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  1. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Eyebrow And Upper Lip Sweating   

    My eyebrows definitely sweat weirdly! It's nothing to worry about though. It happened during my first course too and died off after I was done.
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  2. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Finally Taking The Plunge....accutane Journey!   

    Hey Hannah! Best of luck with your course Accutane worked wonders for me, and I'm starting my second course today! An itchy scalp is definitely normal - Leave in conditioners or dandruff shampoos/conditioners are really helpful
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  3. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    @AbbyC Oh I'm currently taking probiotcis. My mom is a nutritionist so I never really lack in the natural routes and supplements.

    Thanks for your replies!
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  4. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    @jimmy188 Is remission more common once people are in their twenties? I'll be 18 next month

    My mom has said that she had a full face of acne for a year or two in high school until she did a dry-ice treatment. And my dad never really remembered, but it definitely runs in his side of the family as well - all of my cousins have problematic skin.

    I took YAZ birth control for about 4 months, but I had a horrible 'beard' breakout the entire time, which now I'm pretty sure was a Pityrosporum Folliculitis flare up because bcp is a cause/irritant.
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  5. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Has anyone colored there hair while on accutane   

    I colored my hair lighter and darker and it was completely fine. Just avoid bleach and make sure your hair is moisturized.
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  6. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    So basically I've spiraled back into depression. I skipped school all last week and now today. I tried my hardest to go, but I couldn't stop crying as I was getting ready. My mom keeps saying I need to choose to be happy and it pisses me off so much. I've honestly done that ever since 5th grade. I've joked about it so other people wouldn't, I've looked in the mirror everyday and said to myself, "just smile, no one cares", but after 8 years it's hard to keep pretending. When I thought of it to just be a phase I pushed through it, but now it just seems like this is all my life is, a constant battle that always leads me to the same exact depression, so what's the point. I've been around the block when it comes to treatments and I feel completely hopeless that after all I've done, I always end up in the exact same situation.

    Candida treatment-
    Yes, I have good days and bad days, and I don't want to ignore the fact that some days I am pretty happy with my skin, but the bad days are only getting worse and worse and leave me completely broken down. The dying-off symptoms of the candida treatment I've been doing may be responsible for the way I've been feeling, but I feel like it will just result in me looking for another treatment in the end, and accutane is said to be the last resort treatment for 'pityrosporum folliculitis', which is what I believe I have in result of the yeast overgrowth.

    At this point I feel like the best move would be to do a second course of accutane, but I feel like it will only come back again. I do know that it will make me happy for at least half a year though, and that seems promising enough.

    I luckily have a derm appointment tomorrow to get microdermabrasion, so hopefully I can ask for accutane then. It's a different derm than the one I went to for my first course so I'm not sure how he will go about it, but he is much more 'ok let's do whatever we can as soon as possible', especially since my skin is scarring, so I feel more confident in him.

    If you've had experience with a 2nd course of accutane I'd love to hear anything you have to say. Preferably positive...
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  7. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    I just got back from the derm and he set me up for microderabrasion and 75% glycolic chemical peels, alternating every 3 weeks - 6 total treatments, I think.

    Today I got a 50% glycolic peel - to east into it, and subscision on my two chicken pox scars. I was tweaking out, but it didn't hurt at all.

    Here's what the one on my forehead looks like right now... it pretty much the same but swollen. I'll post another picture of what it looks like in a few days.
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  8. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    Hi fel_han! I've been really good! My skin has been consistently manageable with just a couple small spots here and there - almost nothing Taking the supplements for the yeast and changing my diet to a lenient candida diet has made all the difference. Now I'm just eager to fix my ice pick scars. I'm finally going to my derm on the 21st, so hopefully I can get a chemical peel or light microdermabrasion. I also just got nucelle's mandellic acid serum 10%, which supposedly helps with blackheads and pore size, so we'll see how that goes!
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  9. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic How can you hide from what never goes away?   

