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  1. Read this about anti-life-biotics. Antibiotics severely disable the immune system The immune system, when working at maximum efficiency, is a miracle of nature, with the ability to prevent and heal virtually any disease, including cancer. What doctors call "diseases" are now known to be the experiential externalized symptoms of a condition arising from a compromised, ineffective immune system. All modern medicine ever attempts to do is mask the experiential symptoms of a disease without ever holistically healing the origin of the condition itself, and thereby without healing the disease, often causing even more harm to the patient through chemical medicines and invasive surgical procedures. In most people today, the immune system is often already highly compromised through a poor diet and lifestyle, environmental toxins and other factors, including medicines. The immune system is highly complex, at least 80% being located in the digestive system and regulated by the "gut flora," microbes, that live there in vast numbers. At least 15% of the weight of the entire body can be attributed to trillions of microbes and other organisms, living mostly in the digestive tract. The ratio of "good" or "beneficial" microbes to "bad" or "pathogenic" microbes is absolutely critical to the efficient functioning of the immune system, being broadly 85% "good microbes" to 15% "bad microbes" in the gut. In most people, due to the previously mentioned factors, this ratio is severely skewed in favor of bad microbes, which in turn has the effect of seriously weakening the immune system. This imbalance in the ratio of good to bad microbes is known as "dysbiosis." When antibiotics are consumed, not only are the "bad microbes" killed off, so too are the good microbes, leaving the gut almost completely depleted of beneficial, immune response-regulating gut flora, and consequently a seriously compromised immune system as a whole. Taking antibiotics is therefore bad for health, because it effectively destroys the very natural bodily mechanism that protects us against all disease in the first place - the immune system - which may never fully recover by itself.
  2. If its naturally occurring then what's with all the side effects?
  3. It says accutane is a naturally occurring body chemical hmmm , I'm pretty sure chemotherapy is NOT a naturally occurring body chemical lol. I call these derms COMPLETE liars. Accutane is gone from the body in 10 days , more B.S.
  4. Underweight and acne prone. Any advice on my diet?

    Dairy and acne are closely related.
  6. funny I always thought antibiotics were so much safer. I mean, they are but not without risks. Anti-life -biotics are NOT safe having said that. wild oil of oregano IS. safe and will put ANY antibiotic to shame with no toxic side. effects.
  7. I think a lot of the health problems people are having is not just from isotretinon but also from previous antibiotic use which can wreak havoc on your immune system. One has to remember that 80% of the human body's immune system is in the gut . Anti-life-biotics as I call them are known to mess up the gut especially after taking many rounds . I took antibiotics only once in my life and for a brief 2 weeks I remember the severe stomach pain I got from them and I immediately stopped taking them. I think that's why my stomach is in perfect health because I don't take pHARMa drugs. Last one I took was around 22 years ago and that was TAN a lesson well learned at the dangers of synthetic drugs. Btw I took the antibiotics for mild acne just before I started TAN the new miracle drug lol. I would recommend wild oil of oregano, new roots brand best one I found this should clear up candida issues along with a sugar elimination diet.
  9. Watch the movie VAXXED endless lies. And read the book virus mania.
  10. You have to realize most people are happy with the treatment so it's a poison yeah but having severe acne is also no fun so I understand why people take it , the drug however should be reserved for severe cystic acne only.
  11. Yeah I agree the sexual disfunction must suck , somehow I didn't get that I guess I'm very lucky but people have had way worse things happen to them than tan , my allopathic doctor told me it's not that bad and that I have to watch my diet and take better care of myself and he is right.
  12. I have my ups and downs but life is always worth living it's precious find a hobby you like or a girlfriend find a cause to fight for there are people in wheelchairs that are still happy think about that.
  13. Dosage? Smoke pot , it's not that bad . If I get depressed about tan I get drunk works for me. I have learned to accept my side effects.
  14. Dubya B I like the pic of the pill a.k.a poison.
  15. Like I said before isotretinon IS the worlds most dangerous drug.
  16. Acne just means your human and you live in a developed world filled with GMO processed junk food and vaccine poisons , unless your acne is severe don't let it bother you 80% of population have it in one form or another. It never stopped me from getting laid accutane however caused me unwanted side effects that were completely unessesary in my life.
  17. True sugar is the cause of most obesity in the developed world and all its health consequences , that and processed GMO junk food , in the third world things like acne , diabetes , heart disease are pretty much non existent. Hmmmm endless lies....
  18. I would venture to say that isotretinoin is the worlds most dangerous drug.
  19. Not everyone gets depressed after taking isotretinoin it does however impair brain function , MRI's prove it . Some people only feel dryness others are not so lucky . It really is a gamble with your health . Having said that severe cystic acne can make one depressed as hell I guess . here is the other side of the story .
  20. The honest derms say main side effects are joint pain and depression and of course systemic dryness for life.
  22. I remember when I took tan around 22 years ago after around 1.5 months on the stuff I started getting real dizzy and my hair fell out 50 %! or so then I threw the rest of the pills in the fire I woke. up one night with a panic attack never had those before that's when I said $(($& it the doc wanted me on it for. 6 months my eyes were red I went back and told him to &()& off. I was literally dizzy for a month after. I was young and naive , trusting to allopathic inc. But it I never got the worst side effects. until years later then I realized what a grave mistake I made to this day my eyes still get red if I drink a few beer in fact the next day they are red all day . I'm lucky though I don't have dry skin . Btw it did ;$& all for my mild acne neem oil took care of that I now bow to nature.
  23. I don't feel so bad now this guy did seven rounds of tan and is still alive lol ..... and so I think a small dose is survivable .
  24. Hair loss and isotretinoin go hand in hand. It is after all chemotherapy , highly toxic to the human body.