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  1. Whar kind of scarring is this? ¡WITH PICS!

    A higher percentage of the active ingredient would succumb consequences if one used it as a first approach. You should start something lower and work your way up. Unless, you have used the 0.10% for quite some duration already and that your tolerance level is acquired, then go for it.
  2. Acne scars treatment, help!

    As we age, our collagen and elasticity of our skin decreases. Therefore, atrophic scars would appear more prominent. As suggest by others, TCA cross may help regenerate the deep pits and hopefully level it up to the normal skin. Following which, do a fairly aggressive laser session to polish the entire face as well as to allow tightening of the skin for maximum result. Your skin tone is rather fair and that warrants the benefit to be aggressive with the laser component.