    I'm glad you've been feeling better Now that you're so far in your course, the good days start being pretty consistent, so don't have too much anxiety about it circling again! And I can personally say that you'll naturally regain your old character after you beat this phase. So don't worry, this is soon to be the past.
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  10. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    @tblaze04 - Yeah the random breakouts are what get me. I feel like things are getting better and then fuck, hopeless once again. I finished my course at the end of the summer, but it didn't keep me clear afterwards :/

    So I guess it's time I switch to a new log - getting rid of what seems to be Pityrosphorm Folliculitis/yeast overproduction.
    [i'll put a link to the log once I make it]

    Here's a re-cap of my accutane course:

    40 mg -> 40/80 every other day -> 80 mg (for the rest of the course)

    Side effects: -Tired -Sore -Back aches -Dry skin -Dry rash on hands -Chapped lips -1 bloody nose
    Accutane was definitely worth the side effects though, they honestly weren't that bad.

    I became confident that I was clearing in the 4th month.
    Stayed clear until October-November when I started to get breakouts every so often.

    I currently have persistent mild acne, with the occasional bad breakout.
    ^I think this is because I now know that I have yeast overproduction and accutane didn't treat the yeast, so it did its job in a sense, but now I have to finish the other half of the problem.

    So I wouldn't necessarily say accutane didn't work for me. My skin is still definitely MUCH better.

    This was the start and end of my course:

    Before.. eek


    Currently: Feb 17th

    Accutane has given me more ups than downs, but the occasional down just seems to have a bigger impact on me now because I feel like it isn't supposed to be happening anymore.

    I wish everyone the best! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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  11. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic How can you hide from what never goes away?   

    I completely understand how you feel, I'm feeling the exact same way. I almost want to make my mom read your post so she can see that I'm not the only one. She always makes me feel guilty for the way I respond to the 'bad days' (skipping school, etc.), and I feel like that's the worst of it all; being punished for being punished. I desperately want to approach life with enthusiasm, not just with what I choke up to get by.

    But just know that you're not alone and better days are ahead of us.
    And. Happy birthday
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  12. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    I've been taking my supplements and eating only - salads, vegetables, meat, seafood, protein shakes, almonds, cashews, a granny-smith apple on occasion, and water for just about a week now and I'm feeling SO much better.

    I have no actives, just a couple healing spots and blackheads, and my skin looks and feels so much better. I haven't talked to my derm yet, but I plan to soon.

    Yeast overproduction symptoms are also weight-gain, bloating, fatigue, lack of concentration, depression, etc., and I am starting to feel so much more positive and happy. I'm so thankful I'm finally getting things in order.

    Happy Valentines Day
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  13. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    Hey fel_han! I'm making an appt with my derm to see if they can confirm the diagnosis and get facials to help with my scarring, but now that I know what the actual problem is, accutane just seems unnecessary since there are easier ways to go about it. It would just return again after I finished the course since the yeast isn't being treated, which is the actual problem. My mom talked to a nutritionist in Florida whos son had Pityrosporum Follicuitis as well so I'm confident that supplements and a specific diet will do the trick. If additional treatment seems to be needed after a few weeks I'll turn more towards my derm, but for now I'm feeling really good about the natural route.
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  14. HereComesTheSun:) added a post in a topic Do work son.   

    Katushkinz Thanks for you reply! I read that Accutane is a last resort for Pityrosporum Follicuitis so it makes sense why that's the only thing that has ever worked for me. It doesn't target the yeast problem though, that's why the problem reoccurred. My mom is a nutritionist so I'm trying the natural way first with supplements to target the yeast. I'm hoping by taking those and changing my diet I can cure it and not need accutane again.

    Diet changes:
    No sugar
    No carbs
    No fruit except granny smith apples
    No peanuts

    "Treatment must deal with both the yeast overgrowth and any predisposing factors, otherwise the condition will recur."

    "Oral treatments are the most effective. The two used are Nizoral and Sporonox. One will need to wait a week or two for clearing, and recurrences are to be expected. A last resort is Accutane pills."
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