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  1. That sounds like a stoke I would recommend cayenne pepper extract.
  2. Most people post tan can't handle alcohol anymore with that being said a few beer are actually healthy for the body , bing drinking is however NOT, So it all depends on the person . What beer does for me is that it keeps me regular accutane and constipation are a big problem.
  3. I noticed rubbing anything on my skin for prolonged periods of time causes dizziness and heart populations , having said that I would advise against this. You have to remember isotretinoin is stored in the skin fat cells how do you think most people get prolonged remission of acne. Basically this re-activates my Accutane induced pseudo tumor , yes it's a well documented side effect .
  4. There is an old saying " That which does not kill you makes you stronger".
  5. Helps Produce Saliva Cayenne stimulates the production of saliva, an important key to excellent digestion and maintaining optimal oral health. As we all know isotretinoin reduces saliva production . It's high in Vit A so caution is adviced .
  6. Some body builders have been on 3 or more cycles of tan so I'm pretty sure one round is survivable. One guy went on 7 rounds amazing but true his sex drive must be 0. No question dosage is the killer ie less damage.
  7. That's right even severe acne can be healed with diet ....
  8. You guys should watch the documentary VAXXED.
  9. Ibd/ibs is way more related to multiple courses of antibiotics.
  11. I took fish oil for a few weeks and was paralyzed for 3 days , btw it was Vit A free . It was the retinol that $%^ed me over. Took me a week just to walk normal . So I would advice extreme caution with fish oil.
  12. We will be forever ACCUSTAINED.
  13. I already did , I acquired pseudo tumor from isotretinoin , overdosing ( as prescribed ) on this drug will do that . It's a well known side effect . That sucks how much antibiotics did you take ? GI issues are most certainly realated to repeated anti-life-biotic use.
  14. You mean antibiotics honestly I think after much research that they do WAY more long term damage than isotretinon especially multiple courses will cripple / destroy the immune system / GUT.FACT
  15. B.S mri's don't lie . Before and after treatment brain scans show changes .
  16. Isotretinoin is stored in the skin fat cells I found this out by rubbing witch hazel on my chest once a day for a few weeks then I started getting dizzy again and I had heart papulations and chest pain for a few days same side effects I had when I took the drug but this is 20 plus years later I was shocked to say the least. That's when I got pissed off and started doing research on what this drug did to me. Thats why derms say whatever you try on it works better ( acne ) I say yeah if you want to have a @$(@ heart attack go ahead and rub your skin.
  17. Isotretinoin the worlds MOST dangerous drug.
  18. Adderall

    Wow big bad pHARMa try wild oil of oregano.
  20. Recap for people thinking on going on this drug btw unless you look like a beast DON'T even think about it . Anyways who really has severe cystic nodular acne .02 percent of the population that's about it. Big bad pHARMa.