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  1. One word H20 , good luck. Sorry let me be specific Maunawai water the purest water on the planet google it , pure spring mountain water actually has memory in other words your body cells communicate with water molecules.
  2. My final post , don't insult my intelligence. And as always good luck to all isotretinoin sufferers.
  3. I literally milk topics right dry to the bone my specialty having said that I think I'm finally done here , good luck to all isotretinoin suffers in the near future handing out chemo will be considered an act of crime mark my words.
  4. My main objective in this forum was to figure out all the long term side effects of this drug and I think I have done that. And so I call it mission accomplished. Trust me it literally took me decades to get there. Now I think I'll have a beer.Cheers.
  5. Sorry for my rants just expressing my views and all the b.s I have been through for really nothing .I think we all got @$$ed over in life somehow. Btw I'll never give up the fight one thing I know for sure is that life is precious and btw I have made a 99 % recovery pretty impressive considering.
  6. I would recommend to stay away from caring and loving derms I remember reading once of a woman who had severe acne she refused to take isotretinoin instead she took salt baths daily and kept her acne in check I tried that but it nearly killed me due to my isotretinoin exposure thanks accutane .
  7. And might I add if you think the government is going to save you with chemotherapy, radiation and vaccines think again poison does NOT have the ability to do that.
  8. And by the way if you think your going to cure a nuclear attack with a couple of supplements your kidding yourself side effects are just what they are PERMANENT. Drink lots of water .
  9. All truth passes through three stages first it is ridiculed second it is violently opposed and finally it is accepted as self evident. We truely are living in the dark ages of medicine. It is governed by$$$$
  10. If you haven't noticed I like pissing derms off everyone on this board knows they read our comments lol. One derm described it as the lesser of the evil I'm not so sure.
  11. Trust there have been tons of lawsuits over the years and as I have often said this drug should be reserved for severe cystic acne ONLY NOT mild acne that's criminal to say the least.
  12. My allopathic doctor said and I quote "It's not that bad you have to take better care of yourself and watch your diet " I said I never signed up for any of this b.s. lol I think I mentioned this before on here but those were his exact words regarding isotretinoin. I tell you the day good old beer becomes toxic is the day the entire medical system is backrupt / corrupt .That day has arrived. All my ancestors drank I'm forced to drink endless water for my chronic dehydration that never goes away. And to be honest I don't think being chronically dehydrated is very health for the human body.
  13. Honest derms will tell you then main long term side effects are joint pain and depression. Plus dry eyes dry mouth skin.
  14. I think we all should start a class action law suit against Roche .Sadly the only ones that win are stomach related however intercranial pressure is also a side effect it's what I got off and on throughout the years . Why do you think people get headaches and lose their hair. Its a direct side effect no question. Some lawyers are involved in this .
  15. We really do live in a sea of lies , read my posts if you want to be educated. You wana know what's really killing us ? I'll telll you street drugs , pHARMa drugs and vaccines in other words man made chemicals.
  16. Btw don't rub your skin unless you want to have a heart attack trust me on this one, our skin cell receptors are permanently "&$ed up.
  17. And so tonight a toast to our fallen comrades you will NOT be forgotten. In this day and age of the wild wild web NO pHARMa secret is hidden anymore , thank God for that.
  18. As a young man I was traumatized by this poison losing half my hair in a month . I will never forget the injustice done to me.
  19. I just talked to a derm in Australia via skype he bluntly said we don't use isotretinoin in our practice he stated we don't know the long term outcome of these patients. That's coming from a @$@(ing derm I think that about says it all. Yet they had this stuff out like candy to unsuspecting teenagers and young adults often might I add ruining there lives in the process . At this point in my life I'm pissed off at every allopathic doctor in the world , because in reality they gave us a controlled poisoning but I never got the worst side effects until years later. It saddens the heart .
  20. This is turning out to be another Vioxx.
  22. Regarding chemotherapy , Chemotherapy is your best chance and may be your only chance at surviving cancer. Chemotherapy yields a miserable 2.3 percent average success rate Chemotherapy destroys your immune system – the one thing that HELPS you survive cancer. Lies , lies and more lies spewed by the pHARMa $luts. If you want to learn something watch Dr Stefan Lanka on you tube he is simply brilliant one of the last great thinkers and he exposes all the pharmaceutical lies from swine flu to bird flu to ebola to zika btw zika was the flavour of the year last year another chemically caused illness caused by toxic pesticides sold in Brazil to poor folks so toxic in fact that these pesticides are not sold in the US , Canada and most of the world . And so you have baby's born with shrunken head syndrome sick and evil . Another great web site is NO MORE FAKE NEWS .com Jon Rappoport another great thinker .
  23. I would be very sceptical, at least, of affirmations that viruses don't exist and vaccinations are useless. As an example, I've seen victims of polio in Africa, but not in Europe. Also that German new medicine seems like a quackery itself. The truth is often shocking isn't it . Btw polio was is chemically caused think DDT pesticides , lead arsenic used for spraying orchard fruit in the 1800s early 1900s and yes the polio vaccine was causing paralysis sad but true .Aids was just a bunch of junkies in the 80s . What else hmmm that will do for now . Ask me any question and will answer it YES I'm that smart.
  24. Whoever invented this chemo torture deserves a monument in HELL.
  25. Nope I have accutane damage having said that a lot of kids have vaccine damage FACT. Big pHARMa disgusts me , someone needs to go to jail.