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  1. It's not a genetic mutation fool we got poisoned.
  2. Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills , sadly correct.
  3. Wow that company is a giant $lut. A synthetic $lut lol.
  4. 100% related. This sick drug nearly killed me three times ,
  5. Things start out small and eventually snowball remember that , I have often said the Wild Wild Web is the future of humanity FACT. How do you think Rome fell , one piece at a time that's how. A little history lesson the romans drank wine and laughed at the germanians who drank a primitive brew called beer guess who eventually won ha. I call it a grass roots movement let's call it the new religion back to nature we go.
  6. The primary purpose of pHARMa companies is NOT patient care / healing but it is to increase share holder profit. That is the harsh truth. I think your onto something the original accutane formula probably is way more potent vs generic aftermarket isotretinoin.
  7. Sure try 1/3 of derms as a reference , is that enough reference for you ?
  8. Wow penile shrinkage how old are you?
  9. I'm thinking the same way that you, after accutane experience I don't really trust doctors and doubt every possible treatment. That's interesting about you never getting sick in winter. This was my case for most of last years too. I never get diarrhea neither. Not sure that's a good thing though, it may be that little sicknesses can be used by our body to get rid of toxins. That's exactly what sicknesses do , it gets rid of toxins the human body is the most amazing machine ever built no question.
  10. One derm said it correctly , I don't use it in my practice we don't know the long term outcome of these patients.
  11. Yeah that is isotretinoin at work.
  12. This damn drug needs to be banned in all its generic versions. The more we learn about its mechanism which literally took me decades the more I realize it's lethality.
  13. Beer works pretty good for constipation in moderation if I drink too much I get other side effects like back pain and dizziness and my eyes are dry and red like fire. I call it chronic systemic dehydration a.k.a isotretinoin. This sick drug is forcing me to live like some kind of saint.
  14. Prednisone, what I mentioned above is used to suppress immune system function. People with autoimmune diseases take that for life, it's quite amazing, I felt normal for the first time ever since accutane. But it's not good in the long run, I know I got a cut on my finger while taking it, and it didn't heal AT ALL up until a few weeks after I finished taking it. We NEED our immune system, but it's being an asshole (if we have autoimmune disease). Another thing that looks promising is LDN, I'm going to get right on that as soon as I receive it, I know there's another user here who is reaching a month on LDN now I think. It takes a few months to receive effects. The industry is completely bankrupt /. Corrupt what else is new.
  15. Wow after careful analysis and years of reading post tan stories I would definitely have to say accumulated dosage is the MAIN factor in severity of long term side effects.
  16. Sounds about right. The only reason I felt any depression from Accutane is because I am fully aware of the side effects that persist on a daily basis. There's only one thing that has totally made me feel normal from my sides, and improved my memory, mental functioning, sleep quality, and stopped my systematic inflammation. And that magic pill is called prednisone. I took it as a 15 day taper for a cough problem I was having and I never even realized that every single day on this drug I was at my very very best functioning, every single day was my "best day of the week". Which really makes me feel like my issues lie within the gut. Sounds like an autoimmune disease where my immune system is just attacking everything and causing inflammation everywhere. Taking steroids for life though is my final option. I rather exhaust every other option before jumping the gun on something like that again. High hopes for LDN, if it can come in faster dammit. Sadly I do a lot better if I don't drink too much beer . My ancestors would be ashamed lol.
  17. Yeah me too I find it heart wrenching teens are put on this poison for a few pimples it's absolutely criminal but I wouldn't necessarily describe it as depression rather reduced brain function. Luckily I have a huge brain lol. I consider that a blessing after what I have been through with this CHEMO torture.
  18. 10.950 posts WOW I think we are finally making headway lol....
  19. When you tell a naturopath that you took accutane most would say that's a pure poison, they know it's bad stuff. But allopathic doctors don't care they ignore it's dangers and shrug their shoulders and say it's not that bad , that's the kind of world we are living in , I call it drug inc.
  20. I always ask , accumulated dosage?
  21. Secondary cancer , sadly correct.
  22. Acumulative dosage? Your stomach issues are more likely related to previous antibiotics use.
  23. I have a little list for you guys , take a wild guess which DRUG is on top of the list ....
  24. Synthetic drugs are not compatible with LIFE is what I say.