  11. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Hi everybody,

    I'd like to introduce myself to fellow paleo-people. Hello I'm Karna, 33 years old woman from Denmark. I really enjoy this site and learn a lot!!

    I have been reading lots of stuff here and on Mark's Daily Apple and have slowly been adjusting my diet.

    In general I have increased my intake of organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and meat which i really enjoy a lot! I have alson done some more specific changes:

    No sugar - I have reduced sugar from my diet in about 2 months. I still eat e.g. mayonaisse where there has been added sugar - even to the nice organic stuff. Ughh!

    No white bread, white rice, pasta etc. for about 2 months.

    No dairy: I reduced my dairy intake for about 1 month. Don't eat youghurt, but still have milk in my coffee. Have not eaten cheese for 2 weeks.

    Flaxseed: I eat 1 table spoon of flax seed oil (for about 3 weeks)

    No grains: For the past 1 week I have been adjusting more to the paleo style and have cut out grains and increased my fat intake.

    I like to slowly adjust - seems as if it is easier for me to manage than changing everything upside down.

    My skin has changed. My face is glowing and no new pimples, only once a month..My back is ok, but not clear.
    But my neck and upper shoulders look horrible. Lots of new cystic acne. It was not here before!! I can not figure out what the reason may be. Can it be the flax seed? I noticed an over all positive change when I started eating flax seed. My skin glows, is soft and feels moisturized.

    Have you experienced your acne has been "moving" around when changing your diet?
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  12. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Oh, and you can do a search on"acne" opr clear skin in the forum as well. There are a lot of threads on that topic as well.
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  13. karna added a post in a topic paleo diet   

    Helliotion, I am having the same thougths and considerations. I have found quite a lot of interesting readings here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum/ where lots of people report from what they have experienced in their body's after going paleo (or primal as they call it. I am not sure what the difference is, however.) There are pople being praimal for years reporting as well.

    Hope this can help you.
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  14. karna added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Grilled mackerel with tomato salad and boiled carrots, onions, potato and kohlrabi and home made mayonnaise. Uhmmm...

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  15. karna added a post in a topic Positive side effects from anti-inflammatory diet   

    Maybe you're right about placebo.

    But today I'll add a negative side effects as well:

    Edema - I noticed a small tendency to edema after changing my diet. Don't really understand why that is.

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